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20 Apr 1989

:) tell u later:P..luv my baby dog..fyfy... sports all kind of sports...:) luv 2 smile..everyday...and smile even more when the sun is on..:)..i forgot i'm 19:)) soon 20:) yupie..luv 2 again:)) hehe..

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nomy asked:

18 Feb 2009

what do you think about make up..?

i mean like use it so early in age i 12 13 years and 14...isn't that 2 early?



xxthe_rad_beatlexx says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

i think it is. i seriously overdoing it. maybe if they want to wear a pale eyeshadow or something...that's doable. but seeing little girls walk around with the whole shabang...eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blush and's just creepy XPP it's not necessary for girls so young.


girlcalledblue says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

12 and 13 is WAY too early!

but 14 isnt too bad

its the whole thing girls are getting these days that they MUST wear make up to be pretty

sooo annoying

people wonder were eatng problems come from........

its the magazines

all you see is women who are still skinner than the normal person being called TOO fat

which sends a subconcious message to all teenage girls that they are too fat 'cause they are bigger than these "fat" celebs

you never see maazines critiseing the male sizes!

its discrimination people!!!!!

also make up starts to ruin your face as soon as you start using it so the younger you start the worse your face and skin ends up....




girlcalledblue says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

sorry for the rant

i sorta feel stongly about this matter




xxthe_rad_beatlexx says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

i know it...i really hate how magazines set this level of outer beauty for people...that most normal people can't reach. people like practically kill themselves to look as skinny as celebs and's really ridiculous. they should focus on natural beauty, and healthy sizes. :p not an unattainable size 0. people shouldn't starve themselves or try to plaster their face with makeup to look my opinion lol and you're right...the media doesn't critique sexist >.>


xxthe_rad_beatlexx says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

oh me too, me too ^^


pensivevide says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

See...I LOVE makeup. I'm 14. I've been wearing makeup since I've been 11. But, when I WAS 11, it was mainly just a little tinted-glittered eye shimmer to go with my t-shirt and whatnot. I've always been a makeup freak vs. a trendy outfit person. I think it all depends on your reasoning behind the usage.

I don't have acne problems most of the time, so I don't try to hide my 'flaws'. I have insomnia and I generally have dark rings around my eyes, so I use a little foundation to even out the contrast.

When I use makeup, my intent is to never 'improve' my looks or 'make myself look better/prettier'. It's my sense of style...I like to be looked at and hear "WOAH, WHERE'D YOU GET THAT RED EYELINER? IT'S SO COOL" I have every color eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and mascara under the sun, haha. Life is so colorful, can't I bring life to my face?!

I'm that kinda girl who, in the sea of blue, can always be spotted wearing my favorite reddddd jeans. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT emo. I'm just..funky.

I'm young and I'm lazy, so I normally just put on some odd colored eyeliner and a little mascara...I don't even brush my hair or put my contacts in. I don't feel it necessary. Our weaknesses *my laziness* and our strengths *my deeper sense of color definition* is what makes us different and interesting.

Half those girls with caked-on makeup have the intentions of looking older and mature..and attractive and irrestistable. I went to Arizona last month, flying alone, and I was asked a total of 4 times in 3 days if I wanted to be served alcohol--I had my standard uniform of black eyeliner on top, and a little mascara, glasses, and glossy chapstick on--on the plane, in the restaurants, and in the waiting line in the terminal. Imagine all the makeup I COULD'VE put on. And if I do put a lot on, you know that a) it's a fancy occassion b) I was REALLY bored, but inspired artistically or c) I actually woke up in time to put something on.

PS. I actually think I look better with some pink lipgloss on, and nothing more. It's I roll. ;)


x_elena says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

nahhm i started at age 10, but only like lipgloss n a bit of eyeshadow, and as i got older, i started more and more, but, i started duh eyeliner n like foundation at 12.. lol, i went crazy over makeup, near the end of age 12, i probably had more makeup then my mom, but thats only cause my mom said i can start like all the makeup at puberty lool, but , i started at the end of 12, but they still wudnt let me lool :( , so , all the money i raised with like allounce and stff, i started colecting makeup at 12 lol, gettin ready for 13 to start. i was so excided! .. lol, im crazy on makeup.. i love it, and i cant live wwithout it lool, :thumbup:



jessie_elisa says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

I started wearing eyeliner behind my parents backs when I was 13. When I was 14, I started wearing it with my mom's permission. Now that I'm 15 she lets me wear full on makeup.


rach008 says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

I don't think there is really any standard age that is "too young" I think it depends on the person. I think that elementary school age (under 11) is too young because your not even a teenager your still a kid and don't need makeup. But I think it's more of a maturity thing and a personal choice between you and your parent's rules. I was wearing colored lip gloss when i was 10 & 11 but not much more. It wasn't until I was 12 that my mom decided I was allowed to wear makeup and even once i was allowed to wear it I didn't actually start wearing it every day until I was 14. So I don't know...I don't think it's really something you can put an age limit's just a personal decision:).


little_miss_brightside says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009

i think that it doesn't really matter i've jst always done makeup and stuff like obvs little things when i was younger like when i was 4 i wouldn't leave the house without a chapstick and nailpolish on lol ahhh if only times would change lol but for me wearing makeup is for selfesteem if i dnt wear makeup or straighten my hair i become self concious and probably won't go anywhere near the general public lol i think its different for everyone thou cause my bestie will only wear eyeliner for formal things and the rest of the time its all natural so yu no its the personnn

hope this helps



krista090 says:

Posted on 18 Feb 2009


i think at that age some eyeliner and mascara, and lipgloss are enough otherwise they look like drag queens which is not good unless they really are drag queens. and putting alot of make up when young according to my mum makes people look older much faster than those who take good care of their skin and just put a bit of lip gloss.


itskaitlynbabyxo says:

Posted on 21 Feb 2009

well at 12 i wore a lot of make up foundation mascara eye shadow blush but now that i think of it i really only needed foundation or coverup and maybe mascara once in a while and at 13 i wore conceler mascara and eyeliner but now that im 14 i only wear conceler eyeliner mascra and blush but i wear it so its more matural not gothic

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