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i'm almost getting my rose tattoo!! i'm so excited!

02 Feb 1990


name: Robinn

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myradiosayslala asked:

23 Jun 2009

how to tease hair ?

do you have to use special products ? hairspray and stuff ?

i just got my haircut but i don't have any good gel or spray for my hair, any recommandations ? :)

the first pic is when it's a little bit teased ( without any products) but after a few minutes my hair is 'flat ' the second pic :p

and how to make a cool ponytail ?

thanx !

( btw the piercings in my lips are fake :p i was just having fun with regular earrings lol :p )


robinn after a few minutes my hair is ' flat ' again :s, ponytail ?




undeadxprincess says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

To tease your hair, get a good round brush, close bristled comb, or one like the one in the pic, any of those is as good as the other as long as you use it right. Then you need a good hairspray. Stay away from Tresemme and Rave hairspray if you plan on using a lot of hairspray because they will leave your hair sticky [[personal experience totally icky]] Also stay away from any herbal essence products because they use so many chemicals in their products to make your hair smell good that in the end the chemicals just ruin your hair.I would suggest you go back your your salon or look online for DesignLine is the best, but if you can't find that then i guess big sexy hair will do. Now fer the teasing. If you want it fairly big but not outrageous then just use your comb to tease at the roots, hairspray it, then tease it a bit again. If you are going fer that outrageous look [[which i think is smexxi lolz]] then tease starting at the roots all the way to the end of that piece of hair....all teasing is is backcombing or brushing the opposite way in which the hair grows. make sure that your hair is not warm or hot while teasing because this causes many tangles and they are harder to get out [[told this by my hairdresser]] if you are worried about tangles and and having a lot of hairspray in your hair, just buy a good shampoo and conditionar, the tangles fall out all on their own when you condition it. if it still feels icky then just repeat the washing process again. and as fer the hair gel, don't use it...its too icky and it doesn't work as well and its just plain icky lolz. Hope I helped, if you need any more help dont hesitate to ask :]


undeadxprincess says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

oh and i fergot to mention, in that pic, it looks like you pretty much nailed a 'scene' looking ponytail...i'm not even sure how to do those myself [[mostly cuz i dont wear my hair up lolz]] but go onto youtube and search 'how to make a scene ponytail' you should defos find what your looking for...and i also fergot to put the pic of the comb in that last one so here it is [[very fergetful eh? lolz]]


j_tru says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

ive had too tease my hair forever, and i'll share some of my secrets!! I use BIG SEXY HAIR hairspray. it can create some major volume. just make sure you section your hair when you tease and spray under each section before teasing..I use a teasing comb, like Spornette Brush Little Wonder Teaser #111, its on But if you have a Sally's Beauty Supply they can introduce you to some killer combs!! just backcomb it ALOT if you want big hair.

the ponytail looks great!!


nicole30227 says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

well like some people say, i really have no idea how to do a scene ponytail because i dont wear my hair up, but yours looks good, you can go on youtube or on yahoo videos and look up how to do a scene ponytail(i would recomend youtube). for teasing i use a medium sized comb with close bristles, a straightner,mega volume or any other hairspray, got to be glued in a can, and a brush. First for my bangs i brush my hair back forward and find where i wanna part it and part it there, and then i straighten my bangs. Next for my main scene hairstyle i straighten all my hair, then i clip all my hair back except for my bangs and spray hairspray on them then brush, then i brush my hair all down on my shoulder, clip some of the hair up and with the hair thats down i tease by taking my comb and going with one strip of hair outwards to inwards repeatedly until there is a ball of knotted hair on the side of head and under in spray with hairspray and push upwards.(you can look up how to tease scene hair at youtube). Then i take the brush with the hair thats down and hold the bottom of my hair and brush upwards. Next i let down the rest of may hair and tease and brush upwards, but then brush with the comb lightly over the top of hair to make it not look knotted. Then i put in bows or headbands if i want to. Lastly i take got to be glued in a can and take alittle bit inbetween my fingers and take strips of hair, and then move outwards with different little strips of hair. Hope that helps!!!!!!!!!! if you have anymore questions on scene makeup clothes or anything really then feel free to ask me!!!!!:thumbup:


hanerp says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

wear ur ponny high, andd wen u tightn it with the googoo, push the gogo dwn, and pull the top bit of the pony up. :D

backcombing&&brushing make ur hair sit up&&stay upp.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

and for hairspray someting that adds volume like Big Sexy Hair is good but it's going to be trial and error different types of hair diff hairsprays maybe even something with super hold. and sometimes hairspray that doesn't have 'water' in the ingredients

and when i tease i start at my crown and just take a small section and keep rolling that barrel brush toward my scalp untill it stands up, i spray it, and i leave it that way while i do the next section

and when your all done then smooth it over so it doesn't look like a rat's net on top


barbipixi says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

also there's this cute do i saw on youtube once where the girl straightened her bangs and kep them side swept then curled the outer part of the area between the top of her head and the layers all the way to her chin then she straightened the bottom inside layers from her neck down

it look cute and will also give your hair body w/o teasing


barbipixi says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

ps and she just curled random sections and used a regular curling iron not a huge one or a mini one


aveclamour says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

If you wish to try back combing or teasing your hair at home, follow the steps listed below:

1. Begin by making sure that super curly or wavy tresses are flat ironed or blow dried straight.

Although curls and waves will create major height and volume, they will also have a tendency to be more easily damaged. Avoid backcombing hair that has any natural texture without first straightening to prevent excessive tangling.

2. If hair is flat ironed before it is backcombed, be sure that the strands are 100% cool before teasing. Strands that are still warm or hot will break or rip easier.

3. Begin by using a soft boar’s head brush or similar natural bristle brush to make sure that all knots and tangles are completely removed from all strands before backcombing.

Never backcomb strands that are not first detangled completely.

4. Using a rattail or metal comb or teasing brush, part off a section of hair from the rest of the strands. Clip the remaining hair out of the way.

5. Using your hands in conjunction with a comb or brush, gather a small section of hair approximately 1-2 inches in thickness.

Note: Use smaller strands for tighter results or larger strands for looser results.

6. Hold the ends of the new section straight up and out from the scalp with one hand. In essence you will be backcombing your strands in the opposite direction from its natural growth pattern.

7. With the other hand, run the comb down the length of the hair from the end towards the base of the scalp in short, sharp and uniform strokes.

8. If you don't achieve enough teased hair or height in the first pass, repeat the process until the hair has the right fullness, height and texture.

9. Spray newly teased sections with a firm hold hairspray. Repeat after each new section is created.

10. Once the first section is completely teased, pick up the next section of hair and repeat the process until all of the desired sections of hair have been completely backcombed.

11. Select a firm hairspray to completely spray all of the teased hair when the backcombing is complete.

12. Using both hands carefully smooth the teased hair back in the opposite direction making sure there is a lot of height in the desired area of the hair.

Once you get the hang of teasing your strands, you will be able to do it quickly and efficiently.

Since teased hair can sometimes look rough around the edges, consider using a shine serum like Phyto's PhyoLisse, Rene Furterer's Spray Gloss or Robert Hallowell's Love That Shine Drops.

Apply the shine serum or spray of choice to the palms of your hands. Rub the product into the palms and then lightly glide over the top of the teased style to add instant shimmer and shine and remove any roughness.

Spray well with hairspray like Phytolaque or Jessica Simpson’s favorite Phytolaque Soie made with real silk that adds a soft sheen to the final look and will also help soften the overall finish.


amaay says:

Posted on 23 Jun 2009

1- wash, dry, and brush your hair completely. teasing wet hair increases the likelihood of tearing and damage. if possible, do this while hanging your head upside-down to encourage volume in the roots.

2- separate a single strand or section of hair, moving and clipping the rest out of the way. generally, it's best to start with hair towards the top of the head and work your way down. smaller strands (e.g. 1 inch wide) will make for stiffer volume and will also take longer.

3- hold the strand up firmly with one hand and hold a brush gently against the strand, approximately five inches away from the scalp.

4- lightly brush towards the scalp while continuing to hold up the strand firmly with your other hand.

5- the strength with which you brush should be firm enough to create tangles that offer resistance, but not too vigorous so that the hair rips or the brush itself becomes tangled.

6- repeat the teasing motion until the strand has the desired volume. the curlier the hair, the less teasing will be needed. spritz the teased section with hairspray and let it down gently. :]

7- use your fingers to make a loose "cage" around the teased section, holding it in place (but not flattening it). lightly brush the un-teased section of the strand down, using only the tips of the brush and making sure not to touch or weigh down the teased section. if you want your hair to look wild and crazy, skip this step.

8- put the teased strand aside carefully as you work on teasing other sections of your hair. ;]


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