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Who you are is who you get teased for xxxxxxxxx

16 Jan 2000


Someday you'll want me

Like I wanted you

Someday you'll need me

Like I needed you 

Someday you'll cry for me

Like I cried for you

Someday you'll luv me

But I wont luv u x

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mylovestar asked:

05 Jan 2012

Should I change me???

Im a bit of a geek really, go 2 the libary alot and read at break and lunch and get good marks in lessons. I get a bit teased for it but it doesnt really bother me. Everyone else in my form doesnt care about school or lessons or homework and they are all really popular, so should I change I surpose i would b more popular but is that who I am.



mylovestar says:

Posted on 05 Jan 2012

So should I change???


pweddieprincess says:

Posted on 05 Jan 2012

nope....enjoi being who u are...because its whats gonna make U happy


silence_ says:

Posted on 05 Jan 2012

Don't change. All the guys I know prefer a girl who is sensible and they can talk to on more than one level. I was always the nerd in school and graduated summa cum laude (with highest honours) in high school. Your intellect is a separated part of you. Meaning you can be smart and still look beautiful, and have a magnetic personality, and do this and that. I think the reason that you are not as popular as you wish to be is that you more more introverted and reserved . You said you go to the library a lot and read during lunch and break, usually during those times others socialize, and because you usually keep to yourself people don't really get the chance to know you, and that's why you're not as popular as the others. You can continue to do homework, get good grades, and find the time to socialize a bit when you can, but it all comes down to what you want really.

There's more than a couple of ways to go about this. Do you want to risk your good grades and peace for popularity? Do you want the attention? What makes popularity so appealing to you? Does it really last? and Are you willing to sacrifice what you have, for that?

Personally, I wouldn't...i'd rather friends who like me for who I am, and you should seek that in friends. Popularity will yield those who aren't necessarily true friends.


dragana94 says:

Posted on 05 Jan 2012

God no! I like to read,I'm excellent student since 1st grade,but yet I'm popular,so it's about being who you are,and finding the right person..People prefer smart,educate girl rather than stupid, ignorant girls.If reading makes you happy,do it.Ppl thought I was silly (when I was your age) cuz I knew all kinda of crazy irrelevant things,like what is the most lethal bio.weapon o.O but when they get more mature,now it's interesting and like to hear me,talk about it.So this is just a stage in your life,when you get more mature,you will have a great social quality.

So don't do it,keep being smart,dashing,beautiful girl. :)


flowerzz says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

Don't change, take it from me! In the end, ask yourself: What will make me more succesful in life and help me further in life? Being smart with an awsome carrer or being popular as a teenager? Hope I helped :D
I should take my own advice, I know. But me coming from a popular family(ex: My mom, aunt, and cousin won homecoming queen and my other cousin is SUPER pretty with lots of friends) am SO insecure about myself! But in the end, I'm most proud of getting good grades than the attention, Honestly.


jackie_walsh says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2012

Even if you wanted to, you probably couldn't change anyway. We all are what we are and even though sometimes we wish we were different, we really can't change.Plus the kids who tease you will be stuck in boring, menial jobs while you're having a fabulous career.

Oh btw, geeks are cuute!!


shay_shay says:

Posted on 07 Jan 2012

I'm a very nerdy punk. I'm outgoing, I get good grades, I have a secret love for William Shakespeare, I love comics, Super Mario, video games, and I am acquiring a taste for algebra and geometry. On the punk side, I have a mohawk, I have 8 piercings, I always wear black, smudged eyeliner (what? it's easy to do and can't really get messed up through the day), do a lot of stupid s*** for no real reason other than laughs (for example, I stuck my tongue to a cold metal pole today), and I can be a little loud and obnoxious. A lot of people REALLY hate me. I've had people threaten me to "destroy" me, and people threaten me with physical violence.
The first time I got these threats, I was scared as hell. I was clinging to my closest friends (I was LITERALLY hugging and holding onto friends as I walked down the halls at school). Then I realized, so what, they don't have to like me. I have plenty of other friends. I love myself, I'm my own definition of awesome, and people don't have to like me, because I like me and I'm comfortable in my own skin.


howto says:

Posted on 08 Jan 2012

This falls in your own hands you are who you are and that will always be I am the geek that dresses well oviously! but It shouldn't make u wanna cange who you are

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