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Who you are is who you get teased for xxxxxxxxx

16 Jan 2000


Someday you'll want me

Like I wanted you

Someday you'll need me

Like I needed you 

Someday you'll cry for me

Like I cried for you

Someday you'll luv me

But I wont luv u x

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mylovestar asked:

16 Nov 2011

I dont fit in!

Ive started secondary school, the people in my form are very confident, sometimes they shout at me and laugh at me when I read at break & lunch. Everyone doesnt care about their work and tease me bcoz i do care. Should change coz of them? Im so confused? At my primary school, I was bullied really badly, bcoz i was a geek, I dont want this to happen again, plz help xxx



jackie_walsh says:

Posted on 16 Nov 2011

So I don't think you should change because you have to be who you are, Plus you'll wind up with some brilliant job while they'll be flipping burgers or frying fish and chips. I know what you're going through, though, I was bullied because I can't play sports and like fashion and took ballet and stuff. But just be yourself. They're really the ones who deserve being laughed at.


thebestgee says:

Posted on 16 Nov 2011

Do NOT change because they're hating on you and don't 'like' you. You actually care about the school work. And you'll get some where in life, they might not. Don't change for other people, be CONFIDENT and other people will strike you as confident. And act like you don't care about what they say. the main point why these people bully you, they know it will upset you and they're looking for a reaction. If you don't show any reaction and if you're showing confidence they -MIGHT-Might- stop bullying you. Bullies only look for reactions and want you to be down.


dragana94 says:

Posted on 16 Nov 2011

Don't change honey,be who u are! and those kids are just spoiled brats,they deserve being laughed at.They have problems with themselfs and they wont deal w/ own problems,so they bully other.Find one or two friend u can talk to,I'm sure there are at least one.Be confident,don't let them scary u,and DO NOT CARE!!! Let them say all kinda of stuff,don't mind at all,just chill.If they say anything to your face response with a confident.If they see you caring about stuff they say,they'll continue.Don't worry everything will be fine.


pretty_in_pink says:

Posted on 17 Nov 2011

be who u are! all of us on this site LOVE u geek or not dont change!


xxgeenalivelyxx says:

Posted on 17 Nov 2011

you gotta be confident! They pick on you because you show weakness to easily! Keep on studying and do your work and you will be the one laughing at them when you see them in the future struggling and mopping floors! You are beautiful and smart! If they say a remark, don't let it phase you! Keep on walking or even show them that it is pointless! Sometimes what i did was just say "wow, really?" at them in a laughing tone and shake my head to show that they are dumb and that it does not affect me. Just pay attention to your work and ignore them


sweetdollchelle says:

Posted on 17 Nov 2011

I'm sorry for what you're going through. Like the rest of the answers, I encourage you to stay yourself. You should be proud for caring about academics, and reading will help you with your imagination, memory, vocabulary and overall intellect. Your priorities are set straight, and I think those who tease you are doing this out of their own insecurities. They envy you. When someone makes fun of you, it's a problem they have with their selves. You're not the one needing to change, they are. Have the knowledge that you'll find more likeminded people to you. Those who have a problem with you are insignificant. So please, stay strong and stay yourself! I wish you the best, and send you my positive energy!


babegirl says:

Posted on 18 Nov 2011

stay your self trust me and alot of the others are right dont cahgne because of them be who you want to be in elementary i sue to be such a geek i still kinda am and my friends love me for it because i dont change for no one except me . i love reading books and im always done weeks worth of homework after the first day of getting it will take some time but jsut be yourself if u change then u will feel like u r being someone u r not .. good luck


babegirl says:

Posted on 18 Nov 2011

dont change for other people just be your self trust me you wont like change i am such a geek for reading books but im in high school and so many people talk to me just because im me not someone they want me to be

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