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natasha oconnell




22 Nov 1996

my name is natasha
Im from wales in the uk
i'm 13 years old and will be 14 on november 22 (so a while away yet LOL)
i love music
I play the keyboard and will be starting the piano sometime in the next two years :)
people call me random and strange (oh yeahhh)
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musiclover96 asked:

11 Mar 2010

how can i lose weight in time for summer?

I'm a bit overweight and have flabby legs and arms and a flabby stomach.

I want to be able to wear shorts this summer and i want to wear a bikini and look good. I know i wont be abale to lose LOADS in time for summer and i dont want to lose loads i just want to look and fell god in summer clothes:)

I dont want to be to like really skinny i still want to have a bit of meat on my bones but I want to be healthy. any advise?



philyd says:

Posted on 11 Mar 2010

Its easy if you have the motivation to stick to it!

When eating at home, really think about when your full, and stop when you are, resist snacking!!

and more importantly....get active! easy.

walking or light jogging a muh better than running and will tone instead of build muscle.... try joga to tone up as well, its light and easy to get into. its also generally good for you so will keep you strong and healthy.

This is my current routine, as well as weekly badminton and Wii fit, i've been doing it under a month and have lost 4 pounds and feel better already!



glam_mccaleb says:

Posted on 11 Mar 2010

PhilyD is right on the NOSE! The answer is get moving!

Walk, Walk, Walk. When you finish with that WALK SOME MORE!

YOUCAN WALK IN 2 OR 3 SESSIONS A DAY. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE An HOUR at a time. Two Thirty minutes a day to start will help.

Does not have to be race walking.

If you have ankle weights, after you get walking...slap them on for more intensity.

Maybe some day you only have time to walk one 30 min session...wear the ankle weights that day.

Remember, stay hydrated. DRINKING WATER is the MAGIC BULLET, IN MY OPINION. If you wait till you are thirtsy, it is too late....DRINK SO YOU NEVER GET THIRSTY.

This is ME in 20 10. On my profile you can see what I looked like 14 dress sizes

heavier! 14 dress sizes off for FOUR YEARS! I did it! You can too!


drippy_34 says:

Posted on 11 Mar 2010

If you snack during the day cut down on it a little. If you have a craving for something you could chew gum or brush your teeth to stop it. If you have a craving for your favorite food, you can eat it, but in moderation. Try walking every day. Start with a mile and slowly increase it to 5 miles. You could also jog or run for 30 seconds and then walk for a mintue. You can keep going back and forth until you reach a mile or whatever. For your arms do push ups. Do 50 in the morning and 50 at night. I know. PUSH UPS! If you have trouble doing them the right way, do them on the stairs. Put your hands a few steps up and your feet on the ground. Slowly try going down a step once you feel the step you're on is to easy. Drink a lot. Eat healthy foods, like fruit. You could also get a gym membership. If you research all different gyms in your area, you could find a price to meet your budget. I hope this helps.


kizzakim says:

Posted on 12 Mar 2010

I've spent a lot of time struggling to lose some weight so I feel your pain! I think I've finally figured out the quickest and healthiest way to shed a few pounds. Its actually fairly simple once you just change your mindset.

You firstly need to lower your calorie intake. Try smaller portion sizes rather then banning yourself from all your favourite meals. One thing I find brilliant (you probably will only do this in the privacy of your own home thought) is when you are eating turn off the tv/radio/stop reading book and really focus on what you are doing. Take a bite and put down your knife and fork, chew well and take your time. This gives your body a chance to let you know you are full up so you will find that you dont eat half as much as when you eat your meals with speed and distractions.

Next tip is a boring one for me but if weight loss or even general health are a goal of yours then you need to stick to it, DRINK 8 GLASSES OF FLUID A DAY! Best if you can drink 8 glasses of water but if you find water a tad boring like me try mixing a drop of diet cranberry juice in to taste.

We all get cravings for treats and you are most likely to fail at your weight loss plan if you stop yourself from having these little rewards. Try just a snack size bar of chocolate rather than the full size bar or just figure out low calorie snacks that you enjoy.

Lastly is just to get moving. Every bit of moving you do is edging you closer to shedding your next pound so find fun ways of keeping motivated. Do a dance class or self defense. Or go walking to your favourite playlist on your ipod. The most important part of this step is to keep things interesting and fun, if you dread the thought of exercising each day then you need to try new ways that you will find yourself looking forward to.

Keep positive and visualize yourself in your bikini or your shorts looking hot and you'll be on your way to your goal weight.

Best of luck xxx :)


barbipixi says:

Posted on 12 Mar 2010

you can check out my blogs in my weight folder


snowdog101 says:

Posted on 12 Mar 2010

Ok, Im exacxtly like u girl, Im a little bit over weight, but I have been excercising almsot everyday, and i find it boring. So instead, when im jogging or walking or doing any kind of excercise I think about something else to get my mind off the fact tht I'm excercising. Like i think about a guy I like, or some kind of fantasy. It makes it a lot more fun :) for food, I kinda just eat whatever, only not a lot of each. I also just dont eat out AT ALL, never, I take the idea of it out of my mind, and so I eat a bowl of cereal or eat some yogurt w/ grape nuts in it (which is really good btw) and like everyone b4 saidd, drink water!! it really does help ;) good lucki girly, I have already lost 5 pounds btw, and its been 3 weeks


musiclover96 says:

Posted on 11 Mar 2010

HAHA yer thank u :D

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