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jasmine stephen




24 Jul 1990

hey this ya girl Jasmine
im from NY but live n NJ
Im 15
a cheerleader
a textaloic
im bisexual
i smoke
n just party
love having fun
wana no anymore hit the inbox or the jack(phone)

facebook me:jasmine stepMore saduisahduiash dsau

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mrs_carter1000 asked:

16 Feb 2009

i need help to stop cutting

im 14 yrs old and i been cutting for about 3 yrs now i stop for a little but i started aain my frndz n boyfrndz n family hates it i actually like it no i love it but my boyfrnd mite breake up with me if i dont but he does no my pain i told him y i do and i talk to him and others but they dnot get me but im going in to hih sko i think it mite b tym to stop on the cutting plz help me

o yeah i get mad to easy im depression all the tym i sometymz want to kill myself juzt help me plz



loquaciousbabe says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2009

Talk to your parents. I reccamend therapy, whichhelped my sis, or if that doesnt worse or your a very extreme case, group therapy or even rehab. Cutting is a serious thing. Its one of the top 3 most addicting things you can do. It's dangerous. Even though your purpose may not be to kill yourself, you can accidently cut too deep and really mess yourself up. You can really screw yourself up pshycologically... I've seen it happen babe, and it's not pretty. Seriously, get help. It's damn near impossible to do it alone.

If your family cant or wont get you help, tell our school. They are required to MAKE your family get you help. There are also many online support groups if you really cant get any other help. Just do a google search and youll find loads. Take care and lots of luck ;]


randi23 says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2009

Please understand that cutting becomes a very hard thing to stop. It is a horrible way of coping and it can cause horrible scars and infections..and you can bleed to death. I suggest you get help now. Please i know firsthand. there are so many other ways to ease your pain and anger. Cutting is a vicious cycle. You get horrible scars..some that you have to get removed by a plastic surgeon. And please know that suicide is a terrible terrible thing..i lost a good friend to suicide and this persons friends and family still to this day are hurting and wondering what they could have done to prevent it. I know how depression feels and i know how it feels to get so mad but you have to step back and think about things. Think of how much everyone around you will hurt everyday. Please get are so young and beautiful and have so much life ahead of you. Once you are able to cope with things without cutting you will see how great life is and you will look at your body and never want to hurt yourself again.. you dont deserve that kind of deserve happiness and sometimes it takes a little help.


jessie_elisa says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2009

I used to cut too. My school found out and I had to tell my parents. They took away all the sharp objects in my room and took me to a hospital. While I was there, I learned better ways to deal with depression and I got put on medcation to help. Please realize that cutting is not the only solution. If you ever need someonme to talk to, you can talk to me any time.


x_elena says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2009

cutting yourself is relaly bad, and ... crazy!, it can lead to infections and permanent scars!

-Snap a rubber band on your wrist, take a really hot/cold shower, run until you can no longer breathe, close your eyes and name 5 people you cant live without, take a deep breath put down the tools and take control.

-Snapping a rubber band on your wrist is a way to reduce infection but is still a form of self-harm so use with caution - although it can be a good tool to use in transition to entirely stopping.

( little bit from the website, but here i sthe real website..)

please... check it out, and i hope you learn how to stop .


passionatexxxvampire says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2009

I'm also fourteen and I used to cut constantly. Currently, I still do, but only occasionally. I don't suggest doing it occasionally, for me it is just an addiction. But I can say that talking to someone is a good step. But make sure you talk to someone you can trust. I went to a coucilor once and she told me she was afraid i was going to kill someone or myself. It had no relation to what i was doing and the councilor had no idea who i was or what i was going through, that i would never harm someone. I still think you should talk to someone or even just keep a diary and rant a bit.


xxx_wish_i_were_xxx says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

ive been depressed (DIAGNOSED) for two and half years now...RARELY have i resorted to cutting...because its not a SMART thing to do. and no matter how down you get, hurting yourself doesn't make it any better...i'm on pills now...(Lexapro) and i am starting to feel better. if you think you have a serious problem, you need to talk to someone that can help you (Like a doctor, psychologist, counselor, etc)...because although all of us on here would like to help...only you can really help yourself. trust me, i know.


blu_eyed_horseygurl says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

depression is a huge hole to get out of alone so get a HUGE support network and deffo talk 2 ur bf about things cos its good to get it all out

also appreciate small things that make you smile and befor you walk outta door and smile in the mirror itll be a blessing for the day

also try and fill your day so you cannot stop and start cutting

if you need anything just give me a shout!

good luck

stay strong


sweetcutie1234 says:

Posted on 14 Mar 2009

cutting can be deadly and you need to learn how to stop. you need to know that it is going to be a long journey to stop it. but you need to before something bad happens. like x_Elana said use a rubber band, its safer to do. or i have a punching bag in my basement when i get mad i go downstairs and let out all my anger and sorrow. you should really have a sit down conversation with your bf and ask him to help you.

hope you stop, good luck :)


abbygirl08 says:

Posted on 02 Apr 2009

Pain is a terrible thing. especially emotional pain. But let me let u in on a little secret. I know the cure to any emotional pain u will ever have!! I would love to share my secret! send me a message anytime.


chl0eh0pe says:

Posted on 01 May 2009

I think you are very lucky to have such a caring boyfriend and friends even if they dont understand they are still there for you. Take watever is making you sad and think... is it really worth damaging myself for it?

You are a very beautiful girl and you dont deserve all this pain. Try and look on the brighter side... things will get better :)


chloebabeess says:

Posted on 26 Jun 2009

I used to cut myself. and it was about the only thing that made me happy =/ ? .. my mam found out and brought me to a pscycartrist ( cant spell ) .. He scared de shitttt out of me :lol: , And i just stoped. Belive me hunii its not all you think , you dont want to loose de important people in your life over a bit of blood now do you ?

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