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jasmine stephen




24 Jul 1990

hey this ya girl Jasmine
im from NY but live n NJ
Im 15
a cheerleader
a textaloic
im bisexual
i smoke
n just party
love having fun
wana no anymore hit the inbox or the jack(phone)

facebook me:jasmine stepMore saduisahduiash dsau

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mrs_carter1000 asked:

15 Feb 2009

i am 14 and i didnt actually ever have sex but i really want a baby

im black and i no that black are allways getting pregnant as a teen but what should i do, im nt dumb i no i wil hve 2 tke care of the dirty nasty jobz 24/7 i no i dnt care i like the hole ova all caring of a baby n i hve no family in nj and no 1 to look aftA n it nt the same as looking over n caring for my own little child , now im 15 i have had sex n im strtn to try to have this baby that i really want



stargirl says:

Posted on 15 Feb 2009

I know you may want a baby now but you are far to young to have one. I know you may feel like you are ready but it will be best for you and your future child if you wait till you are with someone special and have a stable life and are independent. A very close friend of mine got pregnant and had a baby at age fourteen. Like you she thought she was ready to keep one. She loved the baby but her life went into shambles. She moved out of her house, was in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend, and became addicted to drugs. She's a good person but she got so stressed with the responsibility that she turned to all the wrong things to find help. I know that might not all exactly happen to you but it will be best for you to wait.


rach008 says:

Posted on 15 Feb 2009

Ya i had a friend who was 15 when she had her daughter. She was really excited and thought it was going to be "fun" but she ended up loosing a lot of friends and ultimately she had to drop out of school to take care of her daughter. I know you may really want to have a baby but it is something you should wait to do until you are an adult and you are really ready to be responsible for another life.

Maybe you should read some of the things people posted on might give you some more perspective:


hooch says:

Posted on 15 Feb 2009

Babys have lots of responsiblity, your to young to take a baby on. You might want a baby now and "feel" like you can do it, but chances are, you won't. You'll lose out on your teenage like and many people feel like that having a baby is "fun", but it's not. I think you should wait more.


baybeekariss says:

Posted on 15 Feb 2009

Your only 14, and i dont think you've put much thought into this. A baby is a very big responability, need to be able to provide and care for a child. You would have to drop out of school, no future, no money, no way to provide? You cant go out with your mates from school, and have fun like every other teenager, because your at home looking after your child. Seriously, your still a child yourself, bringing another child into the world at your age wouldnt be right - you need to wait till your abit older, with a job, a partner who will stay by you ect.


girlcalledblue says:

Posted on 15 Feb 2009

hun your only 14

i know that you think youre responsible enough

but think of these questions

-will you be able to provide for your child

-will you be able to give that child a father that will be in its life

-are you doing this just because "black women have chidren as teenagers" (now this isnt completely true cause i dont know one black woman who has) and you want to follow the fad?

-will you have the money to give your child everything it needs?

will you be able to get up in the middle of the night to- feed your child?

change nappies?

deal with sickness?

you are still a child your self please wait a while before having a child with the first man you meet

wait will you finish school

wait till you have a man who will provide for you and love you and never hurt you

please just think about this

dont do the mistake of thinking a baby is a doll

babies are living breathing creature that take alot to look after

if you had a daughter who at the age of 14 told you that she was pregnant

how would you take it?

be careful






nomy says:

Posted on 15 Feb 2009

hey...y'r 14...try to buy a pet..and take cdare of him four 2 or 3 years...and whe u'll be 17..if u still want a baby it will not dangerous..4 you to make a baby..and if u'll have it now...i thin u'r ruin u'r chidhood:)a chid..take a lot of responsibility..think at that 2:)or try 2 make voluntary work at an adoption center...2 spend more time with kids:)


randi23 says:

Posted on 16 Feb 2009

its all teens getting pregnant it doesnt matter the race. I know a baby seems like something you want right now..but I am 23 and I have a one year old and let me tell you it is hard. I couldnt imagine having a child at 14. it is a lot of responsibility. I promise!! Enjoy your teenage years...a baby will come in time. when the time is right. Sometimes young girls feel that a baby will fill a void in their lives...but it will just make things harder on you at this age..babys and kids are great...when you are really ready to have one.


j_0823 says:

Posted on 25 Feb 2009

You should wait.

I'm 19 and just had a baby myself in December. Babies come with a lot of responsibility. It's not like just going out and getting a pet and once your tired of it give it up for adoption. You have to be able to care for your baby. You have to be able to get up all hours of the night to feed and change diapers. Have a father there for love and support. You need an education to get a good job to be able to support a baby and have money so you can buy whatever your baby needs. What if you have a baby and need to deal with sickness or colic?

You should just enjoy your teen years and get a good education. And once you have a good job and a man that loves you very much then maybe you can think about having a baby :)


loquaciousbabe says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

No. Just no. Sex is one thing but wanting to HAVE A BABY at your age is just stupid. You may think you can handle it but you're wrong. Fuck people are stupid sometimes.


xxx_wish_i_were_xxx says:

Posted on 26 Feb 2009

a baby is a lot more than just cuddling and cute's a human being that you are COMPLETELY responsible for... TWENTY-FOUR/SEVEN. you don't get any breaks, you can't just put them away when you are done playing...and that baby won't be a baby for very long...there is no logical reason to have a baby at your age. try babysitting for friends or family...something like that.;)


allyssa_xo says:

Posted on 07 Mar 2009

try babysitting.


babiibee217 says:

Posted on 18 Mar 2009

I'm white and 15 and i have a baby.. Her names leah, shes 2 months now. Trust me, i wanted one so bad, had sex, got what i wanted, and i'm not saying i regret it because i love my baby a lot, but i kind of wish i waited because i can't go out and hang with my friends very much anymore, because i have to pay my sister or my parents or someone to babysit for me. Trust me babe, its not easy. I'm suffering from anorexia, im a teen mother, I work 2 jobs trying to support my baby to give her what she needs and its so hard. please wait hun, you'll be happier, and you'll be able to have more fun with your friends. I hope you make the right choice to WAIT. Thank god my boyfriend didn't leave me, like in most cases, they leave. btw, i still go to school, im in 10th grade, and i probably get..4 hour sleep each night. Up every 1-3 hours breast feeding, rocking, playing, cuddling, changing diapers etc. i was so excited. i couldn't stop thinking "omg i cant wait! i get to dress it up! cuddle! show all my friends! take her places!" but its a lot of work, and its not like i can just dump her off and go have fun at the mall with my friends. I need to bring leah pretty much anywhere i go, and i've lost friends because of this. My sister is 21, and had a little girl at 18 who is now 3. shes adorable. heres a pic of my little girl leah at 3 and a half weeks old in the stroller Elisha poking at her and my sister Kelly sitting behind Elisha trying to get her to stop! so cute! good luck.

good luck!


babiibee217 says:

Posted on 18 Mar 2009

Oh, Btw, giving birth hurts like hell. worst pain i've ever felt in my life. feels like a hot burning axe splitting open my vag. i had none of that freezing stuff, so it hurt worse for me then if you have it, even though according to my sister it still hurts. Just thought i'd let you know :)

plus contractions = 2nd worst pain of my life.


moriah_x3 says:

Posted on 31 Mar 2009

i really don't think you are ready for a child.

especially if you won't have any help in the first place. a fourteen year old will need help, no matter what. I say wait.


chl0eh0pe says:

Posted on 01 May 2009

I would love a baby too but i think you should wait. Im sure you would make a fab mum but i really think you should wait until you are a few years older. i understand you want to love and be loved but trust me wait a bit longer and you will be perfect mother :)


gee_jade says:

Posted on 05 Apr 2009

obviously you're not yet's a lot of responsibility and it's not gonna stay that way forever, they'll grow up so fast and you may even regret having one.........for the mean time, why not try babysitting for friends and family or just get a pet at the store. a dog is need to walk it, clean its business, feed it and stuff and if you find that hard, you really have to wait though i'm pretty sure you have to wait now...........the temptation might be strong but try opening your eyes...........WAIT okay? you just wait..........


cottonmade says:

Posted on 05 Apr 2009



chr0matica says:

Posted on 12 Apr 2009

try babysitting and wait until you get a job and get out of school before having kids... volunteer at a daycare or something. who knows, maybe all those little kids will change your mind.


ctl888 says:

Posted on 12 Apr 2009

You should wait. Bc you can have a baby anytime, (almost). But you should do things now while you do not have a child. Finish school, accomplish a career, and travel. I do not think I will be ready for a child till my 30's. I don't even own my own home nor have an established career yet. Basically, I can't even support myself, how can I be ready for a child?


glitter_this_pornstar says:

Posted on 15 Apr 2009

Alright baby-cakes I'm gonna royally and mentally sit your ass down and explain a few things. You want a kid and you're 14? Girl, you got your whole life to live - you an't even really hit the good times yet. And I'm gonna tell you something right now MEN DO NOT GO NEAR PREGNANT TEEN MOTHERS. Also , you haven't even reached birthing potential right now - you could cause your child alot of grief due to the fact that your hips havent set yet. You need to understand that you're not old enough to be making these decisions. Your life is just now starting- do you really wanna throw it all away for a kid? I sure as hell wouldn't and I'm 20. Be smart - don't end up like those jerry springer chicks please, you sorta own your race better then that.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 18 Apr 2009

i'm thinking everyone here is thinking you need to prioritize you can want a baby all you like

but it would be best if you wait till you can spell and are able to afford having a child

i have no family and i have a 2yr old. i have to pay about 650 a mo for daycare, i have to pay for her food, her clothes, and omg diapers

it's not fair to yourself or the child if you can even support yourself and i'm not saying ppl that deal with that are bad i'm just saying it's a better situation for everyone when you are able to support yourself first before you have to worry about supporting a baby


vicktoreeahanne says:

Posted on 04 May 2009

its not jus taking care of a baby, its not sleeping, making sure you have enough money for everything the child needs like food, nappies, toys, clothes, prams, cots, beds, plus christmas' and birthdays.

wanting something to love and look is not an excuse to have a baby, i think your being stupid and selfish. your still a child yourself. plus what kind of example would that be to your child when their older? knowing their mum got pregnant at 14. you need to finish school first so you got some sort of qualification behind you. im 18 and 36 weeks pregnant, as much as i now want the baby, it was still the biggest mistake i made in my life. but at least im old enough to look after her and my self, im a qualified hair dresser so i know i will always be able to provide for her and her dad is supportive. shes not even born yet, and iv already spent over £2000 gettin thingss ready for her arrival.


krista090 says:

Posted on 13 May 2009


why not try volunteering at a baby care centre, that way you will learn how to take care of babies but avoid being a teen mum, before having a stable job.


aly_loves_milk says:

Posted on 26 May 2009

im 13 and have already been pregnant & had a miscarage because im to small & weak. just because your black dosen't mean you have to get pregnant, its a BIG responsibility and alot of work. even if you did go thru and have the baby. you'd have to find a partner to stay with you. 2 weeks after my miscarage my boyfriend left me, and now hes cheating on his gf with me.....just wait.


samigore says:

Posted on 02 Jun 2009

a baby can be a big responsiblity and just cause your black dosn't mean you have to have a baby as a teen. im 16 and i've had sex and i'd love to have a kid and i mean i really want one but like i do you have to think about because if you have big plans for the future you could mess them up!!!


steff says:

Posted on 13 Jun 2009

i think its not good if u gt pregnant at 14...

it's bad for ur and baby's health... :thumbdown:

u dont wanna go to college? finish high school... ???


justher1 says:

Posted on 07 Jul 2009

i am 21 years old been with the same man for 3 years and just got a puppy with him and we both have decent incomes..guess what its STILL a hassle we constantly have to wake up early constantly have to take him out and so much more ya u could wing it but really would u want to be the mother pawning ur kid off on friends or ur parents; just so u can go out to "party" having a child or taking care of another living being is a huge responsibility not to mention kids eat more and need more and more as they grow itd be very very tough to have a kid a young as u and try to support it and going on welfare is a cop out if u truly love ur child and have respect for yourself i would wait till ur financially and mentally stable (ur bodys still growing) and while ur at it watch the secert life of an American teenager it you'll appericate a kid so much more when ur older because u had to work for it and the child will grow up knowing how much you cared because u'll have time to be there and not stressing as much as u would now cause trust me i do not envy any of my friends u have children, just remeber your putting a childs life in your hands and once you have a child you life isnt so much about you anymore

peace and love



kendyspendy says:

Posted on 09 Jul 2009

yes, there is alot 2 a baby then just having sex 2 get it. i understand that u dont want 2 take care of it all the time, i mean u r only 14! but if u really want a baby try 2 wait till u get older, or think if u really want this baby now.. well it is all up 2 u.


jessikahxcupcake says:

Posted on 12 Jul 2009

Wait! Dont rush into having a baby. Atleast wait till your outta highschool. It sounds good now, but once it actually happens youll regret it.


xhamie_coe88 says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

well i kinda have a 3 yr old son.i had him when i was 14.i wanted a baby so bad coz i felt like i was all alone and then i thought i could handle the situation like a piece of cake.but actually,it is a lucky i have my family to support and help me with the baby and respecting my decision to continue with the 17 now and a freshmen in college...:p

but if i were u i would think again.yeah my kid doesn't know his father one day he's gonna look for him and i still don't know what to say LOL so think more on that OK?

and hey yeah im half black too but i did it coz i thought no one cared not because i wanted it like a toy or something.i thought long and hard


v_mars says:

Posted on 28 Jul 2009

sometimes I feel that way too I feel it usually helps to babysit . . . I love it when the child is an angle but then when she starts throwign tantrums it reminds me that I am not ready to be a parent and it wouldnt be fair to the baby


shashi says:

Posted on 09 Oct 2011

its not a good age.u should wait or it will ruin ur my country we wait untill we celebrate our 20 birthday to have a baby.use ur brain it dosent ur black or not.think twice.good luck anyway.

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