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Simona Jones




31 Jul 1995

its simona! though mostly called simomo and momo bye my friends.
im a 13 year old spazz, who luaghs wayy to much and loud for my own good.
Im actually starting to like my school,and i absolutly love my friends.
i play violin and mighty good at it if i do say so my selMore saduisahduiash dsau

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monababey asked:

23 Mar 2009

Whats wrong with preps?

i consider my self preppy and girly, and pretty much everyone hates us. my old friends wont talk to me anymore because i started having preppy friends. in your opinion, whats wrong with them?




xxdemixx says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

kay well honestly i dont think all preps are bad i have some preppy friends but i hate alot of them because i was a prep once only because i wanted to fit in and everyone spread rumours about me stupid things like i slept with some guy and they said that JUST cuz i asked him for a pencil????? and they constatly tryed to ruin my life i would do One thing and then they would spread another rumour i had to be perfect and i ddnt even hve REAL friends they all talked behind my back its like a never ending night mare so i promised myself i WOuld NEVER do it again i just was myself (in high school) and so far everything is fine lol sorry about the random story but thats pretty much why i hate SOME preps


alexus says:

Posted on 23 Mar 2009

definitely not all preps are bad.

only the mean ones that spread rumors and do not treat others nicely are the ones I hate.

if you are a good person then i don't hate you, and you seem pretty nice so I don't know why ppl would hate you.

It's like how everyone hates "emos" but the ppl who are being labeled "emo" are actually pretty nice most of the time, though it depends on their personality.

its kinda hard to say "I hate _insert_stereotype_here_" because it's a person's personality that counts.


samantha_scelestic says:

Posted on 24 Mar 2009

preps seem to be great at excluding people and just being cruel. they are prone to start rumors that are plain lies! This is sterotyping of course, but it seems to be relativly true in most cases. But if you are nice and open and just a good person all around then your friend shouldnt exclude you like that. :[ sorry


violet90210 says:

Posted on 24 Mar 2009

okay, im going to say this honestly. u sound like a nice prep, but, plz dont take this personally but i hate alot of preps. the reason most of us hate them, in my opinion is the way u guys act an da way u guys dress is not 2 be racist, but almost every white kid shop at american eagle, hollister, abrecrombie, and aeropostal. ugh, like last year when i was a sophmore, EVERY kid had a clothing item from hollister. IT WAS SO ANNOYING! an also the way alot of popular preps gossip about the stupidest things in life an can be rude 2 pple behind their backs. an that pisses me off. i especially hate the cheerleaders. i mean, not 2 be mean or hurtful but i dont see whas da point of being a cheerleader when u do those stupid "moving ur hips" dance moves. so stupid...

anyway thas jus ma opinion on preps.


x_elena says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2009

thats just a label

just like emo, scene, punk, nerd, jock, and prep

there all just excuses to judge ppl..


you also said that you hate scene emo ppl, n stuff, you dont kno how they feel when u sai that, just mind what you need to mind, no need going around telling people "eww, why do people like scene, its eww" thats preppy lol.. not trying to ay aynthing "bad" but, your posting a question on how "everyone hates preps" but ur kindaaa insulting others who like how they look "sceneish style"??:-s but anyways,,

im sorry if you thought is the wrong way, but u have said that.. but.. nonne of my business... just sayin.

please dont start like hating me:-s



elenaaa b-)


jessie_elisa says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2009

Not all preps are bad. My BFF is a prep (well, kinda a mix between scene and a prep) and it's impossible to hate her. If you think people hate you because you're a prep, maybe you've done something else to make them mad and not even realize it.:-?


monababey says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2009

okay thanks. i do hate scenes. its not them in generall just from personal expieriences. like i used to hang out with the, now scene, ppl in middle school in like 6th grade. but then here comes 7th and 8th grade and everybody's changed into scenes and emos who think theyre the victim. its just annoying. and thanks. i dont lie to spread rumors, i think its childish. but its really nice to know this.


claria says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2009

Preps are just labels. I, personally, am not a prep, and I don't like them. The only people I've ever known that happen to be preps, seem to be in their own world . . . Meaning that they only care about themselves, and they think they're higher, and better than everyone else, and they ALL look the same. But if your friends are preps . . . Best to stay away. But this is just one girl's opinion. Think about it. Are they really preps?


moriah_x3 says:

Posted on 31 Mar 2009

I don't really have a problem with so called "preps".

I do however, have a problem with people who have no idea which way is up or down.

If they depend on their mom/dad for everything they do, that, i have a problem with.

Also, if they have a problem with me or my friends when we didn't do anything to them. Those are people that I don't like.


tandomizi says:

Posted on 05 Apr 2009

well its the preps stereotypes.

you know the full of themselves talk behind peoples back, judgmental back stabbing stereotypes.

but to tell you the truth I can't stand the cheerleader type preps, because there all overly hyper and most of them are full of it.

but don't ever get caught up in the drama.

when I was in sixth grade I was really preppy and I was in the popular everyone hates them preppy group but then I kind of changed and stopped listening to the same music and stopped liking the same color and I was shoved out of the group.

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