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melissa marquez




06 Nov 1994

Im melissa!
I'm usually nice,but i get annoyed very easily |:

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missymm asked:

05 Oct 2009

Should i or should i not ?

I'm a teenager, i sneakout, goto parties when im supposably at a friends house..? but i hate that.... my friends go out to parties at 1a.m and their moms know.. i dont want to snaek out or lie to my mom anymore, but i know if i told her the truth she wouldnt let you think i should tell her, that i've been to party's and sneaking out, and if she would let me i wouldnt have to lie to her...or just keep doing what i'm doing? I would like to be able to call my mom , and tell her to pick me up and know? Help me(:



bethanyjl says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

Id tell her. you'll have a ton more fun if your at a party and your allowed to be there vs being there when your not and the guilt bothering you.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

first i don't see ANY responsible mother letting her young teenage daughter go to early morning parties. usually parties that late at night envolve drinking and if my daughter was sneaking out to drink i'd would beat that ass! omg!

my mom let us try beer and wine when she was around just a sip and it doesn't taste that great so she never had to worry about that with me.

if your mom spoils you she won't be able to say no maybe. but it'd damn hard for me to think i'd let my baby girl go to parties like that and then she expect me to pick her up afterward OMG so disrespectful!

a party is friends hanging out, yes

a party is great to hang out and have fun, yes

a party is totally acceptable, yes

an after hour party is totally not acceptable for children

drinking is not acceptable

getting shit faced is not acceptable

putting yourself in a situation with boys that no one knows where your at or if your ok is NOT ACCEPTABLE

yea sorry but you don't know how dangerous things like that can be.

and it's a totally different story when you live in your own house and make your own rules. but when your living off YOUR PARENTS they should have some say in how you spend some of your off time. they give you food, shelter, clotheing, convience, comfort.

i love my mom and i didn't do anything crazy out of respect for her until it was my life to be fooling with. i can see wanting to know what it's about but why the heck wouldn't you guys have parties at normal hrs?

your parents would probly look at that much fonder and it would be more acceptable for them to pic you up because they have work and responsibilities they need to do everyday. not wait to pick u up at crazy hours

wow sorry, i was on my soap box


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

and let me clarify

i have been to many late all night parties

i have been drunk but not shit faced

i have done crazy things that maybe i was imbarrased of in the morning

but i had a job,

i had a car

i had an apartment

i didn't bring my parent into anything that was a responsibility of mine


ctl888 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

See I would always tell my mom or dad where I was going and what was going on. I was never really interested in partying... i usually just hung out with my friends till 11pm or so..only on the weekends. but my parents would know. they gave me a curfew. I did not feel the need to sneak out. I also did not compare myself with other people...( like, this girl gets to do that soo why can't I?) You need to keep your trust with your parents. eventually you will be out on your you are not really missing out...


pinkyp says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

hey, i know how you feel, when i was 14 my mum wouldn't let walk around the block without calling me non-stop but when i turned 16 she started giving me more freedom, i wouldn't suggest telling your mum you have been sneaking out, She won't trust you and it's hard to get the trust back. i would sit her down and ask her for abit more freedom, explain to her your a mature teenager you know right from wrong and you just want to be honest with her, then after the conversation ask her if you could go to a party, maybe organise another mum to pick you and your friends up, then the next time it can be your mums turn if she's up for it, good luck :)


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

what mother would let her daughter go to parties where there is alcohol and/or staying out super late? first underage drinking is illegal second if she let you do that then what would that say about how much she cares about your well being. if you know there's nothing going on there she wouldnt approve of though then i would suggest trying to talk with her (not begging her) about it and discuss with her some good mature reasons why you should be able to go out and maybe discuss some kind of compromise at least until you can prove to her that she can trust you


glamorus_miranda says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

i think most of us have done this at that age....i know i have! almost 100% of the time parents do know and they are not stupid because they have been there done that too, to their parents. i would leave you telling your mom up to you.


mikiya04 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

conflicting views that you are having are obviously telling you that you should tell her. parents are more understanding these days if they know what's going on. of course she's going to be upset for a while. but it will be better if you tell her, and you will have more fun because you won't be worrying yourself. you may only feel like she won't let you because she doesn't understand. try explaining, some problems that we have, we create by not communicating with the ones we love.

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