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melissa marquez




06 Nov 1994

Im melissa!
I'm usually nice,but i get annoyed very easily |:

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missymm asked:

07 Jun 2009

My Parents... |: suck!

okay, they rarely let me go out. and in another one of my questions someone told me to ask for a sleepover with jst my girls BUT my parents wont even let me sleepover at my BFF's house which our parents have known eachoher for about 3 years|: what can i do to change my parents mind? they say.."only family sleepovers are okay">. I am 14 almost 15.

and no, they wont let my friends sleepover my house|: i hate this so much... and I HAVE GOOD GRADES! UGHHH!>., i do all my chores! i end up just ignoring them and doing stuff anyway. :D i cant help it. i will never show my mom respect not anytime soon.|:



jasm1na says:

Posted on 07 Jun 2009

"mom and dad, i know you guys are busy with my activities and yours too. i dont want to make you guys more stressed out than you already are with more of my friends coming over. so maybe i could go over to my friends house; you remember_____ name your friends parents, dont you? and i promise when i come back i'll help you around the house. and dont worry we wont be out late"

i dont know if thats the type of parents you have. sorry if it doesnt work; i know it sucks when they dont let you out.

good luck though:thumbup:


luv_emoline says:

Posted on 07 Jun 2009

will they even let your friends sleep over at your house??

your friends could bring the party to you!

gosh that really sucks though. how old are you?

one thing that helped me get out more was saying that I had to do something that was school related :D but your parents seem really strict and may want to see evidence of that!! its worth a try though!


chickie says:

Posted on 07 Jun 2009

explain to your parents what you'll be doing at the sleepover (talking, eating and all that lol) and give a contact number for the parents of the friend if they wanna talk to them.

good luck!



barbipixi says:

Posted on 08 Jun 2009

i know they are just watching out for you but sometimes parents take it too far.

you need to sit down with them (like an adult lol) and just out right ask them.

mom, dad. i need to know. is it a trust issue. do you think i can't be trusted with my friends? i would like to know what you're worried about so i can help ease it.

i'm a good kid right? i get good grades? i do my chores (for the most part).

just remember don't start yelling if they say something stupid and it doesn't make any sence to you. just tell them it confuses you and give them an example of y it's not right


funsize767 says:

Posted on 08 Jun 2009

my friend randi has the same prob!

just ask them why? if they say cuz i said so...say plz ive been woundering for a long time now why you dont trust me. i want to know how to improve or what i need to do to go out with my friends or invite them over.

did you do sumthin bad at a sleepover befor? if you did say mom im really srry i learend from my mistake and that is what life is about improving from you mistakes i was younger then....

did you mom/dad do sumthin at a sleepover befor and they dont want you to make the same mistake? talk to them about it

do your mom and dad dont like your friends or there rep? explain to them

do you parents dont even give them a chance?

talk to you mom IN A CLAM tone no matter how mad you are. your mom will c that you are mature enough to have sleepoverz

i no all this carp is corny but it works:D


amaay says:

Posted on 09 Jun 2009

maybe they need to earn your trust or they are just concerened about your safety or what you will do? :]


dannielle says:

Posted on 09 Jun 2009

Maybe there very protective over you?


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 12 Jun 2009

Mine are pretty much same

i have always had highest grades in class

& shiz

& they always took no big notice of that

while other parents were like so happy about their child getting half the grades i get

& mi mums alrite but my dad is horrifyingly overprotected

try being relle good, show them your responsible & stuff. i wudve done that if it hadnt been for the fact im very impatient & its impossible for me to keep a good attitude for too long wid sumone as protective as mi parents

i ignore em but do the thing i want to anyway

but anyways.. yeah show em ur very responsible, & if you RELLE want to do sumthing, just do em behind their back widout letting them no, & agree wid evrything they say (even if you think theyr TOTALLY off, dont let em know).. eventually thy might loosen up on you a bit



steff says:

Posted on 13 Jun 2009

it will sounds weird but...

writte 'em a letter! but a serious one!

tell 'em everything u think (with nice words) and that u think it's unfair (mention the sleepovers!)...

or just make a deal like:

if I wash the dishes for a week u'll let me go to the movies or something...

it worked for me:))

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