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May Cullen




03 Apr 1998

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midsummer_dreams asked:

13 Sep 2009

Prostitutes :L

wow i know i sound like a freak. but im just..intrigued by prostitutes. i recently read a book about a prostitute girl and got curious. have you ever met one? and what they do.. do they do it cos they HAVE to like for money, for cos they WANT to? im just simply curious about their lifestyles, idk why.

dw, im not planning on being a prostitute. im just curious. (and im a freaaak, i know!)




ctl888 says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

Well there are so many different levels of prostitutes.. from ghetto street corner to the high dollar call girls that make thousands in one night. No i have never met one, but if i have she never told me she was. I have met strippers.

But I believe all circumstances or for whatever reason they do decide to sell their bodies, that they must have a pretty strong will of detachment. To me the imtimacy of sex is very special and personal.

I have watched Oprah and she had a girl that went to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada to become a prostitute and she was 18 i think. but she did it for the money, she was pregnant... and there were men that had fetishes to have sex with pregnant women she made her money that way till she had her baby. i donno.. but it is a mysterious lifestyle choice.


takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

i know one. she told me she has 2 reasons, neither i agree with. There are so many ways to get money then selling your body. Her reasons were [1] she was getting the money to pay for her twin babies she had, and [2] to devalue the fact she was raped. Glad to say she no longer is apart of the prostitute life style and is in a healthy, loving relationship.


hayley___hamm says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

i feel the same! i think there r ways to get money other then letting a man (or women haha) have sex with u! i mean once u agree to it they can do wat ever they want with u! like they could beat u while ur doing it! that just doesnt seem worth it to me!!! i pray for people like that evry day.


jessd says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

i never meet one. i think iits the way they just grow up .. like they cant get a job anywhere. .. they might not have been taught as a younger age.. i guess if you think about it . it does seem interseting..


ahroarah says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

i live in nevada, where prostitution is a common thing. prostitutes are some of the sweetest people ive met. i dont look down upon them for the choices theyve made. they earn some sweet cash every day, usually. some women do it for financial help, others just do it because they want to.


nana_0601 says:

Posted on 14 Sep 2009

prostitutes = females who sell their bodies strictly for sex

jiggalo= male prostitutes, same definition applies.

they're mainly just people who started out needing money, there's like a whole street hierarchy, where the street walker is the one right under prostitute and escort is somewhere above, but it's shady-esque. Most of them do it for money, financial thing, to support a family that they have etc.

I'm sure if they were offered a better job, most would take it, the ones that aren't delved into it to the point that the money begins to make them. Actually, I don't believe they see it as being unpure just doing their job and many of us aren't pure to be honest, so that statement cannot be used for it's subjective.

One example, that was shared in my freshman seminar (on this topic lol ) was of a girl who was going to uni, and lost all her scholarships, she couldn't afford to pay it with a small job at mcDonalds or something, so she just started as a hooker, then she saw how much the "prostitutes" got paid which was alot, and figured she'd do it until she could pay off the school. Moral of story, the money started creating her, eventually she got out of it, and it still emotionally, psychologically scars her . So for the time being whilst they do their act of lust, they feel nothing, no love, no warmth, it's just for the money , most of the time, but later on they hurt of course.

FYI: some history : back in the day, being a prostitute was the only job available to women, and back then, they were seen as independant women, but now with so much job opportunities, it's looked down upon as the lowliest of lows.

For more information on stereotype ,and categorical women read : Bitches, Bimbos, and Ballbreakers by The Geurilla Girls (jeez,i had to say that title in class for that was the discussion book lol)


barbipixi says:

Posted on 14 Sep 2009

they may do it for money for themselves or family

they may do it because they love a guy who likes using women

they may do it because they are addicted to drugs

they may do it because they have low selfesteem and think they can't do anything else

eitherway it's using your body to make money and having money be more important than your health and self esteem. it is MANY steps below exotic dancing. my lil sis is a stripper and i think it's a much better way to make money selling your looks than selling your body


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 14 Sep 2009

its very sad....and the prostitute shouldnt be viewed as engaging in a "lower" act or job than the other person that is paying for it. It is sick and sad that the one who gets blamed or viewed as dirty is teh one who does it just cuz they need money so bad-not so with the person who is paying for sex.


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 13 Sep 2009

W.O.W. i dont get how they can stand being so.. unpure. god i sound like a priest. but honestly, dont they feel so.. unrespected? eek.

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