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May Cullen




03 Apr 1998

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midsummer_dreams asked:

09 Nov 2009

okayy.. *sighs* boy problemms.

so theres this guy iv known for over a year now. Iv just know him online & stuff, never actually met him. But like i had him on bebo so we've seen each others pics & hes bin on cam and all. Catch is, theres quite an age diffrence between us. 3 - 4 years . & he was wayyy careful abt that! But yeah we did like each other and stuff. and this was like a year after talkin to each other that he admited he liked me too. but he was v.careful not to talk about sex or stuff cossa the age diffrence. AND he made it clear that we probs wudnt meet until im like 15 or sumthinggg. im just trynna point out he isnt sum randum pedo or anything. but thing is, whenever i get into a 'thing' (not QUITE a relationship yano?) with a guy, i start feeling sick and trapped. i never imagined id feel like tis with him too, but apparently i did. and then idk what happened, i just acted like a coward and deleted my account i had him on and his number and stuff. but now like quite alot of months have passed and idk. i feel like such an idiot. why did i randumly try to get rid of him like that? iv known him fr a bloody year fgs! so i wanna know if i should add him back? i knw he did like me & was careful arwnd me cossa my age. And tbh mentally im older than 11 so like, i act + look older. deffo act older. should i add him? and if so, what excuse should i make for blankin him all this time? i could say i deleted my account and forgot to add him to my new onee. (jsyk, my stupid acc wont get deleted. i signed on yday to check and it WASNT deleted! i think it loves me too much. it REFUSES to delete. stupid account.) and i told him not to text me no more cos i gave the sim to my dad. Eughhhh, i dunno why i decided to DO that! help, pls :/

& btw dont bother telling me about online saftey and that cos i knw. 1) im talkin to YOU guys onlne aswell. this is a social networkin site too. 2) im real lcareful, trust me on that. 3) il be quite older when we DO meet, he made it clear that much & 4) il make shure he exists an



bethanyjl says:

Posted on 09 Nov 2009

Hmmm i wouldn’t add him back. if it’s one thing I’ve learned that is a guy is not the same person online or on text as he is in person! Its easy to lie or to tell somebody something through text but then in person you cant stand their guts!

3 to 4 years is a big difference especially at your age its not like you guys are in your 20s. id just forget about him and go for somebody that’s not only liking you through online but in person as well.

Any guy saying he likes you without even hearing your voice on the phone or knowing you in person first, id defiantly be cautious about him. I mean how do you know he’s not telling that to every girl he adds on bebo?


barbipixi says:

Posted on 10 Nov 2009

#4 there's no way to MAKE SURE

#3 he want's you to be older when you do meet? y can't he meet you but not plan on doing anything? what is it too much for him? you know it's not illegal to have a friend that's younger right? and sorry but yea some guys like the chase and it makes them feel better and more secure in the fact that you won't tell and your a real kid.

sorry but it's just so easy for girls to fall for guys at your age. and you have to wonder if he's SO awesome why can't he find a girl at his school? and there is a chance you're not the only girl he was talking too. did he have other hot young girls on his account?

it's always good to do google searches for emails and names of people you don't know just to see if you can find anything else about them.

but yea most guys can be freaks and if he's serious then before you're ready to meet he'll be ok with calling you and even talking to your parents. cause it's just proper for him to want to meet your parents and be respectful. instead of sneakin around with their under age daughter. omg if that isn't a recipe for disaster!


barbipixi says:

Posted on 10 Nov 2009

ps if you watch any of those pedifile tv shows you'll see some of those guys talk forever to the girls just to make themselves feel better about taking advantage of them. and to be sure they aren't the task force fooling them.

seriously just because you've talked to him a long time online doesn't mean you've known him for that long


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 09 Nov 2009

thanks for the answer! but i dont think i really wanna tell him thaaat. idk why. & tbh i just wanna stay friends with him, but i dont wanna say HEY LETS BE FRIENDS ONLY straight out like that.


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 10 Nov 2009

i agree. thats just sorta what i needed (:

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