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May Cullen




03 Apr 1998

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midsummer_dreams asked:

17 Oct 2009

okay so im now officially sick of my parents.

my dads makin me crazy! hes gone striccter on me than ever before. He never let me go on sleepovers, or out with mates anywhere. He doesnt even let me go to their houses for the day unless he & their parents are mates! And he never let me wear skirts or shorts or sleevless & stuff. Not even at school ! (i go to an ALL-GIRLS ffs) yesterdat he started shouting at me cos i went out with him widout a jacket on.. i was wearin knee lengh jeans and a halfsleeved top. wtf? not like i was dressin like a slut! He started shouting at me the whole way. And when i talk to my mum shes like OK IL TALK TO HIM and she doesnt actali relle give a fuck. shes getting divorced apparently from him but wont move out the house. then she complains that my dad wont let her go. She doesnt care bout me much at all tbh (i know what im saying. and its not just cos im angry. its a long story). My dad interferes in EVERYTHING. my mate says summt to me on mssn and he goes WHY SHE SAYING THAT or summat. WTF man. okay i know he loves me & all but this is TOO over the top. whats the point if i end up disliking him? im not a 7 yeared old. i need privacy. iv started puberty (periods etc) and i need personal space but he butts into everything. He sumtimes trys reading my texts.. what if my mate is saying sumthing bout period pains? THATS why i need privacy but he doesnt GET that. iv tried being calm with him and talkin him throo and iv tried banging doors. so far so bad. any help? and does anyone else have such freak-control 'rents? D: D:



ctl888 says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

Okay, I think I see what is going on. You actually solved the problem yourself! your parents are doing through a divorce. Your mom wants him to leave but he doesn't want too... so the reason he is mad all the time and letting it out on you is because he is under a lot of stress due to the divorce. You might want to be a little bit more sensitive to your parents right now because divorce is a very serious thing and will affect everyone in the family. So your dad is not trying to lash out on you...but it is just happening this way because he is upset about the divorce.. and still wanting to be a family with your and your mom... and your mom does not want him. He is hurting right now.. he loves your and your mom but does not want the family to divide. the reason your mom did not tell your dad what you told her is because she does not care about him anymore ( well, in that know.) so maybe one day...when no one else is home you might want to sit down and talk to your dad. Tell him that you do understand the pain that he is going through about the divorce, but tell him that you can't control what is happeneing but you do love him unconditionally no matter what happens. He might need to hear this from you bc he probably does not have anyone to talk too. This may calm him then you can tell him how , how he has been yelling at you has made you upset and a little hurt bc you do not know why he is yelling so much. This may open him up in telling you his feelings too. Our parents are just people too. Good Luck.


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

same thing here my dad is letting me not for sleepover and and visiting but he is not like that why dont u just talk to him make dinner or something like that and say

"hey i got a problem and i wount leave untill it is sloved"

and then explane u need privacie and that u dont want them to get mad but just u need ur space and that u cant handdle it that people are disturbing my privacie

and that let me wear more diffrent stuff that u are old enough and that u are not a slut or something like that and that u GO to a all girl school and that they are fine with ewhat i am wearing and that there are no boys owies

and that they dont care cause they are not lesbians right???

dont sai so rude as i did do it sweet so he understand and wound start shouting again

and no bad stuff like slut and the fuck he will just start to sai what kind of education u have and u are away from the actual toppic

hope this helps

sorry it is so long




fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 19 Oct 2009

if what youre saying is true and youre not exaggerating or anything then youre right, he's being unreasonable. but hes still your father and you still have to respect him. but you can respectfully tell him how you feel, how this could turn create a rift between you two, that he needs to set an example to you on how to trust someone until they break that trust or at least let you earn some trust or else you will never trust others and especially him. focus on ways he is affecting your relationship with him mostly, not on friends, clothes or other stuff as much. that he's going through a lot right now isnt easy for him and tell him you understand that but its not your fault and you feel like youre the one getting much of the consequences from it. be as blatnatly hinest with him s possible-tell him exaclty how you feel about getting honest and that youre willing to follow rules but you need some independence too. he may respond better if you let him know youre not angry at him, and dont want to hide anything from him, but some things gotta change-just do it respectfully and in a peaceful way-not confrontational or angry


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

I don't even know if they ARE getting divorced though. & im sure its not JUST the divorce. Hes always been like this! But now hes going stricterr, + i dont think its got much to do with the divorce. but maybe your right, idk

thanku tho! x


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 17 Oct 2009

oh it is not long good then thought i wrote a whole page hehhehehe


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