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May Cullen




03 Apr 1998

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midsummer_dreams asked:

05 Sep 2009

ok wtf? Is it possible to have a split personality?

There seem to be 'two' of me. One part of me is:

Pretty oldfashioned. Always cautious and careful. Very sensitive. Very nice. Nice to everyone. Doesnt like wearing revealing clothes, unless infront of girls obv, woudnt care. Always does what parents want me to. Is very mature and deep and full of secrets. Love the quiet and places like countryside and stuff. Yano what i mean? Like everything just being quiet and calm and being around nature. No loud stuff. Only calm sorta music. Love being on my own

The 'other' part of me is:

Rebellious. Loves danger. Careless, TOTALY careless. Never cautious. HATES silence. HATES being alone. Love the loudness, all the city life. Love going to stuff like discos, parties. Wears whatever I want, revealing or wever. Not too nice. Sometimes mean. Dont care what people say, not sensitive. Display everything on the outside, not secretive at all. Totally loud.

WTH? I know i probably dont have a split personality, but why am i like that? Like i was like to my mate the other day OMG I RELLE LOVE THE COUNTRYSIDE, THE MOUNTAINS, THE SILENCE


Its not like i like them BOTH at the same time

There are times when im the 'oldfashioned' person and there are times when im the totally 'rebellious' person. None of my mates can figure out why i change like that suddenly. Now i think of it, i cant figure myself out either. Does anyone know what the heck is up with me ? :L, EEEK, im normal then, afterall (:

thaanks everyone for the replies!

Love you allllll XD



auri says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

Well we're all like that in a way. Your personality begins to change a little when your getting older, and sometimes you dont like the things you used to anymore.

Other times its just because your not in the mood for loud music, and other days you have more energy where you do.

About the being mean and nice thing, sometimes people catch you on the wrong day and your either annoyed with something or just having a bad day.

Its normal, everyone does it... =)


ginger_e says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

sounds normal to me i can be like that. lol its normaly week by week for me. i dnt think you have anythink to worry about, so dnt worry! x


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

Very normal. That is what makes us so complex as humans. You always have two desires pulling at you, otherwise you would be a bland individual. Always be sure you know where you stand on important issues though. In every situation only one side can win. No reason for alarm-unless youre hearing voices:)


isthereareas0nf0rmetol0vey0u says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

Its normal, happens to everyone... :)


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

lol first your a girl and we change our minds all the time

second your young and you're still getting your barings

it is very possible to LOVE the city and having things around you all the time and busy

and then sometimes you can just LOVE to get away and have the peace of being quite

and depending on who you're around it will change how youre feeling and accting and the music your listening to at a certain time.

usually when your in class and in learn/study mode you'll be pretty quiet and focused, but when your on break and with your friends you may be more loud and tend to be a bit crazy


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

ps that's not a split personality. you just like different things the same. but you do have a choice in the matter and you don't go off the deep end about things.

most split personalities really become different people and can't help them selves and it's not about likes more than emotions


worlds_away says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

I don't know? I feel the same way sometime.


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

Not like that. Its like im set on both of them. And when im 'nice', im nice. no matter what a person says to me, i wont say it back and il just take offence. On the days im not like that, i'll say the answer back to their face and i would just laugh it off. And im not changing tbh, iv alway sbeen like this. ugh i cant relle explain.

thanks for the answer though! (:


auri says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

ahh ok i see what you mean. Well i do it sometimes too, and i think almost everyone does it. I wouldnt worry about it, seems normal to me(: and your most welcome!


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 06 Sep 2009

i know lolll. i just coudnt think of another word. it was just an exaggeration i suppose

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