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May Cullen




03 Apr 1998

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midsummer_dreams asked:

04 Jul 2009

friendd problem?

i love my best mate okk? but sumtimes she relle pisses me off.. like, she copys me in everything almosst. haircut, shoes wever. mainly i dont mind but lately we were doing this act for this show & she at the last minute said she wanted to have MY act. i mean, everyones act was decided & evrything but still i let her hve my act.

but now.. theres another show cuming up & me her & this other girl in our guitar class were told to do a piece of music. im doin 2 pieces wid her & megan but this 3rd pieace.. iv bin practising it all year evry night & im relle good at it. but now, the show is only a week away, (and our last rehearsal was last friday) & shes decided she wants to do the piece wid me. like, WTF? im not being a showoff but i WANT to shine for once. all year iv been relle unconfident & relle in the shadows & i relle want to do sumthing on my own for this show.. anything,... i wann feel confident but now shes like she wanna do the piece wid me. also, theres a diffrence between sumone hus been practisin for a year & someone hus been practising for 2 days. sorry, but shes not that good. but i cant tell her that widout hurting her feelings either.. & she keeps making major mistakes wid the show only being a few days away . :l & also, we both are playing on diffrent speeds. if she had decided earlier we might have been better but she decided it last minute :l

so can anyone tell me what i shud do? its too late to change the music thingy, shes doin it wid me anyway its decided now :/ .. but how can i tell her to stop copyin me in bloody everything?

& also, how can i tell her when shes rubbish widout hurting her feelings? sumtimes, shes like AM I DOING THIS GOOD or blah. i mean, i m honest. i dont sugarcoat. & if i tell her NO she starts going moody & saying WELL NO ONE ELSE THINKS SO. (other people are just sayin it cos they dont want her on their tail) & cmon, two people cant be the same at evrything. im better at sumthings & shes better at others. but if she trys to copy me in things she bad at (& im good at) & shes holding me up, obv im gonna get mad.




jasm1na says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

confront her in a soft voice:

"why are you always trying to be like me?"

if you're uncomfortable being as direct, turn it as a joke (it's easier for me:p):

"i know im perfect, but you dont always have to copy me!"

see what she says, maybe she idolizes you or shes only using you.

good luckkk:thumbup:


kimmywheeler says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

maybe you could get a teacher that you are friends with to say that it is too late to decide to change and she can't be in ur act - OR lol you could just explain to her that you have put a lot of work into the piece and even though you love playing with her - you just want to do this one by urself? Even write her a letter if you have issues with the confrontation thing. But if she can't understand that maybe she isn't as good a friend as you think - i had a friend who only did things if it was good for her and the best thing to do with those type of friends is to dump them because you deserve to be treated better than that.


nicole30227 says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

well, i would tell her if she says she is gonna copy u or copies you then tell her that not everyone can be the same, and that there arnt to alike people in the world. also you could tell her nicely and not regular way because she might take it offensive that she should do something else and not do the same thing because it will look like she is copying you. you could also get someone else to tell her its to late and she cant change her act and we need seperate parts mabey. either way if you need anything else let me know. :))


xo_rawwr says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

Tell her how you feel in a calm voice. Tell her that you don't like her copying you and that she should follow her own style. Also tell her that it's cooler to be original, because it is. :)


amaay says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

just say to her in a nice kind of tone of voice: why do you always have to copy, i liked you better when you were yourself, yannoo?

or maybe when she asks you if shes good or not, say: you're okaaay, but you could be better. (:

just tell her how you feel, confront her, because the longer she is copying you for, then the more you are going to get annoyed. and it doesn't sound like she's going to stop doing it anytime soon. (:



pyt says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2009

Honestly your best bet is to talk to her, think about it this way- if she was your true friend than she would understand. She needs to be her own person , she can't live off of what you do and what you accomplish, you may be best friends but you have to DEFINE yourself from one another.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2009

lol sometimes you have to be mean to be nice

she needs to break off your teet and stop sucking

it will help her later and you too

you can get the other girl to back you up when you tell her

'hey we all agreed i would be doing this and i've worked hardest on 'this' song above the other ones and you know this was suppost to be me alone from the start so i really would like to do it like we have planned"

and your other girl can be like

"yea i totally agree this is how we practaced so that is how we should do it"


soccerchick15 says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2009

I had a problem like tht wif my bestiee... but actually it was kinda diff she would boss me around sumtimes or other times act a lil snobby... the last crise i went on wif her she reliii pissed me off! so then i got relii mad and told her how i felt AFTER the cruise cuz i was kinda scared 2 do it in i did it online and she got mad a lil bit but after she told me tht she was happy i told her bcuz i was being honest andshe apologized and since then doesnt relii do it! :] hope i helped!!

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