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May Cullen




03 Apr 1998

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midsummer_dreams asked:

03 Sep 2009

First day of highschool..

.. WAS RUBBISH. i swear. i didnt even make ne mates! ok so i did. like i had my best mate wid me thankgod. but other than that we wer goin off on our own. everyone had paired up and most were in groups. every group we got were total idiots! D: you dont wanna no. but ugh how can i make more mates? i tried talkin to evryone but they answered the question and that was it. & then my mate was laffin ded loudly & sum girl started mimickin her & givin us dirtys. watta fucker. D:

will this get better? i HOPE so. or is it like this just cos its th first day? Grrr. iv always been bullied in me old school for a whole year & my selfesteem is so low right now! If someone even makes a joke about me i start relle takin offence. grrr



nana_0601 says:

Posted on 03 Sep 2009

don't worry D: you should probably just make friends with a few people not a whole lot in the first year...schools in the UK, i'm sorry but they're intense , from what i've heard D: alot of people seem to bully others there...D: hell, my guy friend in the UK got bullied as well D: (fortunately he knows muay thai, and other fighting styles so no one messes with him anymore) but seriously, it seems so much more full of bullies than here, where on the first day everyone's just as lost and alone as you lol , but regardless, just stick with a few good mates this year, no need to search them out, other friends will think you two are so cool and want to be friends with you. As for the girls that bother you, remaining unaffected, and ignoring them, will make them look stupid for mimicking you guys, and you'll be well on your way . :) good luck, it'll get better!


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 03 Sep 2009

oh i am sorry that is really stupid the same happend to me the first day dnlol(do not laungh out loud)


but just try to be nice to everyone and then there is just hope ?

i am not good at making friends my self

hope u get better answers than myn.....


takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 03 Sep 2009

Hayy hun

i had the same problem going into high-school. i knew quite a few people but i wasn't really friends with any of them.

Stay positive, Smile, Talk to people, in group work try to get along best you can. Try participating in sports or clubs.

The friends i hang out with now i all met and actually started hanging out with about the end of grade 9 and beginning of 10th year.

. that doesn't mean that you wont get friends sooner or later then me you just have to be friendly and honest with people.

Don't get involved with Gossip and don't let people get to you.

remember its only your first week of school things will change in the course of 4 years. the friends i started off with in grade 8 and grade 9 i barely even hang out with or talk to now.


isthereareas0nf0rmetol0vey0u says:

Posted on 03 Sep 2009

i agree with Nana.

also the first day of school is always crappy. I remember this year i HATED the first day and i didnt want to go back, the 2nd was OK and by the 3rd week i LOVED it but then i HATED it again, lol!

Anyways, at least you have 1 friend, i have 0 right now!

Join some teams/clubs ask to sit with da kids at lunch

fortunatley you're pretty so thats an advantage

sorry i couldnt really help


worlds_away says:

Posted on 03 Sep 2009

First days suck. At least you have a bud. All my buds are a grade below me. :(

Stick with your riend, and maybe at lunch talk to some kids. Or, if you have a project, choose someone who sits alone or something. They may be nice. ( Or not.)

Anyways, Good luck!


worlds_away says:

Posted on 03 Sep 2009


Why doesn't this thing let you edit questions!?


barbipixi says:

Posted on 04 Sep 2009

lol usually it'll get better just try to stay positive and focus on what you have going for you

you have a best mate

you can have total fun cause you know you're awesome

your a hottie : P


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 04 Sep 2009

dont worry first day of school is usually like that , it will get better , try staying positive and talk as much you can and always be friendly :p



ctl888 says:

Posted on 05 Sep 2009

think of this as a new start. your old school where you said you were made fun gone and the past. this of this new highschool as a new start. you can start fresh and slowly meet new people. I know on the first day of school I am usually kinda timid and shy just bc I am not used to it. You will start to feel better after the first week. The other people will become more comfortable talking with you and so on.... just stay strong! You will be fine.


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 03 Sep 2009

ah thanks. i think my mate had it worse. she went to a rougher school and there were older girls bullyin her and her mate. like they tried to trip her up & chased them around and shiz & just in their FIRST WEEK. and yeah schools in here are shit. v-rough!


takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 03 Sep 2009

btw. First year of highschool is usually shit. it gets better each year.

btw i agree with Nana_0601

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