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May Cullen




03 Apr 1998

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midsummer_dreams asked:

08 Jun 2010


Yeah, I DID write that in capitals. That's how confused I am |: Okay so, I've always considered myself straight. But now i'm starting to sort of doubt it. I've always been really boycrazy, so I never gave a second thought to my sexuality. But jeez, lately its like, i've sort of been attracted to girls. God this is wierd, its like, not with every girl obv. With a few girls I see, I just WANT to get closer to them. (not physically, though *cringe* I wouldn't mind that either). Its so confuzing. Before when I used to hug girls, I didn't ever give that a second thought. Now its like, jdgfbhb i read too much into the hug. I don't even know how to describe it. I mean, i'm deffo not a lesbian, because i'm still sort of boycrazy, only difference is i might be into girls aswell >< i've seriously never considered myself bi. Iv only told 3 people, (one of them a lesbian, so she'd nderstand) bcas the rest of my 'friends' would be just judgemental. So my main question is, how do I find out if i AM bi? It might just be a moment thing. Or maybe its cos i'm in an allgirls & I havn't talked to a boy face2face in, oh, how long?

But none of my other friends are like that |:

So uh yeah, it is strange.


(please don't be judgemental, |: )

(Heehee bored, so thought i'd attach a piccy :D), Btw my friends are really greaaaat. Two of them, i've known for 5 years. Its just that, this 'bi' this might freak them out. & I don't want 'em to treat me any differently., Maybe 'tis bit quick to close the question but bleh, think i found the answer i needed xD



barbipixi says:

Posted on 08 Jun 2010

sorry to say this but alot of girls and guys that are young feel confused because they want that love feeling so badly. and it doesn't have to be physical love it can be just the mental side or vice versa.

it's nice to have someone there near you that you know you can trust that you can hold hands with and show you care. it's nice to feel close. but really you can do alot of things with a girl or guy friend but not be 'involved' with them.

it's ok to be confused but i wouldn't feel obligated to saying your gay/bi/straight at anypoint because of your age. there are too many parts right now you're confused on. that's another reason i like kids to go on fun dates or group outings with friends when they're young but i would prefer real dating (which is looking for the person your going to be with for a long term) to wait until you consider yourself an adult (around 17 or 18) you know after you know how to drive, you have a job, and you're almost ready to start life on your own


lorii_grace says:

Posted on 08 Jun 2010

Im really not meaning to discriminate in any way, because there's nothing I despise more than discrimination.. this can be a touchy subject.. but it's hard to take bisexuals seriously.

Usually it's only teenagers who are 'bi' (or promiscuous adults). If you talk to a lot of legitimate gay people, they may probably confide in you that they think bi people are confused. I talked to a few proud gay guys in university and they can't take bi's seriously - they think they're so fake and just confused and honestly an embarrassment to the gay community. You're either gay.. or you're straight. Pick one. If you're going to be interested in both then obviously you are just after something and are easy and willing to take it from anyone.

But honestly, honey, you are not bi :) and you are not lesbian :) it is totally normal to have those feelings. Sometimes I feel attracted to my best friend, she's incredibly gorgeous, she's insanely hot, and if I were a guy I'd TOTALLY date her. Or do her. xD Either one. I hit on girls a lot too =) but that honestly doesn't make me bi or lesbian. Sometimes I honestly thought I was more into girls than guys, because they understood me better - but of course they do! Because they're girls too! They work the same way you do! You have to learn to differentiate the different kinds of affectionate. There's a sisterly love, and there's a romantic love. I love my best friend to pieces, and I'd go to the ends of the Earth for her, I honestly love her SO MUCH, more than myself - and sometimes I can get weird feelings, but you need to learn to realize which feelings are which.

You don't need to go labelling yourself - it's okay to have those feelings!! I know how you feel :P Hope that makes sense, and hope I helped

:) Girls can't satisfy you the way guys can anyway. Trust me on this one.


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 08 Jun 2010

Thankyou! That actually helped alottttt.

I'm not labelling myself just yet :)

I'm just concerned about the way i sometimes feel around girlss.



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