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09 Feb 1995

im an aspiring makeup artist and beautician.

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metcalfe asked:

03 Mar 2009

I need a quick way to loose weight.

I posted this in March, and in May for a reward or something my class is going to Holiday World, and I want to loose about twenty pounds. Anything that's reasonable, and fun please tell me.



cupcakegil says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2009

if your parents allowed, you should try alli pills. you can get them at walmart for 50 dollars. ITS LEGAL! also if you are going out with friends convence them to walk all the way there! yay fitness!



stargirl says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2009

you could loose weight by working out and having a healthy diet. In my opinion though there is no healthy way to loose that much weight in that short of a time. Healthy is the key


aylay says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2009

Losing weight is about lifestyle. All crash diets do are lose water weight (which, although encouraging, does nothing for appearance or health). Aim for lots of veggies and maybe a fruit a day. Go for whole grains. The biggest component will be cutting back on sugar. This includes soda... if you can't live without it, at least switch to diet. It's unhealthier, but good because it has no sugar (a regular can of coca-cola has 6 tablespoons of it!). Either way, it's a can of chemicals.

As far as exercise goes, work your way up. I started with 10 crunches, 3 pushups, and running up and down the stairs 3 times, all twice a day. It's not a lot, but it's surprising how far a little effort can go. Keep track with a measuring tape if you can (I do around the bellybutton and another around the skinniest part, the waist). A BMI calculator is great to see where you are and to monitor yourself, but be warned that they're not ultra-accurate (everyone has different muscle mass, etc.) A good one is at (I think that's the site) in the teen section. Search "BMI calculator".

I hope this helps! Remember, it's a lifestyle. Pills sometimes work, but again, often it's water weight (yes, even with pills), or at least at first. Expect to continue eating healthy after you've reached your goal. The thing about pills is the moment you stop, suddenly you find the pounds have snuck back in. Lifestyle is free and lasts. ;]

Good luck! Remember, a good night's sleep and at least a glass of water a day can be ridiculously beneficial.


aylay says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2009

Oh, one more thing...

REMEMBER, it's about WHAT you eat, not how much. It's good to have healthy portion sizes (America currently has a twisted view of this. Stop when you're full!), but if you don't eat enough, your body goes into "survival" mode. It lowers its metabolism and the whole thing is pointless.


No matter what, don't lose sight on the inside. However cheesy that sounds, it's still true. Losing weight can help with confidence, but you have to remember that you can be confident and come off as great even without being skinny.

And yet another note...

20 pounds in one month is rather unrealistic. :[ Sorry, but you're looking at more around 1-2 pounds a week. But trust me, the visual difference is obvious. For me (this is just me, I'm not sure about other people), 10 pounds lost is about 1 inch lost. But it all depends on your size right now. Remember, health is key, and with it is a healthy weight. Don't go overboard. :]

Okay... goodbye for real now. ;]


3nir says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2009



krista090 says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2009


that means you have to loose the weight, technically since we are only at the start of march. well i suggest you divide your meals in smaller snacks, reduce the amount of processed food, sodas, candy, add a bit of exercise (about half an hour daily, doing anything which is not sitting down or standing in one place), eat your meals slowly so that you get full faster, and eat alot of fruits and veggies. and eat whatever you get pangs for because that way you feel better.


xxx_wish_i_were_xxx says:

Posted on 04 Mar 2009

yay fitness my ASS. just kidding...agreed. yay exercising.8-|


jessd says:

Posted on 05 Mar 2009

it may to late to get rid of the 20 pounds right now, but i found a good and easy way diet for ur future!

Its the atkins diet. Atkins diet is were u pretty much want to eat meat. After a certain about of weeks the diet allows you to add more foods. Good thing is you can eat as much as u want!!If u look the diet up u can find out more information!:D


babyblue says:

Posted on 05 Mar 2009

losing weight too fast can b a problem to the stomach but if you want

follow these rules:

1.drink water 5 glasses daily

2.6 servings of veggies n fruits

3.4 servings of whole grain

4.2 servings of dairy

5.1 serving of meat

6.avoid too much sugar technically where supposed to consume only like 16 g of sugar(impossible right)

7.excercise 1 hour daily

8.dont stress out or eat when bored or tired portions of food dancee,yoga,exercise with friends or listen to music(thats wat i do its so relaxing)

11.take hot baths(random i just like to relax to destress):P

12 be happy(:


livelaughlovesb says:

Posted on 06 Apr 2009

1. write down everything that you are eating take a note book and make 3 coloms one for the food name two for the amount of calories and three for the amount of fat.

For only one month u should try to stay under 1200 cals and 20g of fat per day!

it is a proven fact that people who write down everything they eat loose 1/3 more then if your don't

2. eat all the time people think of you skip brakefast that youll have less cals in you but its not true, you should eat 3 meals but they have to be helthey and 2 snacks a day! this will make your metabolism go a lot faster and you will burn a lot more cal's

3. we all hate 2 but you have 2 exercise not just sit ups you have to get your heart rate up and sweat for a least 1 hour each day!

Do this for one month and youll probs loose around 20 pound and it will stay off unlike crazy diets you really just have to limet your intake.

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