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layla saunders




21 Jul 1994

i live in feltham
i h8 how i look bu im startin 2 live wiv it wiv the help
4rm ma great friends toyah zoya amanda and kiren
luvin ma skwl friends
and every1 out there
email is [email protected]

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me_livin_lyf asked:

24 Mar 2009

how can i make my self look older i hate looking so young

im 14 and i look about 12 i hate it i just want 2 look older how can i do this i wear mascara and a bit of make up

how can i make myself look older eg wah clothes make up and accessorise

and please dont say that i shouldnt want to look older people want 2 look younger and i will inthe future thats all they said when i put a question on yahoo :(



babyblue says:

Posted on 24 Mar 2009

ha,i actually was gunna say that but then again im 14 too:P

with makeup i guess you could make it a bit dramatic working up the eyes with black liner pencil on bottom and liquid on top with mascara on lashes.

i would overdue the rest of the face.

clothes, buy clothes that are more modern and that like a young adult would wear

check stores like fairweather,le chateau,costa blanca etc


anneey says:

Posted on 24 Mar 2009

Im the same age as you then, but actually i reckon i act waaay older

Just take on a slighty more mature style, like late teens, act older, dress older, make an individual style for yourself, and yeah wear abit of makeup but wear it well. You wont look older if you dont know how to apply makeup properly :]



violet90210 says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2009

well, get a new look, u kno mature, but not sluty. an PLEASE dont make those mistakes like miley cyrus where she does stupid things 2 be older an gettin a 21 year old boyfriend, PLEASE dont. an wear sum simple makeup and a little mascara an finish off wit a glossy gurlie lipgloss.

good luck :)


emmzeee says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2009

For starters make sure you know how to do make up.

if you dont know how to do make up properly you will just look silly. But yes, i wouldnt use any eye shadow i would ust use simple black on top and bottom eye, with black mascara. if you wear lipgloss sometimes see through lipgloss looks better cause it seems a little less fake and still gives a nice lush colour and shine. Use foundation and maybe a little blush so your not all one colour. as for clothes make is something you are comfortable in, possibly denim shorts and whateva type of shirts you are into tthat isnt a big deal, but wear less pink and more black also that will help. as for accesories always wear earings, and something on your rist. necklaces and rings are optional.


naailvarnish says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2009

Well, if you want to look older, try wearing loop earings, they make you look more sophisticated. Also wearing some foundation, can some times make you look older. But dont wear this unless you know how to put it on properly.

And i know you said not to talk about looking older, but your lucky. If you look young now, that probably means when you get older say to 50 ? you'll probably look 40. (:


leask says:

Posted on 26 Mar 2009

Okay, well maybe change your haircut. But just don't change you. If you get a more sophisticated hairstyle it'll give you more of an edge and make you look older. Make-up wise, don't slap it on. Make sure you get the correct tone for your skin colour for fondationa dn powder fondation. Blend it into your neckline (so you don't have any streaks across your face where the neck and the face join). Add some blusher on, but smile as you do it so you get the apple of your cheeks done correctly. make sure it is lighhtly done though so you don't turn out like a clown. Then gently smudge it in. Finally add powder fondation so it set the make-up all together. Get a mascara that gives you full volume to your eyelashes. Then slick some eyeliner on. Then for the finish put some natural or clear lipgloss onto your lips and keep them moisturised so you don't get dry lips. But stay true to yourself like I said. I know you don't want to hear this but growing up isn't what it seems, but I see where yourc ooming from. The fun part of this is that you get to experiment with make-up and get yourself comfortable with it. Good Luck and Have Fun:thumbup:


ana_stripes says:

Posted on 04 Apr 2009

For one, a new sophisticated hair cut helps a LOT. But start shopping in teen stores, that have clothing that looks older than kid departments. Try new makeup techniques. Like liquid eyeliner, or foundation. Hope this helps :)


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 04 Jun 2009

lol im 11, & i look about 15- or so people say.

i have teen boys whistling at me or staring wherver i go, thinking obv im their age =/

& theyr in for a big surprise when they find out im 11 :/

but yeah, if you wanna look older

try like.. act more mature

& yeah, wear make up alot

& as for clothes, try wear shorter clothes

that usually gives a grownup look

dont go too short though, people might think your a slut

like, try them mini shorts wid the black thin tights, & one of them tops without the sleeves

& yeah, if your flatchested, get a padded bra . boobs make you look older




miss_harrison says:

Posted on 20 Jul 2009

1) Hair - thick hair can make you look younger especially if it is long so having it thinned out and styled at the hairdresser is a good plan. Also adding high/low lights can help. OTT hair accessories look childish too like big bobbles with flowers on or brightly coloured clips. Try to stick to black and white accessories to keep it simple.

2) Make up - Too much make-up makes you look like you don't know what your doing so a bit of eyeliner/mascara is good and if you need it, foundation and cover-up (spots make you look younger). Brightly coloured eyeshadow is not a good idea, if you want to wear eyeshadow on a normal day stick to pale and pastel shades and do not apply too heavily. A nice lipgloss is good, darker lips make you look older so go for either a transparent gloss or a pink solour 1 shade darker than your natural lip colour.

3) Clothes - Heels are a good start they make you appear taller and more sophisticated, shorter clothes is not a good idea, try some nice jeans which arent too straight or too flared with a lose belt to accessorize and a sophisticated top. Stuff like layering shorts on top of tights does tend to make you look a bit older wheeas having the confidence to show off a bit of flesh makes you seem more mature. Never show too much flesh at once (looks desperate) either cleavage or stomach or legs. If you don't have massive boobs a lightly paddedbra can help but dont go ott because you will look unproportionate. Underwear like thongs and french knickers will help too.

4) Accessories - Hoop earings do make you look older, a decent handbag and purse etc.. As well as this you may want to consider piercings, just a few like belly button and maybe the top of your ear but don't go overboard. Things like sweatbands and those gummy bracelets are childish, if you want to wear jewellery try a simple ring, bracelet or necklace. Anything with Disney or cartoon characters on is a bad idea too!

5) Act mature - Girls who hang around in big groups and giggle and mess around in shops and stuff just look stupid so try to act more grown up when you are with your friends. I wouldn't reccomend smoking cos when you see a young looking person smoking it just looks a bit idiotic rather than grown-up. Also if you have a boyfriend, clinging on o each other and being all over each other in public is not cool, it makes you look like a couple of litle kids. Just holding hands and an occasional kiss is enough to show your affection and let people know you are together.

Other things include getting a job so you got your own money, using a cashpoint with a bank card looks way more mature than asking your parents for a fiver. When eating out try to order something a bit more sophisticated (NOT a happy meal! lol). If you've got no ID and your headed for a place that always checks, don't bother, you will just get turned away and feel embarrased and bad because everyone who is old enough will get irritated by you, just know your limits. Alcohol is another big one, knowing how much to have requires maturity, so don't drink til you puke, getting tipsy and having a laugh is way cooler than being so trashed you can't even walk. When it comes to guys being able to hold your own is great. Say no if you dont want to do something and never chase them, if a guy wants to be with you then he can prove it! chasing guys is a big turn off!

I really hope this helps. At the end of the day the one thing that makes you look older is the way you act, if you act sophisticated and responsibly then you are bound to look more mature!

For tips on how to look older check out the film Thirteen, all those girls are only 15 but look about 20 (i would't reccomend copying their behaviour tho)

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