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23 Feb 1994

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matson asked:

20 Sep 2009

Love... whats with me??

ive tried being in relationsips wif guys.. but as soon as im in them i want out! i dunno why i feel like this.. but i just dont like them! i like being wif guys... i liek kissing them and cuddling n hugs and stuff... and dating and stuff like that.. but i am just not into the whole couple thing.. ive been out wif guys and when they say: would u like to be my girlfriend? i feel sick to my stomach just hearing the word... when im single i want a bf.. but when i have one.. it doesnt feel right and i want out.. is it just that i havent found the right guy yet? or am i just not into boys at all? its been bothering mee... :(



auri says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

yeah your just a bit confused as to what you want in a relationship.

Once you've found the right guy, you'll stick with him =)

As for the dating boys part, i would just get to know someone and then maybe hang out then dating them so you know you like them. Some girls in my school think girls who date a lot of ppl are sluts, although theyre not because your just trying to find your knight in shining armour. lol just go with the flow...even if you dont till your a little older you'll stop eventually.

Good Luck =)



gee_jade says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

i think you're still a bit immature and is kinda curious at this stage. but i agree with auri, you'll soon find the right guy ^_^ don't rush things girl let them come to you lol good luck!!! ^_^


hanlou says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

You like the chase but you dont like actually having a boyfriend. Before you have a boyfriend its exciting and new but as soon as you have one there is no fun in it, its like what do i do now.

I wouldnt say you was immature i would say you are experimenting which is normal.


unefille says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

I agree with HanLou. You're just exspieramenting. How old are you anyway?


ctl888 says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

Maybe you are just saying yes to them just to please them. maybe you should raise your standards a little and not give in to the guy and wait. Be a little bit picky. Dating is fine... but if you know yourself and know that you really do not want a bf then tell the guys that you are dating that you are not ready for a relationship right now. Then just wait till you find the right guy... someone that you just don't want to get rid of right when you say yes.


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

i agree with the other

1st u are just unshure or scared??

2nd maybe they are not the right person

3rd maybe u are not ready to have a sirious relationship

just wait it will come to u


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

OMGG THATS EXACTLY MY PROBLEM. i thought i was the only one..

see thing is, i just like the chase. Like Hanlou said. Before theyr ma bf, i relle want them and basicaaly i just enjoy watching them fall for me. when they DO ask me out, i feel sick, like you said you do. and yeah i get what ya mean.. i just wnna hug and kiss em and just have a little fun.. but the whole couple things a little heavy for me. wow we're similar in that. i think we're just not ready yet? well im not.

i just want a lil fun but nothing too heavy. i once accidently got myself in a relationship thingy, and i started feelin ded caged up inside and wanted to be free again but it was hard to get out cos he was too deep in. we wernt relle going out but blah.. the point is, iv the same thing. i guess you should stay single for a while and go on a few dates. those boys that call you their gf and you feel sick, they just arnt for you. you'll know when the right one comes along, trust me. for now just have funn.



bethanyjl says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

I feel that way too at times! I feel trapped most of the time and then alone when i dont have a man. I think its jsut cause we haven't found the right guy yet


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 22 Sep 2009

very normal, you should not date until you feel ready and want to! You should just enjoy life right now and when you are ready and you find someone you really like you will enjoy dating them-even if it's different than normal kind of dating you arent liking right now


blondie_91 says:

Posted on 23 Sep 2009

sounds like cold feet to me? you want in then you don't..perfectly normal i've been through the same thing. You want a bf so bad and you finally get one and your just like over this or i can't do it :(

i think its just insecurity with yourself and you dont feel comfortable being in your own relationship. maybe just wait it out you may just not be ready for dating :)


hanlou says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

this is how i was too lol untill i was 15


ctl888 says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

Haha, that is too funny. When they ask you out, then you feel sick! Haha love it.


matson says:

Posted on 21 Sep 2009


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