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23 Feb 1994

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matson asked:

24 Sep 2009

help me open up

whenever i sign in on msn.. nobody talks to me.. i start convos and i ask simple questions like hello, hru? how was ur day? watchu do this weekend.. i get replys.. but i never get into really good conversatins with anyone.... maybe they think im annoying or sumthng.. i have told myself that i am going to change.. personality wise... not just for everyone elses benefits.. but mostly for me.. any ideas how i should change... and i know people always say just be urself..and if everyone doesnt like u.. they arent worth it.. but i have lost alot ov frends in the past... and my when i tell my mum she started sayign taht maybe it isnt them who are the problem....maybe its you..

i want to be like everyone else... i want people to like me.. coz at the moment.. people dont like me.. especially not enough to talk to me..



midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 24 Sep 2009

LOL I used to have the same problem :). But i'v found some cool people with same interests as mine. Like, just try asking them what their fave music is (That usually is a big opener for me. some guy iv never talked to before (well i did once or twice, he used to be in my old school but that was 3 years ago).. well on msn i started the music topic and for half an hour we were swapping youtube videos :') so yeah.. sometimes when im busy i dont reply to people much either. If they ask me 'wuu2' i just say 'nm u' . Just cos they dont talk much dont mean they dont like you. They're probs just busy. So dont bother with questions like 'u ok' (cos you know theyr gonna say yes. well most people do) or 'wuu2' (common answer will be 'nm jc u?') . So ask something which you KNOW will interest them. You dont have to have alot of friends yahno. I have alot of people on msn and I only have good convos with closest people to me. And even then the convo dies sometime. (:



kimz says:

Posted on 24 Sep 2009

i had the same problem but mine is worst trust me i didnt have that many friends at all last time and i was alone most of the times.... there were people i think hated me just because i was not so open like them because i wasthe quiet shy type then... but now i told myself change for the better of me... it took some time and now i've got more friends and they are great...they take me as i am and understand me too... i just needed to talk more because being quiet is not getting me anywhere i've suffered long enough... im sure u can change for the better too :) good luck ! xx


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 24 Sep 2009

i had the same problem but i didn't change i stayed myself becsause i dont care what people think of me and now i have friends they accepted me for who i am


but that was not ur Q

be nicer i guess have a little additude

most people hate girly girl

(well, i am kinda one so what the heck??)

that is all

u cany change in a sec it will take a long time

because u have to change many thinks so people like you

but not everyone can ever like u as who you are

u will be always diffrent

and that is a good think

everyone is diffrent in this world]and that is good right??

(man i sound like a prist)


well have a good change i guess




little_miss_sunshine says:

Posted on 24 Sep 2009

To answer your question you could say - oh remember what happened in class?that was sooo funny or did you hear about... something gossipy normally opens people up and you'll be chatting for ages.

However you don't want to bug people. If people are not giving you proper answers then take the message and stop being so chatty until they are chatty to you. Also let people come to you and if no-one does then just wait til next time your on the computer and then start a convo. Don't be the person who ALWAYS starts a convo.

Also if you haven't manhy friends then join clubs outside of school AND inside of school to find people who share your instrests. It will take a while - but the important thing is not to show off or try to be someone else - but always be yourself. That way you will find true friends.

Good luck and ask people if you can be partners with them in class and stuff but not always the same people - if you want to get into a gang then maybe in a week ask them all individually to sit with you for a lesson each day.E.g - monday lesson1, megan tuesday lesson 1, pheobe, wednesday lesson 5 mary etc - you get what I mean? Don't ask them like this though - monday lesson 1, megan lesson 2 mary lesson 3 pheobe cus people will get a bit creeped so just ease yourself into it and ask if you can hang around with them at break occasionally. Just little things like that make all the difference xxx


barbipixi says:

Posted on 25 Sep 2009

being friendly is a start but you have to be really interested in them too.

but really it's hard at your age as well cause kids like to gang up and only be friends with certain people so really it may not be you it really could just be your age.

just keep trying that's all you can really do. keep being nice and keep smiling, make a joke when you can and have fun with it.

i used to LOVE getting on chatrooms and i made somany friends on there that liked to be crazy and pretend we were role playing

we would "go on the chocolate adventure!!!!!"

"what chocolate adventure"

"this one!!!!" smashes choco pie IN YOUR FACE!!!!

it's easy it's addictive and it's yummy lol


blondie_91 says:

Posted on 25 Sep 2009

to start a great convo you have to be like "in" it if you get what i mean? you gotta be interested in talking to the people who are on your msn list its not that your annoying you just gotta open up a little more be a little adventurous with convo's. dont bitch/complain or whinge to people on msn keep it a cool casual chat ask about the latest fashions with girls and ask the boys what type of music/sport their into. then it will be so much easier


chelsea3ann says:

Posted on 11 Oct 2009

Ive learned in life the less you care...the more they do. f 'd up world huh?


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 14 Oct 2009

you gotta make them wanna talk to you. dont be needy or act like you want them to like you too much.


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 14 Oct 2009

that is very true-its all abou the chase.

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