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23 Feb 1994

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matson asked:

18 Sep 2009


my life is weird;

- i never compliment people for some reason idk why ( but someone bitched about me saying 'omg why dosnt she ever compliment us?' )

- i never smile ( i hav no idea why.. its been like taht for years )

- ive only ever had one serious bf and gone on dates but never second dates..

- i have gotten teased all my life for the stupidest reasons and i am sick of it, my friends wont back me up coz they dont want to be on my side again the 'popular people' coz they think they will lose there rep and never be popular

- i always have fights with my mum

- i am close to getting fired from my job coz they say i never smile and look like i am really sad all teh time.

- the last time i was enjoying my life was when i was 8.. and that was 7 years ago..

- i am addicted to food ~ chocolate and takeaway are my callings (which is why i am chubby)

- i have spent my life looking at other poples lives.. why are they so happy and hav it all

- is it possibly i can ever be happy?



crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

no u will be happy


before i was also like never smiling

but now i smile about everything

u will be happy

i am shure of that complitly

u will find a boy and he will make u laungh all the time

try to smile

try to think of a joke from time to time

hope u will be happy




ctl888 says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

it seems that you know what the issue is... why don't you try to take steps to change things little by litte. don't just sit back and feel sorry for yourself, take some action and change things in your life. if you do not want to loose your job, then do what is needed to be done ( try to smile a little bit more, even if you are faking it. when you are at work you have to be professional.... its work!) you will have to leave your problems at home and do not bring your issues to work. sorry to sound harsh but your boss will not keep warning you.... because you are replaceable.. your boss will not place his business in jeopardy.

People usually like to be around positive people... it is okay to have your off days. but if you are constantly sad and depressing and bring others down with you... then they may not want to be around you that much. People can feel and feed off positive and negative energy. Complimenting people is just a nice gesture. it is a positive feeling that you can give others. like you are sharing a positive feeling. You do not have to do it all the time.... but try to throw one out every once in a while and you may start receiving them as well and it might make you feel good.. at least make your day and maybe give a little smile.


hanlou says:

Posted on 18 Sep 2009

You dont have to compliment people i am not one of them people who are like 'oh my god you are so pretty!!! You look so nice i that!!! ' I just feel so stupid saying it. Its not my personality. I hate people complimenting me i feel embarressed and i feel like they want something.I am just not a girly girl. So dont worry about that bit.

You tell me one girl nwho is not addicted to chocolate and junk food its in our genes. We like it because of our hormones.

I agree you dont have to go around smiling, but at work you must smile at people its part of the job. Once i got fired because i always shrug my shoulders. wiered!!!!

Popular people never end up being anything because all they care about iss boys and what they look like. They dont get the grades.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 19 Sep 2009

it will make a better surroundings if you can make an effort to be nice to people

i don't go running across the mall to help a stranger.

but people i know and work with i'll try talking to them about something i was ever wondering. like if they have pretty hair i'll ask where they had it done or if the color is natural cause it's so pretty.

you don't have to go over the top to make a compliment and make someone smile. and smiles are catching.

also life gets easier as you get older and are able to handel yourself.

but i do believe good things happen to good people. so you just need to try and be a nice person. even if you see someone who drops their books, try and help them get it together.

if you see a picture of someone on myspace or here even and you think their pic is cute leave them a comment letting them know how you feel about it.

that's a start to opening up to your feelings because it's good to be able to communicate the good feelings you have toward others and it opens that door for them to do the same.

i'm sure if someone started talking to you first and was very nice you would try to do the same back. it all starts somewhere it just depends if you're able to actually make that first effort then it's all down hill

i'm a very happy, optimistic person. i've had bad horrible times and i just keep looking for the good in those situations. and if not for them i wouldn't be here and i wouldn't be me. and trust me i've been through really BAD things : P


ahroarah says:

Posted on 27 Sep 2009

the only thing i have to say about this, and granted, its probably mean, so excuse me beforehand.

stop feeling sorry for yourself and be happy. you're going through a typical "im a teenager phase" just about every teenager goes through this. some harder than others. you are trying to find your place in the world, and not having a reliable set of friends is screwing your searching up. so, open up and put yourself out there. if your depression is going further into your life, such as affecting your diet, your everyday relationships to a higher point, and/or causing severe mental distress, you need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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