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I'm a newbie :)

16 Mar 1991


I'm mariel. I'm 20, 5'7 in height and 103 lbs which was weighed 3 months ago. I have no idea what weight I have now. I'm not anorexic.

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mariel91 asked:

16 Jul 2011

Can I be a model?

I'm already 20 and this was the only time I asked myself about it. Do I have a chance? I'm 5'7 and weighs about 103 lbs, last time I checked 3 months ago. Is it still possible to grow 2 more inches? Any answer would be great.



lpurplefashion says:

Posted on 16 Jul 2011

listen to ur heart and then decide if you want to be model you can and guess you are perfect to be a model


silence_ says:

Posted on 16 Jul 2011

There's more than one type of model/modelling.
Usually femme stop growing by the age of 18. Men , even later, since their growth spurts usually occur later in their teenage years.

I'm not quite sure how much research you have done, but

Fashion modeling We've all seen them in Vogue. They're tall, skinny, glamorous and, most of the time, elegant. The girls who look like they're made of skin and air, we know those girls. If you want to be a fashion model, to wear couture and have avante garde hair and makeup all the time, here's the skinny (har. HAR! See what I did there?!)
Height: 5'7", but these days, that's cutting it close. Most major agencies want girls with a minimum height of 5'8" these days.
Size: Size 0, 2, or 4 for standard fashion modeling, plus size models need to wear a size 10 and up, but you MUST be proportional. You can't just be a size 10, you have to be a fit, attractive size 10.
Age: Many agencies require that their girls and boys be at least 16 years old, and no older than 22.
Other: with very few exceptions, girls looking to do serious fashion and runway work must be free of tattoos and piercings. Why? Because they can be distracting. I'm sure your tattoo is awesome, but Mr. Bigshot Photographer isn't going to care, he's going to find a girl with no ink and no metal because it's easier to work with. You also MUST have a natural hair color. Natural hair colors don't prove as much of a problem when you're trying to show off clothing or jewelry, because there's not so much of a palette to become distracted by, or to provide a color clash. Fashion modeling is not a big money-maker, unless you happen to get lucky and become a large name in the industry. Commercial modeling is the real money-maker.

Commercial modeling Commercial models are the sort of people who tend to get overlooked by the general public. We see them in our advertisements for food, insurance, cars, toys, medicine, real estate, and everything else on the market. Commercial models do, well, commercials. Ever seen a magazine ad with a seemingly normal-looking person? They're more than likely a commercial model.
Height: Commercial modeling has way fewer restrictions than fashion modeling, simply because they always need people of all shapes and sizes.
Size: As said above, since all different ads are looking for many different people, there's no set requirement on what size you have to be. Some ads will be casting for a size 0 model whereas others may be looking for somebody with a size 8.
Age: There are fewer age requirements, if any, as models of all ages are needed for all demographics.
Other: Like in fashion modeling, most commercial work is looking to find people with no piercings, tattoos, or odd hair colors. In some cases, they'll make an exception, especially since most commercial modeling requires regular clothing, as opposed to some couture gown with a weird back. But for the most part, it helps your case to be unmarked and relatively normal looking.

Glamour modeling Playboy, anyone? Big boobs, tan skin, big smiles, and faces that say "fuck me", this is glamour modeling. It's about sex appeal, sex appeal, sex appeal and, oh, sex appeal. It doesn't matter what size your tits are, or how big your ass is, it matters that you can get men (or women) to want you.
Height: Unlike commercial and fashion modeling, there is no set height for glamour modeling. You can be 6'4" or you can be 4'11", sexy has no height limit.
Size: Size can vary. But in the case of glamour modeling, you have got to be trim and in shape, no matter what your natural size is. You can be a sexy size 2, or a sexy size 10, that has nothing to do with anything.
Age: Most glamour modeling requires that you be 18, in the US at least, the legal age.
Other: Glamour modeling is ALL about sex. You can't be shy or inhibited, you have to recognize that it's your face and your body that they're after. Think of the girls in Playboy, most of them do have larger breasts, but that doesn't mean that girls with smaller busts are shut out of it at all. You just have to be able to be sexy. This is also a genre where nude modeling is very commonplace. There is a good amount of work for girls in skimpy bikinis and lingerie, but a lot of girls who do glamour modeling will also do nude modeling, but this is not to say erotic modeling. Not all glamour models do penetration/spread work. As a matter of fact, a lot do not. Tattoos and piercings are generally okay in small quantities in glamour modeling.

Alternative modeling the biggest mixed bag in the world of modeling, I daresay. Alternative modeling is the friendly home for all of those modified people. Tattoos, piercings, weird hair colors, scars, burns, whatever it is you've got, alternative modeling has a home for you. Unfortunately, there's not a very solid way to define alternative modeling.
Height: You can be any height you like. Personally, I stand at 5'5", but I know of a very popular model who is 5'0" only, and some are as tall as 6'0".
Size: Again, as long as you can rock it, size is no issue. Alternative models span the range of sizes 0 to 12 and up, again all depending on how well you carry it.
Ag: For some of the more edgy work, people are going to want you to be 18 because of the implications. Otherwise, some alternative models start as young as 15.
Other: It may sound like anybody can be an alternative model, and some people certainly thing that, but not everyone can. Everyone is welcome to TRY, of course, but as in any other field, some people just aren't cut for it. However, alternative modeling has a beauty to it, in that there's no solid definition, so they're always looking for something new. But, the standard definition seems to be "tattooed and pierced". Some girls choose to do nude work, whereas others do not.

So, now we've established that you want to be a model. And for certain genres, there are different steps to take in order to get yourself to success. But here are the general first steps to starting INTERNET modeling.

1. Decide which type(s) of modeling you'd like to do. Think about what you're qualified for, and then think about what it is that you'd enjoy doing.
2. Decide what your limits are. Is nudity a problem for you? Do you not want to entertain the idea of being tied up? If nudity is something you're okay with, how far will you go? Will you allow spread-leg shots (spreads)? Or just basic frontal nudity. Or will you only do implied nudity, shots that give the illusion that you're naked, wether you are naked on set or not.
3. Get some snapshots taken. When you have no portfolio, it's important to portray yourself to future clients/photographers. Have a friend, or family member, take some pictures of you in a swimsuit or in your bra and underwear, wear little or no makeup. Since essentially your face and body must serve as a blank canvas on which they will reconstruct with makeup and document in photographs. Take a picture from the front, the side and from 3/4ths, all full-body. Then take the same shots from the waist up. Then take a picture of your face, straight on, and then a picture of your face, profile. This will allow a clear view of your face and body.
4. Sign up on a site like ModelMayhem, OneModelPlace or ModelInsider. These websites allow you a basic place to start your portfolio. Make sure to be HONEST about your age, measurements and height. These are important. It will not reflect well on you if you show up and are different than you displayed yourself to be.
5. Look at castings in your area on these websites, and apply for the ones that you're qualified for, and the ones you would feel comfortable doing.
6. Look at any and all work offers that you receive. Be sure to ask how long you will be there, what the expected compensation is, and what will be required of you.
7. Set up a shoot, maybe two, to see how much you like it. Since these will be your first shoots, don't expect the best quality work in the world. You're new, you can't be to picky. Eventually, as you get better, you'll attract better and better work and your portfolio will improve. Alternatively, you can pay a good photographer in your area to jump-start your portfolio.
8. Most starting photographers will do TFP/TFCD in which you give them your time, and they will give you prints or the CD of the prints as a deal. Do not expect to get paid soon, chances are you'll have to spend a bit before getting paid.

+Practice a basic hair and makeup look. You should be able to cobble something together. For me, it's straightened hair and a plain makeup face. For you, it could be whatever you can do with your hair. The better you are at hair and makeup, the more useful you are on your own.
For basic makeup, the bare bone, I recommend:
-Foundation and powder to cut down glare.
-Eyeliner and mascara to enhance the eyes.
-Blush to accentuate your cheekbones.

+Practice posing in the mirror. It sounds stupid, but it's VERY important. If all that you can do in front of the camera is stand, you'll be out of luck VERY quickly.
-Find the most flattering angles for your body. Be honest with yourself about 'trouble areas', for me it's my stomach and my chin. I have a very small chin, so it's easy for me to get a double-chin if I tip my head down too far. Find ways to disguise those areas by way of bending, stretching, elongating, etc. Whatever it might be to make you look as good as possible.
-Practice a few expressions. The same face in every shot, like the efagz, gets VERY unflattering and boring over time. It doesn't have to be anything totally over-the-top, but make sure you have a few flattering ways to mix up your facial features.
-See what you can do with your hands. Arms and hands can be very awkward to work with, but if you work with yourself in the mirror enough, you'll start to find variations of things that make you look flattering, but interesting at the same time.

+Look at your wardrobe. Wardrobe can make or break a shoot. Try to get a few basic pieces that you can switch up and mix around as time passes. When I first started, I just used my regular clothes and tried to make it work. Now, I have a few pieces that are specially relegated to being worn in shoots, simply because they're a little "too much" for me to wear down the street on a normal day.
Bear in mind that cute clothes don't always equal shoot clothes. Sometimes, you may find a use for that totally adorable skirt, but a lot of the times, your normal wardrobe may not make it in a shoot. The big exception being lingerie. Lingerie can be worn for any lingerie shoot, as most lingerie is, well, lingerie. Swimwear is the same thing.
Here's a few ways to build your wardrobe:
-Check out marketplaces on the sites I mentioned above. Lots of models will sell their wardrobe for discounted prices. It may be discouraging to wear something that someone else has already worn, but it's a way to develop some pieces that photograph well.
-Team up with a wardrobe stylist from time to time. These people tend to have a very varied collection of clothes in varied sizes, so see who in your area has a style that matches you and your shoots.
-Raid thrift stores. Thrift stores can be so hit or miss, but sometimes you'll find something really unique that you just can't pass up, and it may be your lucky day to wear it during shoots.
-Swap clothes with your friends. Some of my friends have some pretty unique wardrobe that I've managed to either swap for or borrow. Some sellers on forums will also consider trades, so try your luck!

I'd say, if you so wish to do this, it's best to get started now:)
P.S. If you live in the UK area, I know a fantastic photographer by the name of Tracer Ital.
Check him out :

---Bear in mind, these are very loose guidelines for starting, but will give you a good standing point.

In many shoot scenarios for the internet model, you'll find yourself having to arrange for hair, makeup and wardrobe, should the shoot require it. Since the above websites have profiles for these stylists as well, I highly recommend that you reach out to them and see if you can find people willing to work with you. Hair and makeup can make a remarkable difference in shoots. It'll amp up the quality of your appearance, which is key to good pictures. Some shoots, particularly nude shoots, won't always require hair and makeup, at least not elaborately.

If you're looking to do FASHION or COMMERCIAL modeling outside the realm of the internet, through an established agency, the steps are a little different.
1. Find agencies in your area, or within a reasonable commute, and review their guidelines. Eliminate the ones that you aren't qualified for.
2. Take the same snapshots mentioned in step 3 above, and have them ready for submission. Agencies want to see exactly what you look like, not a lot of smoke and mirrors.
3. Submit to the agencies. If possible, use in-person submissions. These days, most major agencies take submissions via the internet.
4. DO NOT CALL THE AGENCIES! This will do nothing for you. If they're interested, they'll call you.
5. Once you are signed to an agency, be aware that this does not guarantee you work. Agencies will usually send you to castings, where you will meet with a client of the agency and they will determine if you are right for them. Sometimes, however, you will be hired directly.
6. Check with your agency's policies to see what they say about you booking work outside of the agency, and what kinds of work they will allow/not allow. Most agencies allow you to do shoots outside of the agency, but very few will tolerate you doing nude work. Be sure to ask them beforehand if you have any questions. It won't do to apologize later.
---This is about all I can tell you about agencies. As I don't qualify for an agency, my knowledge is rather slim.


mariel91 says:

Posted on 16 Jul 2011

Maybe I need to prepare myself first


sjtishrgnd says:

Posted on 18 Jul 2011

You look like Ann from America's next top model! A lot of whether you are able to model or not depends on your attitude.

I think you're beautiful, and that you would have a decent chance.


silence_ says:

Posted on 20 Jul 2011

5'7 should be. You'll be wearing heels after all which will give you the extra height. Did you already build a profile on Modelmayhem, or OneModelPlace or ModelInsider? If so, i'd suggest contacting and asking photographers in your area if they do TFP/TFCD (it's usually best to look through the photographer's portfolio first and see what kind of photos they take, how they usually have the models pose, etc etc. Don't look to be compensated, you are just building a portfolio afterall, it'll come across as nooby if you do.


_yo0t_ says:

Posted on 29 Jul 2011

holy crap i'm 5'7 and i weigh like 129. your so skinny :( so yes you definently would be able to. but height and weight are just a small part of modeling. you have to look good in pictures too. and it depends on your genetics whether or not you grow more.


jasminchan1007 says:

Posted on 16 Oct 2011

uhh isnt that the girl from americas next top model? her name is anne. i dont think thats your real pic!!!


mariel91 says:

Posted on 16 Jul 2011

I'm soon to graduate and I have no idea how to start in modelling.


lpurplefashion says:

Posted on 16 Jul 2011

ohh sweety if you go and study then only you will understand how to do it


mariel91 says:

Posted on 18 Jul 2011

Is 5'7 enough to enter modelling?


mariel91 says:

Posted on 21 Jul 2011

No. I didn't try it yet. I'm a little shy.


sjtishrgnd says:

Posted on 18 Aug 2011

If somebody want's you enough, the height difference won't matter. :)

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