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12 Sep 1996


i don't like photos !

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manssskulll asked:

05 Jan 2010

Japanese/Chinese Make up ? :)

Do you guys have suggestions on cute make up similar to the japanesse/ chinesse on :) ? x Please and thank you



nana_0601 says:

Posted on 05 Jan 2010

This is my forte!! >:D SO i'm not sure what type of makeup they have in i put in the link...and i got a random grocery store....but i do know what's in now.

Japanese Makeup Types:

The Kawaiii Style


Essentially you want to accentuate your eyes. So they're bigger...sometimes they use eye glue to get a double lid...but meh.


Korean (my favourite)

Uhljiang style (means best face)

they seek to look like dolls, errr the eyes again are accentuated, with white eyeliner even. and circle lenses are used as well as false eyelashes. ._."



shysparrow13 says:

Posted on 05 Jan 2010

white foundation powder red lips and neutral eyes; it's all about contrast here. asian cultures take pride in soft, blemish-free, PALE skin and dark hair too, but if you say, have tan skin and light hair then don't stay inside all day and dye your hair black just so you can look korean or chinese. also thick or thin cat-eye style eyeline and bold lips works just as well.

good products/stores:






Rimmel London


barbipixi says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

i love doing 'doll eyes' there is a link in my lists under makeup to a tutorial on youtube


ctl888 says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

I love looking through The japanese fashion makeup and chinese makeup is fun to do. I am not very good with makeup but I do enjoy seeing other girls and watching how they do their makeup. it is so it's an art or something. I do try to brighten my eyes , you can use false lashes or get the doll shaped contact lenses which makes your pupils look more dialated. Which addes to the doll like appearance.


divadelamort says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

Fashion makeup is so so so fun.

The links to other sites are super cute.

Although these aren't "doll" eye techniques I have a few fun things I do for clients.

For patterns and texture, I apply a soft very light colored eyeshadow base to entire eye area, cover entire lid, up into brow area, into the crevice/ inner corner of eye (near nose) then cover the dark under eye area ( where people will get 'bags' under their eyes area)

Then I choose a bright bold high contrast color to use for effects.

Then I will take a piece of lace and spray it with hairspray while its still slightly 'wet' and still sticky I place it carefully onto outter corner of eye.

I hold it in place lightly and apply the bold eye color shade with an airbrush (when I have it, this is prefered easiest, clean precise method) but if I don't have it I use a soft crease or highlight brush to apply (same way you use stencils with paint) then with lace still in place ill set the makeup, depending on how bright I want it and the overall effect I want ill use either regular facial toner, she-laq by benefit or paula dorf transformer to set it.

Once set I remove lace, now you will see the lace texture in the eye shandow!

I call it shadow stenciling.

Other things that look cool are

Fishnets and various versions of similar tights,

And if you have those paper hole punches that make confetti in different shapes you can either use the confetti piece or the paper with missing shape (the negative)

Also simple shape stickers can be placed on skin then place lace or fishnets over face and sticker apply per above instructions, after dry remove sticker now you have a shape intrupting pattern and its so cool.

If you can do airbrush technique then you can play around with tulle, tutu, and mesh fabrics.

Multiple colors can be used, either in a rainbow effect or a color over color effect.

If using color over color don't overlap colors/patterns too much, the pattern will get too messy, lace doesn't work very easily with this tech but fishnets do. Make sure you allow each color to fully dry and be set before layering the next color.

I also do a stamping tech.

Regular rubber stamp, cover it with she-laq stamp area. Then apply eyeshadow you've liquified with paula dorf transformer to stamp, stamp on face carefully remove stamper, let shadow dry completely, seal with she-laq or in a pinch hairspray.

These patterns can be placed anywhere! I also love using a metallic high shine metal color (think gold silver copper) over a bright matte lipstick.

You can't do this with high glossed lips, you'll have to be very careful while setting the shadow with she-laq and lipstick sealer. It won't last whole night, looks cool for photos.

Other fun stuff

The lower lashes fake [email protected]

Shu umera fantasy [email protected]


divadelamort says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

Links (I don't mean to do multiple posts, the rss app on my phone is goofy so it often posts without being told to, or freezes and drops complete post ugh)

Here's some cool fun helpful blahdeblah sites

Above are fun lashes, lowerlashes ect...

Follow links are to items and tools that I think everyone should have, these are things I frequently use.

PD transformer

Make colors bold and more vivid

Same sort of product as pd transformer but I like the felt tip applicator a lot. Works really well for small details and areas.

Love this so much, so handy dandy with both fashion/fantasy makeup apps and everyday snafus

Bright white great clean matte eye liner

Remover marker

Removal pens

There are cheaper versions from revlon and stuff but I specifically use only these, imo this are most effective and easy to use.

She-laq sealer

(Also like the one makeup forever has and macpro)

A sweet starter set of decent brushes, teddybear hair is perfect for a single user and they are a great bargin since they are fairly high quality.

Lipstick primer

I liked the sharpie marker version of stain better but I like this stain as well, I use it on more than just lips.

Duwop lip makeup is amazing, any and all versions of venom, I've got at least 1 of each. I also have the reverse lip liner. (I like the cargo brand reverse lip liner a little bit better but only because I have pale skin and the cargo color is closer to my complexion and lip color.),default,pd.html?start=15&cgid=BE_LIPS

You can use similar products and get same results. Its basically a sticky base and powder applied over top, can be used a million ways and anywhere on body.

A fun version is to use mac or bobby brown creme or gel liners, then use a super soft eyeliner brush to place similar color glitter over the eyeliner. Also any mac pigments can be used this way.

MAC favs....

The blk eyelash adhesive by duo (pro line only! goes on grey but turns black when dried, so in love with this, you Used to have to be a  Mac pro member to purchase this now its available to public)

MacPro items require macpro membership, aka a professional with experience, license and a portfolio. Pros get discounts and access to special product not available to 'public' needless to say this lends itself to being a huge part of my makeup aresenal. Also I'm lucky and live close to a physical Mac store that carries MacPro products. Even if you can't get a pro membership sometimes just seeing items will help you come up with a DIY version as well.

This is a limited but similar all natural version of some of mac pro pigments and mixing mediums, so you can still play even if your not a pro!

Best bright, unusual, exotic colors !

(U can get premade animal prints and other fun eyeshadow 'transfers' and use them as is or do what I do, use hole punches and confetti punches to make a shape then apply, think heart shape with leopard print ect...)

Fun bright (little on translucent side, takes a fair amount to really get the wow going)

I use with this and makeup forevers palette all the time.

I'm in love with this line, seriously in love. I've turned so many people onto this brand that I should be on the board of directors.

Fun endless possibilities in custom eyeshadow colors

Same idea


Cute easy portable don't know if its still available

This is neat stuff, I use a different brand but its a similar system, when I can find the website I order from I will add the link.

I also use ID bare escentuals mood lips palatte, it will slightly change tone of lipstick, so you may have 1 red lipstick but you can alter its tone (make it lighter, more cool toned, darker, warmer toned ect) with any combo of the 8 glosses.

I also use a palette that comes in silver it has like 7 slots, it will lighten or darken any lipstick, also has a highlighter shade, and to top it off you can make shiny lipstick turn into matte, or pealized or glittered/shimmery or take a matte lipstick and turn it glossy.

Also comes with lip sloughing treatment called a prep and a primer.

I use it so much name was been worn away on case, ill look for website for it as well.

Last but not least

Other alternatives to the basic powder, cream, airbrushed makeup options.

For small applications spray on temp. Hair colors can be used. Be really careful when applying, you don't want this in your mouth or eyes. Its basically hairspray with pigments, so its not great for hair or skin. It also has a translucent quality so bright crisp color is difficult.

Kryolan's  brandel color sprays in small cans. 

Opaque fun safe

Magic color from ben nye, body paint, goes on with brush.

Safe fun and easy to use

Deviant brand liquid latex a neat mix of colors

Latex isn't just for the naughty it can be used millions of ways.

Some people use fabric paints on the skin, they are labeled non toxic so I guess its a do it at your own risk type of thing.

Also crayola makes 'tattoo' markers, safe for skin and washoff with soap and water.

This is a ton of links but really worth a look at if not to buy the product to at least get inspiration. Lots of ideas and tips and advice!

Also keep in mind that just because something says its lipstick doesn't mean you have to only use it on your lips. You'll find most makeup items can be used in many "off label" ways. Most make up can be multi-tasked safely. Of course if you choose to repurpose an item in a off label way do some research to make sure its safe first. Use due dilligence often times a blue colored lipstick that is safe near eyes and won't stain skin will be unsafe and will stain in the color red or orange. Proceed with caution and have fun!

P.s. Don't buy the airbrush makeup machine on hsn/qvc and expect it to look as amazing as when you go to salon or professional makeup artist.


divadelamort says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

I forgot one super duper important weapon every girl no matter age or level of makeup skill must have in her aresnal....eye drops, seriously, the ones that 'brighten' the eye, collyre bleu drops, don't get the american version, get the original from France.

Visine whitening are good as well, but the blue drops work better for me and some (not all) of people I recommend to them.

I haven't tried the malvia version so I can't say anything about those.

Having dull or red or yellowed eyes turn bright clean and clear makes a huge difference in how your makeup looks.


manssskulll says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

Thanks :) This is REALLY helpful :D


manssskulll says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

thank you :) x


manssskulll says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010 for the link btw, it didn't come up in my first reply.. ? :P x


manssskulll says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

Thank you :) x


manssskulll says:

Posted on 06 Jan 2010

:) Thanks x


manssskulll says:

Posted on 17 Jan 2010

Thank you for your answers :) Massive help xx

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