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29 Jul 1995

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luwlu_tinydancer_x asked:

20 Sep 2009

whats happening?!

ok so i 14 and i m having alot of moods...i just want to cry and be alone and about a year ago i lost my father and now i m getting really angry because of what happend and i mean my brother tells me go hang out and i just enjoy staying in and watching how i met your mother or listening to music and now winter is coming and this summer i enjoyed it and i was out almost all the time and now i m scared of school cause in the past i had trouble going to school and i m scared i will have trouble again and in the past i had trouble because i hade some problems and home and not much friends but now i t all changed why is this happening i m feeling sad angry and now my mom is not being much around...i m scared i m not taking any jokes i feel like i want to fight with everyone my friends are all liers and my world is pitch dark! pls help i asked my family and they said that its hormone pls tell me what you think i m confused :'(




ctl888 says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

Some of your mood changes can be due to your hormones levels. But have you tried to talk to your school counselor? It might help you to release all this built up anger and rage. then you can go about your normals life. Keep all these feels bottled up is not healthy for you. Or if your mom understands, then ask her if she will take you to a therapist. Sounds kinda wierd but they do help. It just helps to talk to someone that is not biased.


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

I was the same way at your age!! I was blue and mad and hated being around ppl! it was weird but that all slowly changed and i learned to look on the bright side of things and it helps. But i still have my moments. just when it gets overwhelming at school or at home take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can do it! and that these problems aint got nothing on you!:) Oh and find a person you and vent on! it heeeeelps a ton!


barbipixi says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

i think everyone goes through that stage in there life.

i lost my dad when i was 4 and my grandpa when i was in jr high. i don't really remember my dad and i loved my g-pa and i know i was his favorite. i didn't really cry and i guess i've always been the one there for my mom when she's upset. i just think about the upside.

there's no pain where they're at and they're in a better place. they're happy and watching over me. they're never really gone if you can remeber anything or have pictures of happy times of you guys.

and everyone gets scared of being outcast or alone especally in a very social setting like school. it's trying not to let the anxiety's get to you and take over. you have to remember even if not Everyone likes you at lease one will want to be your friend.

just be nice. smile, think positive

i once had a guy from new orleans tell me "good things happen to good people. and you're good people"

it makes me smile


hayley___hamm says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

i probly is hormoes. i have ragin hormones lol. i mean they 4 real spastic!!! i cry all the time. and wen im not crying about random stuf im like dilutional and laughing at stuff that isnt funny at all! haha but yea...... im sory bout ur dad tho hon. and all of us deal with greed in a diff way. maybe mood swings r ur way? idono tho. ask dr phil! :)


jessd says:

Posted on 21 Sep 2009

im kinda the same.. im 13. i never lost anyone like you did, but i have problems at home too.. everyone has problems at school.. my parents have been spilted up seens i was 3. right now i live with my mom and my stepdad every since. but now my dad wants me to move in with him.. i love my dad, but i moved so many timess and im tired of being the new kid..

my dad always tells me to live in the moment... you have to get go of all your troubles with family in the past. focus on whats happening now.. and dont thing about the future.. in the summer i was soo nervous about going to school.. it made my stomach hurt.. but my first day was great.. i didnt know many people becasue it was only my second year meeting everyone.

im the type where, i dont want to hang out with my friends.. so reason i just dont want to, im always the one when i come home from school i go straight to my room.. i dont want to talk to anyone.. its just a teenager thing

school is your escape.. you have your friends, and your away from the problems at home.. just enjoy school ... and maybe true to right in a book about all your feeling so your letting it out..


blondie_91 says:

Posted on 22 Sep 2009

have you possibly spoken to a counsellor about the loss of your father? that may help you. if you trust your mum or brother enough maybe sit down with them and talk to them about how your feeling and such. i know it doesn't sound like a good idea but it feels so good when everything is off your chest until the next day or problem occurs. it kinda sounds like hormones but then it sounds like something may have triggered you to be feeling this way..try herbal teas to try and relax yourself. and just keep smiling because your 14 you have your whole life ahead of you :) sorry know i wasn't much help :(


little_miss_sunshine says:

Posted on 22 Sep 2009

part of it maybe be that your still grieving over your father but not no it. also part of it could be your hormones and also another part of it could be school stresiing ytou out.

all of these things are gonna make you feel pretty damn rotten and all toghether its like wow!

i really feel for you and i think you see a therapist and see if that helps or just have lots of time to chill out or if its better for you then do loads of stuff. Sport can make you feel happier too.

I really hope that you get better and that you are happier soon xxx


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 22 Sep 2009

i am the same

i am sorry about ur dad it is the hormona

and u are not over him(what will take a LONG time)

i never lost somebody

but i get mad at my mother for no reason and i also had problems in school

TRY 2 be nice

(I know it is like sooo shit being nice to people u really dont like)

but it helps people like that (dont ask me why)

i was before like really

i wasn't talking to anyone

i was doing MY think

but now i changed

well, i have friends

that is all what changed and i am a little nicer


now even oys start to like me again


hope it gets better

again sorry for your dad




hayley___hamm says:

Posted on 20 Sep 2009

i ment greef not greed lol that makes no since!

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