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27 Apr 1996

your mom.

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luffylovelou asked:

01 Jun 2009

Fake friends.

My parents constantily fight and spend all of our fvckin money on cigars. My fvcking bedroom wall is rotting and they just go get their cigars and have a couple beers with the neighbours. My brother is a reetard who never leavs me alone and thinks he's cool, but he's not. And he's recently tried to backlash me but he just embarreses himself and now my fraans are all "I ha/te your brother". My so called "best friend" is a backstabber who ALWAYS talks about her family. She sometimes hits me and calls me a whimp when i say Ow. I cant ditch her beacuse she knows too many secrets. We have daily fights. Like.. everyday. About the stupidest things. She never lets me be myself and she always makes me follow her around like some little puppy on a chain. She is a label person and I wanna get a scene haircut and date a sexy emo dude but she's always like "If you do, i'll never talk to you" and she's the only friend i have in my class. (my other ones are in diff. classes.) She gets really p.o.ed at me when i laugh with her or make a joke but everything has to be about her. And now I think that she is gonna ask out my crush she knows I have on some gangstaa guy for like.. ever now.



jessd says:

Posted on 01 Jun 2009

too mee that is not a friend at all. if she was your friend she would not be taking your bf and taking eveything from you. thats wrong. i would be done with her. and don't listen to her. be yourself no matter what and always stick up for yourself, tell her what you really think.. don't be scared of her and you will get the respect you guys should be finish each others sentences and not her talking for the both of you... if you want go scene and get that hot guy.. shes stopping you from life and when you get other your going to regret not doing the stuff you wanted to because your being bossed around.

if i were you i would stick up for myself and tell her what you think.. but try not starting a fight because shee knowss all your secrets.. which sucks at a time like thiss...

hope i help.


samigore says:

Posted on 01 Jun 2009

thats not a friend at all it sounds like she just see's you as a lacky go for the scene hair though! if she were a true friend she would like you no matter what you look like or the way you act!


undeadxprincess says:

Posted on 01 Jun 2009

i agree with jessd, thats not a friend at all. I really think you should just dump her because she sounds like a bi*ch. Who cares what she knows, you need to be yourself. I used to be in a situation just like you, but I dropped her like a sack of potatoes and now I'm me, and I finally love who I am (i went from preppy to well, myself :] it feels great to be who I truly am). If she pinches you and leaves a mark, let someone know, and pinch her back just as hard if not harder, you need to let her know that she cant control your life or tell you what to do, you are your own person and you can date and dress however you want.


jessd says:

Posted on 01 Jun 2009

undeadXprincess hass a greatt point too!


ohhhhhhhhhhashhhhhhhhhhhhh says:

Posted on 01 Jun 2009

obviously shes not a true friend.

you should try talking to other people in your class. even if they 'hate' you, you should prove that you dont care.

they might want to get to know you and you will have more friends so you dont have to depend on the fake friend. you should stick up for yourself too her and tell her NO for once. and you should get your scene hair AND make yourself look super good. THEN get that guy you like so much. you need to stay confident, maybe nothings going right but just remember you'lll get through this. just do good in school and you will go far in life! :thumbup:


if you are having family problems try to calm down and sort them out. idk what you should do, but i know if you stay positive you will fiquire something out.

:) stay clear and dont let your that girl that was yuo freind bother you

when you get tht guy and look super scene and get tonns of friends, THEN she will want to be YOU! and you will have a reason to be able to tell her off. she wont WANT TOO talk about you. because she will be too afraid.

be nice to everyone


kareema says:

Posted on 01 Jun 2009

she definitely is not a friend worth having,i think you should stand up to her,put her in her place. You should tell your (crush) how you feel,and you should always be who you're no one is better than you


barbipixi says:

Posted on 02 Jun 2009

honey you really need to discover who you are and if that means you have only yourself in that class as well i think you'll survive. school is for working anyway right?

you may not be able to change your parents or your friends (who they are at heart) but you can change who you are. you can make choices for yourself and choose your own life. you may be stuck where you are right now but as soon as you can get a job. start making your own life.

don't worry so much about others but about yourself. you want to be a good person but you have to know who disurves your love and attention and who is just in your life but really come after you in the food chain


gee_jade says:

Posted on 02 Jun 2009

you can ditch her..........i know what that feels like coz i also had a "best friend" like that and my life was hell for two whole years. and honey i hate it when that happens to anybody. problem is i didn't have the guts to tell her she's a bitch. you should have those guts. think about this.

you're in school right now with different people. but pretty soon you're gonna live another life. far away from them. and your so called best friend. so when that new life comes, will their statements mean anything to you? will it be important? just be yourself, be who you wanna be, because all that matters is what you think about yourself and how you feel about yourself. when you move on to the finer things in life, what will you do with their opinions? if you're happy about who you are then they don't matter........the people who DON'T have anything against who you are matter and the poeple who do don't matter...................

and as for your family, you need a family copuncil. it's when all of the members talk heart to heart to sort out problems and stuff. all you gotta do is keep your cool and be the referee and the open minded one. and also be the one to broaden their minds as in tell them what the odds and facts are. like what i just told you. tell them that you guys will have better lives when you sort this out and the only thing getting in the way are their prides.

one day you guys will look back in the days and laugh about it. good luck!!! hope i helped!!! ^_^ :D:thumbup:


gee_jade says:

Posted on 02 Jun 2009

the people who DON'T have anything against who you matter and the poeple who do don't matter...................

sorry bout the extra word i was trying my best so my lil bro won't mock what i type


gbpkid says:

Posted on 02 Jun 2009

I aggree with gee_jade.

the people that matter dont mind, and the people that mind dont matter.

dont be worried about loosing a best friend, i've been beaten up because i fell out with my best friend for kinda the same reason.

btw, just hit your 'bro, hahahaha! :)

if youve had a crush on him for ages, dont be bothered weather he knows or not, you never know it could turn into something goood ;D xx


amaay says:

Posted on 02 Jun 2009

i agree with all the belooow. :))b-)

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