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21 Mar 1994

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lovelymicheline911 asked:

04 Oct 2009

How shude I tell my mother??

My boyfriend proposed (if thats how you spell it) to me 2 weeks ago, I told my mother and father and my mother almost died right their but my feonsay/boyfriend wants me to move in with him and I do really bad! And I just do not no how to tell my mother if I shude jsut drop the bom like oh Iam moving out is the middle of Nov. Its not like iam moving far away or anything but she will shill flipp. But I was thinking about because my sister is having her baby in Jan and she is going to be living at home I coud be like " and the baby can have my room" and I know their going to say something about school and how I wont be able to think if I move out but how can I think if their is a crying baby!! Girls I dont no what to say help!



takethistoheart93 says:

Posted on 04 Oct 2009

congratulations to you and your fiance =]

considering your mother seems to be uneasy about the situation, or at least thats what i get from what you wrote, i think you should really talk to her about how much you love your fiancee and that you would appreciate her support and all. Then ask her, not tell, ask her what she thinks if you moved in with him. Respect her answer and opinion. If she agrees well then i'm sure you can go from there but if she doesn't you must respect that its her opinion and she is entitled to it. Possibly discuss the benefits of you two moving in together such as 1) getting to know each other better 2) getting a feel of living together before marriage 3) being independent and learning to be not so dependent on her. You will always be her baby girl so she gonna worry and not want to let you go. If all still does not sit well with her i think you should wait. She's your mother, you only get one. You want her to be comfortable with the decision. Discuss finishing this years school year and then moving out. or something like that. Although your sister is having a baby, the baby is not yours so shouldn't be your responsibility. And try suggesting positive things like the babies room that you mentioned and coming home frequently and calling her every day or something. idk hope i helped.

anyways congratulations once again to you and your fiancee


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

well let me say if you're under 18 and your parent's don't want you to go then the cops can be sent to bring you back. and if you're under 18 and he's over they can even get him arrested for statitory. so parents have to be ok with it

"so mom, dad. i've been thinking and me and boyfriend have been discussing something. i know my sis is going to have a baby here soon and it makes sense to us that maybe you guys can turn my room into a new room for the baby and i should move in with boyfriend since we're going to be getting married anyway.?"

they may say you'll have to be married before you can live together but if they've come to terms with the engagement thing then they'll probly be ok with you moving in

but let me add these two cents:

i believe in at least being engauged and living together for a year or two before you make that commitment of marriage kk


ctl888 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

congrats girl! that is very sweet. How did he propose? I was also wondering how old you were too. How long have you been with your boyfriend? I guess your parents are not taking your very seriously right now... so I am guessing that you might be still in highschool?? sorry if i am wrong. but your parents want the best for you. they do not want you to loose focus on school.. your future... and career. maybe you should ask your mom if you can talk to her privately and tell her how you feel and see if you two can come to a compromise.


nana_0601 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

I quite agree with barbie on this one, you may have known him for years, but when it come to living together, that's quite different. You'll learn things about each other that may end up irritating, bothering, etc you or him, and that'll put stress on any relationship, which will be bad, but then again it could be good, which is why you would want to be engaged and living together, until marriage, which is a honourably a lifetime commitment. With my partner, we're both in uni, but we're going to get an apartment for post-grad, which'll be like living together and quite testing we don't think for a second that it won't be different than just spending a night or a couple of weeks over, it will be, we just have to try to keep the relationship together at that point. As for marriage, we've decided to be stable in jobs, travel a bit, then get married what's th rush really...=)


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

I dont want to sound suspicious or anything but why didn't your bf offer you move in with him before? Why'd he wait till you guys got engaged? cause like ive heard of alot of couples that did that and it turns out the guy just wanted his girl to move in with him cause it was easer and he didnt intend on marrying her for years!!(and im not at all trying to say your mans like this!) know im sounding like a horrible nasty person here but I dunno for some reason its bothering me...


mikiya04 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

she will flip only because she will truly feel like she has lost control somewhere. one daughter is pregnant and the other wants to move out. if she's a traditionalist it will be a problem because she will feel that it's not right to move in with someone and you're not married (not for moral reasons, just because it won't look right). if you think about it she has a right to be cautious, because you are still in school it's a matter of you finishing and not getting side-tracked. no matter how good of a daughter you have been, anyone can be side-tracked. you can definitely bring up the room for the baby, but unless she is willing to listen there won't be a compromise. come to her in a respectful way, not demanding. the question of how old are you is a genuine ques. because the older you are the more understanding she may be. dont go by yourself, have him there too with your mom and dad. giving them reassurance. good luck and congrats.


15addie15 says:

Posted on 09 Oct 2009

first things first.u shouldnt move anywhere with a guy till yur married.

and just tell her that yur moving.she cant stop u.and u can come and visit.


lovelymicheline911 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2009

its because we didn't have the mouny lol. And he worked out of town but now he has a well paying job


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 06 Oct 2009

Oh....that makes more sense.

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