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Catriona H




23 Apr 1997


I am from England, and I'm at secondary school... I have a brother and I live with my mum aand my dad, i have two cats who are verrrry cute :) I love dance, horse-riding and shopping, i am in love with fashion, which is a shame really because I don't reeeally have enough money More saduisahduiash dsau

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little_miss_sunshine asked:

04 Jun 2010

Hair on Legs... I\'m Confused

I have really fair and fine hair on my legs, but recently I've been feeling self concious about it recently, so I have bought some hair removing cream but I don't know whether I want to use it. I know that when the hair grows back it will be darker and thicker so I don't want to regret it. Obvoiusly once I've started getting rid of the hair I will carry on doing so but I don't know whter I will regret starting. What shall I dooooooo? :) If I do do it then I'll probably use the cream. My mum doesn't think I NEED to do it but she can understand how I feel like on the beach with my friends or in p.e, it just makes my legs feel really hairy. I bought some hair removing cream yesterday and I tried a test patch and I'm kinda thinking that I will start because I'm gonna have to start someday, right?

Thank you for all of your help and advice though, it has really helped me :D



barbipixi says:

Posted on 06 Jun 2010

i totally agree with mizunohi i've been shaving my legs for a long time and also my arms.

and yes i know for a fact that the hair you have at the base of your hairs NOW is the hair growth your body is making at this moment as you grow older and your body changes the hair will naturally become a lil more thicker and darker but as i said that will happen when your body wants it to not because you started shaving early. if you started shaving early it's because that time is coming and you can tell it's time.

the hair on my arms is still extremely light and very soft i just shave it cause i like the feel of hair free arms and also i had a friend that looked like they had monkey arms and it gave me a lil complex when i was younger lol

but as i said i've never had a issue. but i will say that my friend has sensitve skin and if she uses the cream near the upper thighs she breaks out like crazy

and i would suggest if you shave that area always go in the SAME DIRECTION AS THE HAIR. on your legs go backwards but at the top it's safer to not get razor burn by going with the grain or sideways not backwards


mizunohi says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2010

Don't be fooled! It's just a myth that the creams make your hair grow back darker. Although it may seem darker the first few times you use it, thats just naturally how your hair would have thickened and darkened. Also, it may seem darker when you become accustomed to smooth legs.

From personal experience I have enjoyed using creams and razors. I used a cream for many years but had to stop when I started working at a pool (the chemicals were too much and my skin was getting damaged - so watch out for that!). Over a long time they actually reduced the amount of hair on my legs and made it much finer. This is due to the harsh chemicals damaging your hair follicles.

A couple helpful tips:

- use hydrogen peroxide or some rubbing alcohol over your legs if you notice you tend to get "razor burn" (it can happen from the creams too!) or ingrown hairs

- use aloe vera if your skin becomes very irritated, but only a thin layer so you don't clog your pores

- DO NOT go swimming for at least 12-24 hours after removing hair (you can shower and get them wet, just no chlorine :P)

- moisturize a few hours after removing hair (not right away) to help repair your skin and make your legs look even better!

I hope this helped :D


shadyca says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2010

well, I'm one of those lucky girls that don't have problesm with hairs-thy're very light, fair and hardly any. but I couldn't stand wearing shorts or going to the beach with even those 4 hairs on my legs. I strted off with normal razor shaving like probably every other girl. now, this is the part when it depends on your skin type-if your skin is dry-don't shave. shaving will just dry your skin out (more than it normally is). so, since my skin is awfully dry, I dropped shaving and bought my self this creme. it was good but the smell was awful (chemicals ahhh~). and it turned out the same as shaving (I mean on the growing hair back). so it was okay for my skin, it wasn't so dry anymore, but than I found myself really mild waxing products based on honey and whole nature thingy. okay, those dry my skin too, BUT, I'm free for a month, so I turned out the best cause my skin was dry first few days but then I don't have to wax it for another month (it also depends on speed your hair is growing). I would suggest to start off with that creme you bought and with time you'll se if you like it. if not, you have plenty of time in life to try shaving products. good luck with it! (:


ninja_nikki says:

Posted on 04 Jun 2010

Ugh...being a girl comes with a high price! I used hair removing cream and it worked the first time, but after that it worked like crap. don't Shaving is the only thing I do and it is a pain in the a$$. If your leg hair is not that bad at all then even mess with it. There are also other alternatives. Example they have electric shaving things that remove the hair from the root. It grows back ALOT slower, but they can cost a fortune. Waxing your legs is painful,but it also grows back alot slower. I just do shaving, because it's the easiest think pain wise. But again it is a pain when it grows back. Good luck! XOXO :)


juicystar07 says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2010

some creams don't make the hair grow back thicker and darker than before. look on the back of the bottle before buying it. i prefer shaving since it is so easy and cheap. shaving is actually good for your skin because it exfoliates the dead cells off, as well as cutting the hairs.

in your case, if your leg is hair is fine, you shouldn't do anything right now. just wait for it to become darker and then start to shave, wax or use the cream. do what your mom or trusted grown-up woman thinks is best for you. of course, you will have the final say say, since it IS your body.


xkatzyxfairyxdollx says:

Posted on 04 Jun 2010

well.....if your legs aren't that hairy, then I'd leave it alone.. Its hard to tell if you have haiy legs at times( Unless people have really bad hairy legs D;) I thought my legs were hairy and I asked my mom and stuff and they said they couldn't notice.Hair removal cream keeps the hair from growing so fast...shaving is super annoying..and it grows super quick and it does get prickly when its starting to grow..ahh its annoying.My cousin has VERY prickly legs due to the fact that she shaved since she was like..10. Plus razor Bumps D;<

I heard its when you shave that the hair grow thicker, but not so much with waxing.And if you were to wax slows down.


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 04 Jun 2010

I don't really like all those hair removing creams just because your hair grows back a lot darker and stuff... But if you do it regular-y it should be good.... Consult with your mom if you're younger..... But if u don't wanna use the creme you can still wax or shave your legs....


ninja_nikki says:

Posted on 05 Jun 2010

Then *dont even mess with it.

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