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Monica De La Rosa




16 Nov 1991

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lemon asked:

28 Jun 2009

second chance???

well girlies i started goin to this school and i met these 2 guys there that ive had crushes on but i barely got to kno the other one cuz he was too shy and he didnt live at the school like i did and the other one i got to kno cuz he was a resident like me so we got to kno each other more and i rushed into going out with him...well anyways that guy broke up with me and the next day my friends brought the shy guy over to my table at breakfast and we started talkin and stuff and then he started to stay after school to hang out with me and he would go home round 9 at night walkin and he was such a gentlemen holding doors for me and stuff ya kno then one day we were walkin to the store and he told me he liked me and i told him idk cuz he has a kid and the last time i got involved with a guy who had a kid it didnt turn out great so i told him i wanted to wait to kno him more cuz he was still too shy so we waited and then that wknd we went to the movies and i drank later that night so he asked me if this meant we were together now and i said of course so thats when we started datin and he was still a little shy but more outgoin than usual so then that fri of that week he started showin more and more and the next day we were gonna go to the movies again but decided not to cuz no money but it didnt matter as long as i stayed with him so we hung out at my school then left and just walked round the neighborhood then we started makin out and things heated up but we didnt do anythin it was just the feeling of it then he left cuz i had curfew and i didnt see him the next day then on mon. at school he kept avoidin me and i didnt understand why so i was like ill talk to him at lunch and i went and sat by him and his friends were like he has somethin to tell you and they were laughin bout it and i was like he wants to break up with me huh? and they were like no and i asked him and he said ill tell you when were by ourselves and i was like no tell me now and he said alright so all of a sudden his friends came and blocked us and i said he cheated on me didnt he and his friends were like just listen to his story before you think wrong of him and i didnt wanna hear it so i left and he looked all depressed and stuff the whole day then the next day ppl were askin me if we broke up cuz he looks all depressed and stuff so i felt bad and i went to talk to him and hear wat he had to say and i told him i still wanna be with him then the next two days i didnt talk to him at all cuz i wanted him to come and talk to me but he didnt and he would be lookin at me and stuff even my friends would tell me he im on my 2 week summer break and when i go back idk if i should talk to him and tell him wat i feel and just try to work it out and talk to him bout it cuz i really like him...i mean ive been cheated on before and ive let em go but theres somethin bout this guy that gives me a better vibe wat should i do?



pretty_fla_girl says:

Posted on 28 Jun 2009

i say dump that loser b4 it gets serious.. if a man is unfaithful once he will do it again! ...and yew say yew have been cheated on b4 and im guessing yer relationship with those guys were more serious than this one right?... ohkay so ask yer self... remember that pain yew felt wen yew found out they cheated on yew ... and remember how hard it was?? ohkay if yew let this guy back in2 yer heart and yer relationship gets serious... are yew prepared 2 deal with that pain all over again? tha confusion and heartbreak? if yer answer is yes than dont cut it off and keep going ..but if yer answer is no break it off b4 yer feelings grow more 4 this guy... it will be so much harder later...


and they probaly arent as shy so there will be more conversations and more chemistry... yew have to connect with some1 mentally 1st instead of physically


cupkakebaby says:

Posted on 28 Jun 2009

I agree with pretty_FLA_girl for suree.

if he really cared, he wouldn't have cheatedd.

I have been cheated on to many times to countt,

and if you respect yourself then you will just ditch hiim.


amaay says:

Posted on 28 Jun 2009

if he wanted you so bad, then he wouldn't have cheated.. right? :]



jasm1na says:

Posted on 28 Jun 2009

i agree with everyone below.

if he did it once, he could do it again..

good luck:thumbup:


barbipixi says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

yea sorry girl but no matter how nice the guy and how different he is if he can be swaded once he'll probly be swaded again

and is he a big part of his kid's life? does he actually watch him alone or is his mom always there when he's with him?

if he can't be responsible for his kid you think he's going to be responsible with you?

there are lots of guys out there and don't settle just because you think you can work past the issue. you shouldn't have to work past this you have no oblegation to him. he kinda F***ed you over and if he want's to prove he wants to be with you then he needs to try hard to get your attention and love.

he needs to work for it you don't need to give him oppertunities and excuses

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