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Alaiyah Che'Yenne




18 Aug 1997


Hi.! Im Alaiyah but everyone calls me LaiLai.! I am fun and very loving I am all about my family and friends. I am very sensitive at times but when im upseet I can hold a gruge and that gets me i lots of trouble. Well there is alot more to me so just add me as a friend and inbox me if you want to

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lailai_cheyenne asked:

21 Jul 2011

I want to have a baby with my boyfriend im 13 should i go for it.?

I am 13 soon to b 14 in a month and i really love my boyfriend charles who is 17.! we have been together for a year now and we have never had sex and he has never asked or pressured me to. I think he may be theperfect guy for me. So i want to have a baby by him not because he's perfect but i want a kid and i love him.!



xbreakingxsavannax says:

Posted on 21 Jul 2011

i honestly think you should wait. my mom had me on her 13th birthday. she said it was the hardest thing in the world. and since your so young, your body isnt fully grown, and it can really hurt you. even kill you. having a child takes alot of your time. and it would be hard going to school and taking care of a baby. i help my 15 year old cousin with her year old son, and he's a handful for me and i only watch him mondays and tuesdays, and sometimes on the weekends over night. i would wait, but its up to you.

best of luck either way


lailai_cheyenne says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

Thank you to everyone for your help I have made a decision and i think ill stick by it for a long while:D.!!


xxgeenalivelyxx says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

I think you shouldn't go for it, if you get pregnant you will have the kid when you are almost 15 and then your life will get really complicated. How will you finish middle school? High school? Who will help pay the extra money for doctor visits and pediatrician visits, who will buy all the baby stuff?
Of course girls want a baby, but not at that age!
If you want a baby it takes responsibility and you will need to provide for the child.
Do you think your parents will provide for a baby? maybe, but then their bills will pile up and they will need to buy extra necessities.
Not to seem harsh, but you are 14, you do not know what love is. You might get mad at that statement but it is true, you are in lust, not love, and he is 17!
What do you think he is gonna do when he goes to college??
If he wants an education he will be off in college and you will be alone with a baby and he is gonna find someone else.
Trust me. He doesn't want to be a father at such a young age and you shouldn't be a mother at your age either!
You have your whole life ahead of you. Don't get pregnant!
Get your education and go to college and finish it with a degree that will get you a great job, at that point THEN you will be able to provide for a child, with a home with someone you will marry in your mid 20's or later. You will have a car to get whatever you need for that baby.
Trust me, in the future you will regret it if you get pregnant.
If you wait for your soulmate and someone you are TRULY in love with, you will live a happy family life and you will have the job, the house, the car, the money to pay the bills, and a happy life
Don't have a baby. You are not in love. Believe me, you can deny it and call me whatever, but in the future when you turn 18 or older and you look back, you will be glad that you didn't make a stupid decision and most likely you won't even be with him.
Him in 4 years: In college, probably in another state and looking forward to his college degree and being with someone his age.
You: In high school still and you will probably meet someone else.
Don't do it please.


firefox_12 says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

I'm gonna come off sounding like a mom or a gramma or someone actually wise (!) please don't.
The question I'm going to ask, now, is are you physicallly/mentally/emotionally/financially capable of having sex, getting pregnant, enduring childbirth, (which is the worst pain most women ever experience even when they're fully matured and ready) and caring for a little person that is a part of you???
If you hypothetically had a baby with charles, what would your momma think? Family. What would they think? How about your peers? If you believe in God, what would He think?
Only fully grown women could offer the suppliments&nutrients and other stuff that comes from breast milk, which is something that you might not fully be able to offer, therefore having to feed formula (Which doesn't give passive immunity) to your child. That's probably not the best thing.
And there is stress. From what I've heard, having a kid in high school is really, really tough. Most people scrape by by the skin of their teeth, barely passing. And kids drain the fight right out of you, because there is no such thing as sleep any more! It would completely sabatoge future education chances by messing up your record now. Having a child is another headache, a big gigantic headache. Although I am sure that he/she would be the most loved, cared for child in the world.
Babies take up a lot of money. They really do. Your parents may or may not be willing to provide.... Might want to talk to them about this before you make your choice.
So, hypothetically, there is a lot going down that path for you. I would think you would want to settle down first, get married. It could be to Charles, it might not. There's just a little bit of an age gap there.
If I were you, I would not try for a baby or have sex.

But my best wishes for what ever you decide to do :)


inside_out says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

okay... I know that you're hearing no from most people, but you should really consider your options.
First of all, I think babies are WONDERFUL :)
Doesn't every girl wanna grow up and start a family someday???
But that's just the point. Before you go off having kids, you have to grow up first.
You are just at the beginning of your teenage years, which can be the most hectic years OF YOUR LIFE.
And will adding a baby into it make it any easier? no.
You have to remember the responsibilities that come with being a mother. Babies require constant attention - and nursing. It's not cheap, either. Especially since you are in school... you also have your reputation at stake. And, as the other girls mentioned, it is dangerous at your age.
I am glad for you that you are planning for yourself a bright future. And I am overjoyed that you think you have found the perfect guy - and true love. That doesn't happen for everyone. But I'm telling you - you only have one childhood, and it won't last forever! Enjoy it while it does last. And no matter how much of a blessing a baby may be, it could also ruin your childhood.
Good things come to those who wait.
Whatever you chose to do, I will pray for you, and I pray for God to grant you wisdom. You can always ask at BG for help!


mami_so_fiyy says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

I know u may love him but you guys are way to young to have a kid. You dont want to put the stress on your mom of taking care of a baby, because you are obviously to young to get a job. Ya know?? Trust me honey wait as long as you can because it is not easy at all. I now have three and wish i could of waited until I was a bit older to have kids.


babycakes210 says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

You love him. that is the greatest feeling ever(: and I'm soooo happy for you that you're that comfortable to consider doing this at your age....but if you have a baby now im sure you will regret it. Babies are great, but make sure your life is stable before you go for it. wait until you've gotten through your teen years. It's not fair for the baby to grow up with a mom who's still a kid herself.


dragana94 says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

No,honey cuz u're still kid.I know he seem like the perfect guy,and yes every woman wont to have a baby etc...But they aren't anymore girls when they have baby,they're WOMAN,u're still young.And u have your whole life to live...What will happened if u meet someone in high school...?
And what if he don't want to be a father..?U gonna raise baby alone,in age of 14..?!U said he didn't ask u to sleep together,so don't rush it,u're still young.90% of young couples,who have baby they don;t stay together,so girls must raise on they own baby..It's hard,u need money,u're kid when u have kid.U're not still grown up,mature etc..How u gonna teach your baby to be...
So PLEASE wait!!! And who knows maybe u stay together and when u both older,mature,have u'll have a baby...'till than PLEASE wait...
And if u have any question,or if u wanna talk,I'm here...I mean we're here to help :DD


lailai_cheyenne says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

I see where you are coming from and i do understand you are right we are not in love I just figured we have been together a year and we are inseperable my mom wont let me see him anymore but i still find ways and so does he his family supports us especially his mom so I just always dremt we would make it since we have been fighting for it this long


lailai_cheyenne says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

I see where you are coming from and i do understand you are right we are not in love I just figured we have been together a year and we are inseperable my mom wont let me see him anymore but i still find ways and so does he his family supports us especially his mom so I just always dremt we would make it since we have been fighting for it this long


xxgeenalivelyxx says:

Posted on 22 Jul 2011

just remember, if you have any other questions that you are not really comfortable asking your mom or whoever, ask on become gorgeous and we will surely help you and guide you :)

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