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Bethany Grace Sakiya Fish



Let's face it, if your not pretty and popular, you really don't exist. :( notice me already!

05 May 1997


Hello, My name is bethany Fish, i think i'm extraordinarily Fugly and fat. my motto is that "If your not Pretty or Popular, you don't exist" which is true in my school. everyone is so pretty and with all the fashionable clothes, i'm the ugly duckling who's fat and looks like a cow. I came here to

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lafishmocha asked:

28 Nov 2010

How do i get style from normal clothes that don't have style themselves?

I have normal clothes, none of them really have much style, i've had my friends help me but i really don't know how i can get a form of "ME" style from them! My clothes are so plain and boring. :( My style is kind of,,, well Unique, ^_^ kind of a bit of everything!!! i'm very happy person u never catch me not smiling but i like dark colors, i like vests and phadora hats, :D i like the asain style, IMPORTANT, some crazy guy shot up our mall and it was set on fire so.. no mall to shop at, 2. i don't have money really, 3, i don't own make up.. well,, i have eyeshadow and mascara but i never wear them because i never HAVE worn makeup, i'm a tomboy... so :)



sena95 says:

Posted on 28 Nov 2010

okay then you have some shopping to do , go buy new funky cloth that suits you , and throw out those boring cloth , and if you have no money then save up :D


neoneyeliner says:

Posted on 28 Nov 2010

What is YOUR style??. I agree with sena go out shopping but if u dont have much money then buy some statement pieces just to make it your own.


megatron says:

Posted on 28 Nov 2010

Style is kind of difficult to define for yourself unless you know what you want. Because everyone has their own style that they adapt to. (i.e. scene, preppy, emo, sexy, ectetera.) If you find out what yours is, it'll be a whole lot easier to decide what you want your clothes to look like and how to achieve it.

And it may not even be your clothes that you're tired of, it may be someting else. Like you hair, make-up, ectetera. because even a simple trim or cut of your hair may make you feel more confident with the clothes you're wearing each and everyday which will ultimately help define your style(:

and as Maeve said: just add a cool purse, or some other accessories to make your clothing "pop" more.

I hope everything works out, dear(:


alannax02 says:

Posted on 28 Nov 2010

Well first thing you have todo if figure out, what makes you feel comftorable. Dresses? Skinny jeans? Browse through a 17 magazine, and see what you like best. Then go the mall, and try on those clothes & see which you feel best in. If you are able to go shopping, buy only a few new peices. Then, pick out some things you think could be a resonable w/ your new style. Hope this helped you(:


lafishmocha says:

Posted on 29 Nov 2010

what if my mall.. burned down/??? XD some crazy guy came in and he shot up the place and it was set on fire... :/ so uhm the only stores around are ones with,,, not the best clothing..


mistress1209 says:

Posted on 29 Nov 2010

accesorize! well, i kinda have the same problem.. I mean I have a handful of stylish clothes but on most days I just don't feel like wearing them or too lazy to figure out what shoes to go with,etc.....and end up with a boring outfit. lol. but it does help to add a statement accessory or two even with the simplest get-up. get a jewel-toned bag or wear a unique pair of earrings..I honestly don't know what mu style is, either..if there is something you can call it...the other girls are right, it's hard to define. But I would say I favor more feminine clothes with a youthful touch. Not complicated, really. I'd be in a nice pair of jeans a tank top and flats and feel like a million bucks!


karebair says:

Posted on 03 Dec 2010

PPl the mall got burnt down!!!! she can't really go shopping. do as i do with my clothes like take a really long jeans n cut it 2 what length u like best u can even bejewel them u can d the same with skirts. U can easily make ur old stuff look new and unique i'm a total tomboy i like hate goin shopping cuz i get lost so i had a bunch of bland clothes tht i decided 2 make unique cuz heck i don't got no money :P well the make up part hehe i'm just as lost as u r on tht lol but b creative with ur clothes u no funky stickers, embrodery if u cann sew, paints even do my fave APPLY SCISSORS LOL neway that's all the advice i can give yah.


fashionista911 says:

Posted on 11 Dec 2010

If ur really desperate, u would drive/ take subway to another mall far away. Than about step two. The thing i can say to that is YOU NEED A BUDGET! You ned A well organized budget on how much u want to spend on clothes, accesories, makeup shoes ect. For every money u have u either put it in ur spend cash pile or ur save for bigger things u want. OK now step three which is not a problem because since u are a tomboy and enjoy not having makeup, thats personally fine :)

OK now onto the styling. You want to be risky with ur styling choice so test any kind of stylish clothing that crosses ur mind and ask ur friends if it fits u! Also if no ideas come into ur mind, visit ur favorite girl celebs website (if she doesnt hav won look her up on google images) than see which clothing look u want. If u want an original idea and have no creativity on clothing, twist the celebs fashion some how to clothes that can match that. If u want a TOTALLY and i mean TOTALLY unique style but dont have creativity, u might want to start watching youtube vids about styling and how stylers add a little twist and watch a lot so u cant create a style only u wear :)

A unique clothing store thats cool is called American Apparel. Also, a simple makeup (if ur looking) is MAC which gives u not too much makeup yet gives a sweet proffesional look to u. Oh and since u like asian stuff, u might want to shop at migu or mugi (ugh idk the spelling) ull get something if u look it up lol.

Hope these things help!!


lafishmocha says:

Posted on 12 Dec 2010

Hey thank you guys sooo much for all of the tips!! :D i've ordered a new wardrobe for Christmas from places like Puffy Mishuki and all of them are from Korea and Japan. :) i'll eventually be posting pics of some of my outfit style ideas and perhaps you guys could tell me if i look good in them or not. :) :D again, THANK YOU SOO SOOOOO MUCH! :D


wendysdaughter says:

Posted on 06 Sep 2011

Belts, hats, any accessories will spice up any wardrobe.

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