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09 Oct 1995

i live in hicktown, usa.
i want to do something with my life, for myself, something i can enjoy.
i hope to become a model, photographer, and astronaut.
i strive for self-perfection.
i'm a harry potter nerd, and a general dork.
i have an addiction to cheez-its andMore saduisahduiash dsau

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kittytree asked:

30 Oct 2010

Ughh I can't forget him

There's this guy, he's one of my closest friends. I've known him for a little over a year and since then he's helped me through the toughest parts of my life. Somewhere along this time I started falling for him, love or like, I don't know. Now he's got new friends at his school and he's changing. He's turning into a jerk who I think I'd never talk to, if it had been anyone but him. I know I need to forget about him but I can't. Even if I see someone else I like, I always think of him more. And everything nice he does I get all excited that he might like me, forgetting that he's not who he used to be. I seem to think I could change him back into that (although he did change slightly for me cause he knew I liked him better this was) Ideas on how to get over him? Help meeee :c please.



surrender says:

Posted on 30 Oct 2010

ohhh :/ one of these situations eh ?

yeah i know what it's like having someone so close to you, change into someone you never thought they'd be.

If you haven't already, tell him what your thoughts are. But if he doesn't want to change, sadly you can't make him. And to forget about him? I don't think that would happen either. Once someones a part of your life you can't forget about them. You just have to deal with the pain, I know that doesn't help much, but I'm afraid that's all you can do, is just wait for him to slowly fade out of your mind, as much as it kills. It'll take a while :/

I've been through the EXACT same thing. Losing people close to you is one of the worst that could happen.

You're not alone darlinn :) sorry about the loss :(

Here's a pretty picture to cheer you up (Y)


sena95 says:

Posted on 31 Oct 2010

You can't really change a person , or forget about a person if you didn't want to forget about him , Do you know what I mean ? Well I mean that if you TRULY want to forget about him then you will , and maybe talking to him will help , talking to him honestly , like telling him that you are having feelings for him and you are not sure what to do !

And guys are always jerks , but sometimes we don't notice or sometimes we think they are not like those type of guys , but ACTUALLY ALL GUYS ARE ASSHOLES ! it is a know fact ! so sweety when your brain is ready to forget about him , you will :)

By The Way : there are no ways or steps or tips to forget about a guy , and if there was anyone who told you that there is , then THEY ARE LIARS !


mistress1209 says:

Posted on 01 Nov 2010

sounds to me, you're pretty convinced he's a changed person. it sure is tough (if not impossible), to make someone come to his senses and just be...uhm, real. I think his new ways are mostly influenced by the people he is currently hanging around with. Oh, that's just how some teenagers are. There isn't much you can do, really. You'll be over him eventually, though.


firefox_12 says:

Posted on 14 Nov 2010

Screw him, okay? He's a total loser now. Unfortunately people change and sometimes it's for the better but when it's for the worst it sucks. He used to deserve your attention but now he doesn't because he's a jerk. Unless he goes back, which is highly unlikely, he'll just be like that and sometime in the future he'll mess you up again being all nicey. Guys do that and it bugs the crap out of every girl who has the displeasure to experience it.

But there are always other guys out there, ones who are solid concrete, ones that are good to cry on, ones that make you laugh. Take your pick-you can have any man in the world. Being free from assholes like him is a good thing. If he thinks it's funny I would just treat him like what he is, not try to get the old him back. I know as much as you loved who he was, but that guy was gone with the wind. There are plenty of awesome people like the one he used to be.

I hope I helped... good luck. :)


kittytree says:

Posted on 31 Oct 2010

I tell him daily that he's become an asshole and I liked him better before. He's at that point where he thinks its funny. Or he thinks I'm joking. I wish I could get through to him ><

It's nice to know I'm not alone, at least :/

Thanks for the picture x)


bear14 says:

Posted on 31 Oct 2010

not all guys are assholes....that's just your opinion


sena95 says:

Posted on 05 Nov 2010

no actualy all guys are assholes but u still dunt know that!


firefox_12 says:

Posted on 14 Nov 2010

Not all guys are assholes.

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