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Kayleigh Maisey




06 Mar 1996

kaaaayleigh, 13 from norwich in england.

- i've been dancing since i was 3 years old ;]
- i have a foot fetish, haha.
- i am obsessed with fashion and makeup.
- i find it hard to save money!
- when a boy plays the guitar; it makes them More saduisahduiash dsau

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kayleighandcharlotte asked:

08 Jan 2010


i hate my mum, she never stops shouting. she shouts at everything and everyone. if i politily ask her to pick one of my friends she shouts at me for like an hour. im sick of it! 'im not a fucking taxi service' she always says. i don't know what to do. i always want to kill myself to get myself away from the bitch. :'(



barbipixi says:

Posted on 08 Jan 2010

well there's not much you can do most parents like that won't listen to their children and some won't listen to adults trying to help

i know it would help you if you could talk to a councilor about it at school or some teacher even that could have a parent/teacher conference i know she'd probly be upset she 'had to make time to go' but it may help her know how much this is affecting you.

you can try to sit her down and talk to her but it'd be better if you weren't the only one there to try and keep the temper down.

'mom i love you, and i know you've got it rough with all the things you do to help me out along with all the things you have to do to help care for me. but i wish you could talk to me instead of yelling. it's affecting me and it scares me. please talk to me'


ashleychristine says:

Posted on 08 Jan 2010

Instead of just blaming her for yelling, why not try to understand why she's doing it. Or you could just ask her if she's doing ok. There is a lot of stress going on right now with money and other things so maybe that's why. If you do talk to her make sure that your tone is soft and concerned.


crazy_izzi says:

Posted on 08 Jan 2010

i had the same but now its better

we ( my mom and i talked)

for a long time and she wqas just tressed and stuff but at times i still hate her when she shouts at me...

but its same with my dad he comes home always like late and i like neva really talk to him so i kindof no hate him but feel just so i just dont like it.

have a talk with her try it jently

or do what i did just dont talk with her and after a while she will ask u whats wrong.

in my opinion i would go with the silence treatment because at times when u talk to her she will be like "u r overreacting" "u dont know what i am ogoing truough"

or stuff like that.

and with the no talking u wont get shouted at eather because there is nothing to shout at when u dont say a thing right?

hope this helps




music_is_life says:

Posted on 08 Jan 2010

OMG same here me and my stepdad fight 24/7 but i fight bak too. soo my mom took me up to my room and had a long tlk with me and i tld her wat was wrong and she tld me to do stuff to mak him happy lik my chores and stuff so jst tlk wth ur mother and work it out.. cuz jst think im only 12....


rachelsauras says:

Posted on 08 Jan 2010

you have no idea how bad my mom used to be.

at first I fought against her.(which is only expected.)

then I started feeling sorry for myself and tried to guilt trip her.

eventually I just took it as an opportunity to build my independence.

Now I just get things done for myself, because I know I can't rely on her.

when she yells at me I (mostly) am able to stop myself from saying anything

back, even though her statements are completely ridiculous.

moving with a different family member, like chelsea suggested is a good idea.

I lived with my aunt for a year and got to see what a normal family is like,

and it really helped me out. Now I know what my future should be like.

unfortunately I'm stuck with my mom again. if you can't get out of

the situation, and as long as it's not really abusive, my best advice:

do what she asks, and tough it out.



shysparrow13 says:

Posted on 08 Jan 2010

same here!

and it's so annoying when she says that i used to be so sweet and now it's like i've been abducted by aliens. it makes me blow up and then i just attack her with insults and then take it out on my sister. i've told her i hate her so many times and i just cry afterwards. she gets so mad at me sometimes and curses like nobodys buisiness, but i just try to calm down by taking deep breaths or going into my room and breathing.

try talking it out with her as well, she must be feeling so stressed and guilty at the same time, because i know no parent wants to yell at their kids. just take that extra tiime to tell her u love her in the morning and give her a big hug when u get home. do what she asks, or even if she doesn't ask, so then she'll respect you more.

it's always good to be independent. xx :3


ahroarah says:

Posted on 10 Jan 2010

instead of complaining about her, try and see it from her point of view. it technically isn't her job to drive you places other than school, doctors appointments, etc.

also, the next time you talk with your mum, take note on how you are approaching her, and with what tone you are approaching her with. if you're coming across as snotty (im not saying you are), then her reaction will match your attitude.

and trust me, you will appreciate keeping a healthy relationship with your mum once you move out. i fought with my parents all the time, and now i dont go a day without calling them, and im even moving back to the town they live in.


3nir says:

Posted on 10 Jan 2010

Same happens with me too but I don't call her bitch because she yells at me or think about moving somewhere else. Parents stage is the most complicated stage. They have to maintain lots of responsibilities. Just try to understand her situation. But if she yells without any reason, then you've to deal with it till you're old enough to move on.


misspatriot98 says:

Posted on 13 Jan 2010

your mum might be stressed..think of things from her point of view....if its insults that shes shouting at you its very serious that would be verbal abusue and is as serious as abuseing a child i would try talking it out and saying how you feel


gosupermodel_is_back says:

Posted on 29 Nov 2010

here's a suggestion, and it won't be easy to do. There comes a time when we have to just look at the person yelling or whatever and turn off to what is said. Look, but think of something pleasant like looking at the trees changing color; make it something you have to concentrate on yet able to quietly answer/respond to the person yelling. It could be your mother likes that you cringe when she yells; she feels powerful over your. How you look and respond will cause her to see you are no longer intimidated by her.

But there might be a reason behind this- and if you have the guts,, you can ask her what is her problem politely..

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