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Kate Sinclair




01 Jun 1996

Hey! I'm Amanda. I'm an aspiring actress/model. I'm very impaitient. My mom is divorced and now engaged again. I have a twin sister Adrianna, and 2 little sisters (Gary, age 10 and Emily, age 2). My mom is now pregnant again.

I have 2 horses (Chinook and Arya). Adrianna has a yMore saduisahduiash dsau

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juicystar07 asked:

15 Apr 2010

contact lenses. . . . .

okay, so here's the deal. my mom won't let me get contacts till i'm 15 which is next year but i tried out for the gold soccer team and i made it. i wear my glasses all the time although my perscription isn't very strong. i want to get contacts for the start of the soccer season which starts up in september but my mom is just so stubborn!!!!! can anyone help me here??? how can i gain my mom's trust??? i guess i have to be more polite and responsible but for me, that's really hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to get my contacts before the end of June because of my school graduation and i want to suprise everyone by not wearing my glasses. i could always not wear my glasses and just bring them in their case but i would feel more comfortable if i could see a little bit better.





barbipixi says:

Posted on 15 Apr 2010

well first i don't understand what the issue is with getting contacts? i mean seriously is she afraid you'll be more attractive w/o glasses or that your not responsible enough to take care of disposable contacts that you wear for a day and toss in the trash?

oh well seriously i think your best offence is a good defence. did you know your eye dr can give you a trial pair of contacts? call your eye dr and tell them what your trying to do. you want to get contacts and you'd like a way to show your mom that your responsible with them. you can get a disposable pair and they'll have you put them on there and wear them out to get a feel for them. ask your mom to take you and let you try them. tell her you want to see if you can put them on and if they are uncomfortable. a box of contacts is usually about 15-18 bucks there are about 6 lenses in one box and you dont' have to wear them every day. let her know it's just for games and you'd like to wear them for end of year pics


tasya says:

Posted on 15 Apr 2010

my mum was like that when I asked for contacts. So to try and gain her trust and show her I was responsible enough I did a whole heap of research and stuff to see whether I'd be able to get them. Eventually she realised I was serious and she let me see the optometrist. (My glasses were also not as good as they used to be)

The optometrist would probably give you a trial pair of lenses and I had mine for a week. If you show that you can look after these well then you should be fine.

If your mums still worried baout you looking after them then get daily ones so that you don't have to look after them as much and you just throw them away at the end of the day.

I learnt the hardway that you need to look after your contacts carefully and I ended up getting an eye ulcer but it's all good now and I take super care with them..


gogosarahhappyheart says:

Posted on 15 Apr 2010

i havethe same problem im trying to convince my mum to lewt me get contacts because i want to wear sunglasses in the summer and sti;l beable to see as my glasses are pretty strong. also i am starting back at lacrosse in september whrere i dont want glasses. i have tryed to a\sk my mum in genral convosation like what do u think i would look like with contacts etc. maybe your mum is worried you might hurt ur eyes trying to put them in. try and explain to her that it will be better and that you wont wear them all the time only for soccor and special occasions.


ally_starkey says:

Posted on 22 Apr 2010

tell your mom that its possible for you to fall and break your glasses. they could go in your eyes or mess up your nose or a number of different things. thats what broke my parents. i played soccer and i had to wear those stupid plastic rec specs or whatever and i looked soooooo dorky. it was bad. and i have to admit i was a little dramatic about it too. mom had a bad haircut in highschool that she talks about so i compared the two and kind of played into her inner teenager lol. but contacts are easier and more comfortable and i feel much safer in them than glasses.


juicystar07 says:

Posted on 15 Apr 2010

i know---my mom is paranoid!!!! thanks for your help!!!

~ juicystar07~


juicystar07 says:

Posted on 17 Apr 2010

i know, my mom is so PARANOID.

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