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15 Apr 1993

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jackybee asked:

27 Nov 2009


i wanted to break uup with my bf last nite because he was talking to some

girl on his myspace telling her "hey my gf doest care about me if we break up

will you be my gf i think we'd b great for eachother" i cldnt balieve it i was

devistated :( i care about him so much iv given him my everything. i told him to

come pik up his stuff if he wanted. he showed up at my house mad as hell

with a rucus. he didnt leave until 1 a.m n i couldnt break up with him becus

he keeps telling me hes going to kill him self..i feel like this has turned into a

bad relationship and i have no way out bcus hes tryd to over dose b4 and he

puts all his troubles on me..his family dsnt really care for him nd he tells me im

all he has nd im really confused on wat to do i need sum sleep=/



italian_knowledge says:

Posted on 27 Nov 2009

ouch well try to ask him y he talked to the girl on myspace like that and tell him that u care about him alot but wat he did really broke ur heart if u really like him and care about him like u say u do try to talk to him and work it out if u believe that he is willing to change

tell me how it goes :)


auri says:

Posted on 28 Nov 2009

If hes interested in other girls online and his ex's he obviously doesent care about you at all. I would tell him if he really wants it to work out...he needs to be honest and stop. If he still doesent, hun im sorry but you dont need to hold yourself back with him. It could effect you in everyway possible, especially emotionally.

If i were you, i would get out there...have fun and kinda space yourself from him. If he wants you that bad, he'll come around and straighten up. I dont mean like you control him at all...but he needs to learn to control himself.

Have fun! Go out with your girl friends and show him you dont care. I think he wants to stay with you, and be able to mess around whenever he wants, and you need to show him its not alright!

Hope everything goes well, keep us updated!



barbipixi says:

Posted on 28 Nov 2009

i've had a guy like that he was also addicted to ANY drug that came near him

i litterly had to leave the situation and if he called my phone i had to hand it to someone else to shut off.

he may not really want to work to keep you but he doesn't want to loose you.

and that's his problem not yours

after about a month i felt soooo much better and he stopped bothering me.

you can't stay with a guy just because he's mentaly disturbed. so you're going to try and help him and who's going to help you? don't you think you diserve a shot at a happy ending.

i loved me ex so much but i came to realize that he would never put me before the drugs. he just couldn't.

and if he can't respect you and love you enough to not flirt with other girls (like a monkey trying to latch on to one before he leaves another) then he's totally not diserving of your love and caring.

if you really think he's going to hurt himself call someone. if you think he's a danger to his life they will put him in an instution for a week just to keep an eye on him then he'll be allowed to leave all by himself.

you can call and ask your helthdepartment who to tell or a dr.

my mom said (out of frustration but she would NEVER) that she wanted to kill her boss and she got put in one for a week. but after that she got on social security and she's happy as can be : P

sometimes they can't stop what they're doing but you have to realize all you're doing is enabeling it trying to help when help can't make things better


sam_4781 says:

Posted on 28 Nov 2009

make him break up with u! be a slob and everything he hates!!


ahroarah says:

Posted on 28 Nov 2009

look, if he kills himself (which i seriously think he has the balls to do) then it isn't your fault he did it. you owe it to yourself to be happy. do what is best for yourself. yes, it's a shame that he's taking it this hard, but really, if you aren't happy, is it worth being in a bad relationship?

my ex told me she would kill herself if i left her, so i did leave her. i was being held back by her and i just wasn't happy. she didn't kill herself. she moved on, and is happy, and i moved on and am extremely happy. he'll get over it. you guys are young.


ctl888 says:

Posted on 29 Nov 2009

What was his reasons why he was talking to another girl like that? Did you tell him that it was disrespectful? And why is he crying to you about breaking up with him anyways....he said him and this other girl would be better for each other. I think your boyfriend is insecure and craves the attention from other girls to make him feel better. I would tell him that we needed a break.... then maybe he would just break up with me, just to make it easier on him. I have had a boyfriend threaten suicide if I broke up with him. I was sooo stressed when all that happened. I prayed everyday for him to f*ck up our relationship so bad I could not forgive him. And my prayer was answered when I walked in on him and my friend in bed.... I was pissed but I was sooo happy that we finally broke up.


rokkii says:

Posted on 02 Dec 2009

look, i know this guy. i dated one just like him. he's using u and what he's doing is actually a form of abuse. break up with him. he wants everything. he's just manipulating you. he doesn't need you, he needs help, and he won't kill himself. i tell you that. find yourself a guy who really loves you for who you are and won't threaten you or doubt you. =) and as gorgeous as you are, i'm sure theres plenty of guys out there just waiting for you to be single.


jackybee says:

Posted on 27 Nov 2009

i did but then i found out he was gona meet up with 2 of his x's iv done the impossible for him n put myself in jeopardy.idk things r to complicated.

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