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Ivanovna Lynette Golinsky




27 Mar 1997


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ivarocks asked:

06 Apr 2010

i really want 2 get rid of my acne! it goes away but then it returns. plz help!

Plz help! i really want 2 get rid of my acne! it goes away but then it returns. plz help! I know it's becuz of hormonal changes! i can't a dermatlogist right now! plz help i want 2 get rid of my acne at least in 1 or 2 weeks!



jaydde_woodrow says:

Posted on 06 Apr 2010

Wash your face with St. Ives Aproicot scrub, morning and night, and you wont have a problem, thats what i use, and i know all about hormanal changes :( lol, anyway and i havent had a pimple in well, a while :lol: :)


jordyempathyorlove says:

Posted on 06 Apr 2010

Consalt with your doctoe/GP.


That is a bad thing to do it makes your skin red and sore if you wash it to much.

The maximum is 3 times a day!

Use a facial mask and tea tree products.

Try out lush or bodyshop products.

Have u got a acne creams and facial washes.

Don't squeze your spots , drink plenty of water and get plenty of fruit and veg and fresh air.

being healthy helps your skin, and getting fresh air makes your body and skin stronger.

Really you need to ask a professional :) x


barbipixi says:

Posted on 07 Apr 2010

sorry that's hormones there isn't much you can do besides try to keep it at bay

look in my blog under the skin folder to see some of my tips they're cheap and easy to try


undeadxprincess says:

Posted on 07 Apr 2010

Experiment with different types of acne products, clean and clear, nuetrogena, clearasil, zapzit, st. ives, there are all kinds! Try different facial scrubs, creams, wipes, soaps.... I used to use clearasil and that cleared me up a bit, then i ran out and switched to clean and clear, and that works good too. I've used the neutrogena soap but i don't really like wash washing my face in the morning like that because im seriously weird like that so I splash my face with water and i use the noxema cleansing pad wipey things and I just got a new 'medicated spot acne treatment cream' its AcneFree Terminator10 And it works amazingly well, I've used it twice and my face is already half cleared up. So idk, acne is different for everyone. just gotta try it out and see what works best


supernic says:

Posted on 11 Apr 2010

It takes your skin about two weeks to show you whats going on in your body, meaning that if you have the pimple this morning, something funky was going on 1-2 weeks ago before it developed. ( I had like crazy acne issues when i was younger and the following helped a lot)

Ways to deter the acne, but remember it largely depends on genetics, so if its a severe problem tell mom and dad thanks a lot.

1. what you put in your body you get out: so if your eating greasy foods and those simple sugars found in your sodas and mickie D's youll get that out physically in return. So cut the junk

2. drink more water, water is like a toilet system, it flushes our bodies of all impurities, so try 8-10 glasses a day

3. Sweat, working out cleanses your body just like water does, it rids your body of the toxins that build up generally in your face.

4. Do not touch your face too often, if you press your fingers and or palm somewhere and see a finger or hand print, your hand is oily, so when you touch your face your putting more oils on it.

5. exfoliate at least one time a week, this helps to rid yoru face of old dead skin cells that generally have a residue build up and clog your pores.

6. eat more fruit and vegetables, they have vitamins A, E, and C, in them along with collagen & biotin like in broccoli, which promote hair, skin and nail health to keep you looking fresh and your skin soft

7. Do NOT over wash your face, your body right now is going through a hormone imbalance known as puberty, it compensates by over producing ooils at times, but if you strip your face of these oils constantly your body will react by producing more to keep your skin from getting dry. So if your face is a bit shinny rinse it for a few seconds using luke warm to cold water, please stay away from hot it dries your skin out too.

8. use water based cosmetics (usually say for oily or combination skin/non-comedogenic) this means that the product itsnt too creamy and not oil based and God knows we dont need more oil on our face.

9. SPF (non oil based as well), long term exposure to the sun fries your skin cells causing them to go hay-wire and not function properly so they dont look healthy if theyre all baked obviously.

10. Home remedies, drink green tea, it is so excellent for the skin its crazy how good it works, you can even apply the used tea bags under your eyes to get rid of slight bags or that annoying "i need more sleep look".

11. Use an astringent or toner before bed (don't go to bed with make up on either, besides being gross it sits there and clogs your pores) the silica acid or benzole/benzine peroxide closes up your pores to avoid having over nite oily production build in your pores.

I know this was a lot but who said beauty maintenance was supposed to be easy, I hope any one of the above helps you out!


bliss says:

Posted on 18 Apr 2010

I went 2 see my gp about it + he gave me this cream that actually works. If ur under 16 it's free so thar's what I wud reccomend.


aznxgreen says:

Posted on 29 Apr 2010

I have combination skin. I used to have acne all OVER my face until I used Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Foaming Scrub (Pink Grapefruit). I also have an oily T-Zone & Dry Weby cheeks; for the cheeks i use a dry skin moisturizer. hope that helps! ;)


jordyempathyorlove says:

Posted on 06 Apr 2010

Sorry about mistakes i was rushing :) x

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