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08 Mar 1994


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itskaitlynbabyxo asked:

09 Feb 2009

How do i become scene when there is a big problem in way way?

My mom is really controlling right now, she wont let me buy anythin i like. Its on my nerves. She getting in my way of becoming scene. What should i do? I would like to become something like that picture, but keeping my hair brown.




krista090 says:

Posted on 09 Feb 2009


try discussing things with your mum and explain to her why you want to become scene. avoid nagging and shouting and try acting mature even if it is hard. in most cases parents usually give up if you are determined enough unless it is something which will cause their children harm but becomeing scene probably will mnot so your mother will probably let you. try avoiding getting an instant change and become scene gradually since the shock for your mother will be less.


hooch says:

Posted on 09 Feb 2009

The picture that you're showing, she has her hair layred. So why not get your hair layred aswell as keeping your brown hair.

However, as for your mother, she's just being a mother. She's trying to look out for you. Like krista090, try talking to your mother and be mature, not immature or shouting or kicking until you get your own way. In the mean time, gradually build up to your hair.


lavalley says:

Posted on 09 Feb 2009

if worse comes to worse slowly get the style you want little by little add some things you want to your style... soon she'll get comfortable with what you look like but dont do this unless a mature talk fails


x_elena says:

Posted on 09 Feb 2009

this is a good website.:thumbup:


x_elena says:

Posted on 09 Feb 2009

this is an even better website, but i have no idea why, but it wunt let me paste it..(N) so ill just copy n paste the words. and i noe theres a lott:)


1. Work on your self-confidence. No matter where you are, people will criticise you. There will always be someone who doesn't like you; it's impossible to please everyone. You need to know that you're pretty and learn to embrace your flaws. Its important to know who you are and know what you want. Stand out to be confident. Remember, you may be scene, but everyone you're trying to please is also human.

**Don't get overconfident. Nobody wants to interact with someone who puts them down, or acts like a jerk. But don't let people walk all over you, either. You need to know just the right balance.

2. Be nice. People often mistake scene kids for horrible, nasty little teenagers who spread mean rumours about others, and are very harsh to other people they know. You don't need to fit this trend. Instead, make a good effort to be kind to others, and have an understanding that everyone has their own problems, not just you.

3.Become active on social networking sites. Myspace, Facebook, Stickam, Buzznet, Purevolume, and Bebo are the main ones. However, avoid Bebo if you can - it's not as socially acceptable as the others. Accept any friend request you get, and remember: the more sites you're on, the more popular you are.

Take pictures for your page. Only upload images if they look good, and only take pictures if you know how. Taking pictures from the bottom angle, (taking it from your hips with the camera looking up), is unflattering. Instead, take an overhead picture with you looking up, or a mirror shot. To spice up your picture, add something flavourful; a colorful boa, shutter shades, or big and bulky rings. Feel free to edit your picture to take out imperfections, such as acne, a mole, or blackheads.

Add scene music. Bands like Metro Station, M.I.A., Tokio Hotel, The Medic Droid and Shiny Toy Guns all fall in that category. Change your song every week to prevent playing an old song. Scene music has a large range; it involves most music except country and most rap. Anything techno, random, or unique will work. If you can't think of a good song, check out what other scene kids are listening to.

Have a good name. Make sure that it's original. If you can't think of anything, have a friend give you an adjective that describes you that starts with the first letter of your name. Once you've found one that you like, try putting it and the beginning or end of your name. User whichever one you like best! If your friend doesn't help, try looking up a word that describes you in a thesaurus. Find a word that isn't heard often, and then add it to your name. (this was all #3.)

4.Take up the scene writing style.

When you type on things like AIM or Myspace, add extra letters to your words. Type things such as "hii", "babyy", "heyy", or ":]]". If you're saying goodbye to someone, type something like "xoxo", "ttyl


x_elena says:

Posted on 09 Feb 2009

lol, theres more, but it didnt show? iuno hwyy.?newazy, here it iz.

adding on to4. .don't type things like "rawr". This is very old and overused, and if you use it, you may be considered a poser.Don't use ;; and // and :: or && because that is old. Everyone has been using it, if you want, use it sparingly. Don't use the typos such as lyke, sexi, gawd, etc. Scene kids are growing up and don't like people who talk "lyke dis nd th3y g3t r3lly" mad when someone types like a 4 year old child.Use abbreviations if you're comfortable, but always make sure that no one knows what they mean. Ex; "I'm going to the mall" would be IGTTM. You have to know what HxC and SxE means. If you don't, then learn. SxE means straight edge, (someone who refrains from drinking and drugs, and casual sex), and HxC means hardcore. If you think a particular thing is funny, type "lol @ [insert particular humorous thing]. Find different variations of spelling in a word and use them, examples being and "poseur" rather than "poser." (lol, i'm not saying this, its straight from the website:) )

On the phone or in person. Tell someone that their clothes are "so Marie Claire", as Marie Claire is a huge fashion icon. Some other things scene kids say are; "betch", "you are the shag", "that's golden", "you're too cute STFU", or "Oh-em-gee". Don't use irritating abbreviations in person. Saying "lol" is acceptable, but "rofl" and "lmao" are best left to typing conversations. Say new terms. Using words like "stellar", "rad", or "yar" are all important aspects. However, don't say what everyone else around you is saying. If you need some inspiration, try Urban Dictionary, or even coining up your own word. If you do choose to make your own word, make sure that it's original, and sounds good.

5. Go to shows. Shows are important, and if there is a show playing within a ten mile radius of you, you're there. Always know when your favourite bands are playing, and go to a show at least once a week. Bring your other scene friends, and become familiar with the artist as a person. Talk to your friends about how you met them, and be very knowledgable about them.

6. Get the attitude right. It's a mix of the sullen teenage lethargia that comes with the emo scene, and the anger and saucy-ness that comes with hardcore scene. That's not to say that many scene kids aren't happy-go-lucky, but they are often a strange combination of randomness and angst. Whatever you do, make sure it works and you don't completely overdo it.

7. Try starting a new trend. Several scene queens have become famous by inventing new trends. Only try to start a new trend if you are familiar with the scene culture, and have some credibility in your social clique. If you try to start a new fad when you aren't popular or have a good reputation, people will think you are being a wannabe and will ignore you. ..:">


x_elena says:

Posted on 09 Feb 2009


Be random, but don't overdo it. You may sound cool if you blurt out something out of context once in a while, but no one wants someone who screams "Purple hippos!" every ten seconds.

Make sure your scene hair isn't too wild, or you won't get enough adds on MySpace. Although most scene hair is known for being outlandish, if you go overboard, you may be labeled a poser.

Some people will hate you. Those people include punks, ska kids, and most members of the scene or local visitors of the local venue that are not scene kids. Don't label people, and then they might not hate you. You are all people, not separate species.

Don't limit yourself to one scene style, as there are many; Glamour scene and glamcore are also scene. They just have more to do with designer labels.

Use popular scene kids for inspiration on how to look and dress. Examples of these would be Raquel Reed, Audrey Kitching,Philfingerbang, Zui Suicide, Kiki Kannibal, and Hammy Horror.

Don't use scene language that is outdated, like "rawr".

Make sure that you are very careful with your hair. It's good to use a thermal protection spray applied in your hair before your straigten or curl. It's also nice to buy lots of hairspray. Brands lilke Bed Head, Big Sexy, or

Beyond Zone are all reputable brands.

When adding yourself to social networking sites, stay away from Stardoll. Stardoll contains a lot of posers trying to get a reputation in the scene world.

Wanrnings *lol, idk??*

The first rule of being scene is talk about being scene.

Don't change to scene in one day. You will be labeled as a poser, and will look like a wannabe. It should be a gradual process, one that could range from a month to a year. I know you are so impatient but keep it on the DL and study up on the attitudes of other scene kids.

The second rule: don't copy other people. Don't live with others copying you but keep your innocence *play it* when confronting them, if you do. If you are a copyer yer a definett POSER.

Don't dye your hair too often or else you will damage it. If you ignore this your hair will become wiry and you know what happens when mixing up all teh colors of the rainbow? brown ick.

Avoid stereotypes about the scene scene and the emo scene. This will only distract you from becoming a good scene kid/person.

As soon as you decide to start acting scene, don't automatically label yourself as such. People will think you are trying too hard, and you will most likely be excluded.

Understand what a Kandi Kid is and make sure that isn't who you are before going for this. Kandi kid guys are the ultimate heartthrobs of many so watch out.

If you buy every single bit of your clothing from Hot Topic, people will be able to tell. You don't necessarily need to know how to match colors but in extreme cases go easy on mixing the patterns.

Things you need...?


Cell Phone

Scene clothes (basically skinny jeans, band shirt, sweater)

Hairspray (not nedded if you have hair wax/gel for your roots to keep it up, plus it looks less sticky)


Confidence (or be the shy sweet scene, adorable in

scene guys so you don't get labeled as emo and whatnot)

Choppy layers


Huge sunglasses


Myspace, Bebo, Buzznet, etc.


HOPE I HELPED LOL.. n sorry its like very very very long...:">


x_elena says:

Posted on 09 Feb 2009

also, dont tell ur mom, or parent, straight n forward.." i want to become scene..." its like me telling my mom "i wantt to be a cookie..."lol..just tell her ur old enough for heavy makeup and make a deal with her, if u have the money for the hair dye, you can get it..:)

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