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14 Aug 1993

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isweta13 asked:

29 Jan 2011

Dot Dot Dot,Random Questions :3

Am sooo bored so i thought i could ask a few random questions :p

Well,Love always fascinated me,I cant wait till the day i meet the guy of my just amazing being right next to the guy you love?Well am just 13 so i havent really met my Mr.perfect yet :D But Love and relationships is something really important for me :p And i was just wondering how others felt about it..cause few friends of mine always are like "Ohemgee i want a bf soo bad"......I think it's really weird people think being in a relationship makes them automatically 'cool' or something :p Anyways starting with the random questions TEEHEE :p

1.What's your name?(Names are another think that amaze me)

2.How old are you?(I feel like i'm some job interviewer or something o.O )

3.How many crushes have you had?

4.How many relationships have you been in?

5.How many proposals have you got?

6.Have you met your Mr.Perfect yet?
7.If yes,How did you meet your Mr.Perfect?If not,How do you picturize yourself meeting your Mr.Perfect?
8.What is your dream job?
9.Describe yourself in one word.
10.Any random thing :p
Idk why i wanted exactly 10 questions lol :p



sakoora says:

Posted on 09 Feb 2011

1. Emily
2. 14 (15 in a month)
3. Oh, dear gawd. I am such a fickle child.
4. Goose egg. I went to an itty bitty Catholic school for eleven years and grew up with the same twenty-or-so kids. I didn't get along with them, so I never had any dude friends. I'm in a ginormous public high school now, and I've found it's so tough to make dude friends, which means no relationships yet~
5. One. In first grade. He dragged me kicking and giggling to our wedding right after he married my friend. o_O
6. I will someday. Maybe I already have, if odds are in my favor...>w<
7. Erm...this one school...he's so awesome and he won't leave my thoughts. If I could at least be friends with him, or even talk to him once, I'd just be so happy. He's an amazing actor and singer and he's so funny and great to be around, and he's got tons of friends. But when I try to talk to him, he just kind of closes off. T-T
8. I want to be an actress. A Hollywood singer/songwriter/actress. I'm getting close!
9. Thespian.
10. You ever seen the "Romeo x Juliet" anime? BEST SHOW EVER. If you're fascinated by meeting the one you love and all that, this show will give you such bad fangirl heart attacks you' to death. My favorite show, I've watched the whole series about fifty times and it never gets old. (Think the Shakespeare version, with added fantasy and made a million times more epic and romantic ACK*faints*)


dinoxdisko says:

Posted on 29 Jan 2011

1. Gianna
2. 18
3. a ton
4. 4
5. none
6. nope
7. i picture meeting him either in a library/par/cafe...somewhere casual and calming
8. FBI
9. gullible
10. smooches

also its no big deal to have a bf around your age, heck, i didnt get one till was a senior in high school. its best to not look for a bf now lol trust me, at the age you girls are, its mostly a one week to month thing. You'll get Mr. Right soon but not too soon. it'll take a lonnnggg while, im still waiting for mine :)


megatron says:

Posted on 29 Jan 2011

1: Megan Nicole Waldrep D:
2: 15 :3
3: I'd have to say 5.
4: Hm..4, I believe. Only one of those truly mattered, though.
5: One :3
6: I do believe so.
7: I met Adam in 6th grade. We met in the hallway at school. How uninteresting, eh?
8: Dream job? I'm unsure, but being a trauma surgeon would be kick butt :D
9: Myself c;
10: I love getting kisses on the cheek and random hugs from behind. (:


drama_queen says:

Posted on 29 Jan 2011

2.15 almost in april 13
4.3 but only one true love
5.none still not 20 or 30 for approvale from my dad
6. no not yet
7. i think i want to meet him in the park or on a beach
10.i love cuddles from my lil angel


foreverunforgotten says:

Posted on 29 Jan 2011

1. Allison :]
2. Fourteen, Fifteen in four months.
3. Since middle school? Five or six.
4. Only two that I really count.
5. Zero.
6. I think so. :]
7. He's one of my friend's brothers, and my ex's friend. [kinda, they're not super close.]
8. I wanna be a counselor or a psychologist
9. Hmm.. spontaneous? haha XD
10. Any random thing? I'm just gonna babble a bit :D I love my boyfriend. :] It'll be a month on tuesday but it feels like so much longer. :] He means everything to me. I literally wake up thinking of him, and fall asleep doing the same. I don't know what I'd do without him. :]


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 29 Jan 2011

1. Tatjana(I know it's weird, I didn't name myself)
2. I'll keep that to myself, I like being judged for who I am, not for my age or looks. Actually, I don't like being judged at all. >.<
3. None, actually. I wish I was kind of like you, looking forward to love and stuff, but currently, it's just crap to me and I'm looking for a deeper point for everything in life.
4.Uh, I think my crush question answers that.
5. Yeah, this too. haha
6. Uh, no
7.... I don't picturize it. I'm the random, spontaneous type, all comes at it's time.
8. To be a director, pro photographer, or anything that has to do with some kind of art I'm good at(which would be sort of everything except for drawing)
9. unique(but the substitute would be weird)
10. Random thing huh? Well, I'm thinking how I hate my place abnormaly, and I tend to run away from everything in here, and that I get too lost in writing and stuff I do. Also, today, I went to my friends house to practice for a math test, and we ended up circling round the town.


vampkisses says:

Posted on 30 Jan 2011

1. Amber C
2. 14
3. to many to count(: aha
4. 2 guys (1 guys once the other guy twice:P)
5. none
6. nope
7. umm i actuall have no clue! in one of my classes i guess haha
8. right now an author or lawyer:3
9. truthful
10. you sound just like me too i wonder alot who i will end up with... if i already know him or i will meet him soon(: i hope so!

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