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Sammi Zerwonka




02 Oct 1993

My Names Sammi.
Im 15
Born Oct 2 1993.
I Live In Maryland
Im In Love With A Boy Named Trey.

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in_love_with_him asked:

15 Jul 2009

im so tired!! no sleep at all!!

okay so i have this sleep disorder called central sleep apnea. its where your brain tells you to stop breathing at night.. causing you to wake up mulitiple times a night without knowing.. well the doctors said theres nothing more i can do for it and they said if they put me on a breather machine it would help alittle. i've tryd it and i cannot sleep with tht mask on my face.. its huge!! anyways i go to bed at like 10pm now.. and sleep till like 5 in the afternoon ( 5 hours awake everyday) and even when im awake im tired and cranky all the time.. now my moms not letting me go to sleep till like 12am and waking me up at 6 am.. cuz she thinks tht sleeping alot is bad for my heath.. like i dont understand why she wont let me get on sleeping pills.. i mean i rlly need the sleep.. i walk around like some sorta zombie all day.. any ideas. how to like keep me awake.. or something tht works like sleeping pills.. would they even work. if my brains the one telling me to stop breathing..



myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

my mother has the same problem she has also apnea and is tired all the time...

she uses some herbal remedies

Natural Herbal sleep aids:

Sedative herbs are used in non-narcotic sleep tablets, which are taken once during the day and then an hour before bedtime.

Valerian is usually the main ingredient – it may be used on its own or combined with hops, wild lettuce, lemon balm or passionflower.

Dill seed acts gently to relieve colic – a common cause of wakefulness in babies and young children.

Add 5ml / 1 teaspoon lightly crushed dill seed to a cup of water and boil for 10 minutes. Strain well and allow to cool before drinking.

To help you sleep through the night you can also drink pleasant Elderflower and Lime Blossom tea with a dash or Nutmeg and a dollop of Honey.


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

Soothing tisanes:

Made by steeping garden-fresh flowers in boiling water, tisanes provide a real treat for the taste buds.

They can calm the nerves and send you to sleep on a proverbial carpet of blossoms.

The experience of drinking a tisane is a little like taking the garden’s earthy energy in to your system.

The wonderful fragrances of these clean and clear tonics act as moon enhancers, and they are visually cheering – as well as tasting wonderfully fresh.

Many garden blossoms can be used for making tisanes, but the best ones for promoting sound sleep include:

• Lavender

• Lime blossom

• Lemon verbena

• Dandelion

• Rosemary

• Rose petals

• Jasmine

• Peppermint

• Bergamot


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

Sleepy herbal pillow:

A small pillow filled with calming herbs and flowers can help you to get to sleep at night. You will continue to benefit from its sedative effects all night, waking refreshed from untroubled sleep.

The delightful herb pillow has been used for centuries as a type of aromatherapy.

They are usually made as a small pillow or sachet of herbs to be put in the pillowcase with the regular sleeping pillow, or placed under it.

It can be used for medicinal purposes, or you can have it near you for its beautiful sleep inducing fragrances.

The base herb for sleeping herb pillows is Hops used for calming nerves and inducing sleep, (the key herb used in brewing Beer) the other herbs to be added, depend on whether you suffer from asthma.

The herbs that are best for asthmatics are Betony (Betona Officianalis) Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) and Lemon Verbena (Verbena Officianalis),

The following herbs are suggested for a sedative effect when added to your hops; Lavender (Lavendula vera) Lemon Thyme (Thymus citrodunus) Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) and Chamomile (Matricaria camomilla).

Add a few cloves, pine needles, peppermint, sage, or any herb you desire to vary the fragrance.

Simply mix the dry herbs or flowers, place into a loose woven material pillow (approximately 5” x 8”) and stitch closed.


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

You can help ensure sound sleep by eating from a variety of healthy foods throughout the course of the day. Avoiding foods that contain stimulants will also improve night time rest.

Try to restrict your fluids before bedtime to help promote an uninterrupted night's sleep. If the problem persists, talk to your doctor.

Another cause of sleep problems can be eating too much - of any food - that can make sleep difficult.

A heavy meal close to bedtime may make you less comfortable when you settle down for your night's rest.

At the same time, going to bed hungry can be just as disruptive to sleep as going to bed too full.

It is best to avoid these over-stimulating foods:

• Caffeine: this potent drug can make you edgy and irritable: avoid drinking coffee or tea after 4pm

• Sugar: refined sugars disturb metabolic processes; substitute honey, fruit sugars or maple syrup.

• Chemical additives: these are difficult for your body to process and may keep you awake.


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

Bountiful sleep enhancers:

Ensuring that your daytime diet is rich in B vitamins will help you sleep: the B group supports the nervous system and aids dream activity.

Foods rich in B’s include:

• Green vegetables

• Nuts

• Seeds

• Eggs

• Seafood

• Soya bean

• Dairy foods

• Yeast extract

Slow burning carbohydrates such as:

• Oats

• Barley

• Rice

• Beans

provide the body with a steady release of energy that helps keep the system on an even keel all day.


myradiosayslala says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

hope it helps :)


hayley___hamm says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

i think coffee would keep u up!

as far as sleeping pills i think its a bad idea! im not well informed on apnea but if ur brain is telling u 2 stop breathing then sleep pills could be dangerous! im not 4 sure tho i would ask ur docter!!!


ilovepink2011 says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

sleeping pills when you stop breathing? uhm bad idea. tell your mom to let her let you to sleep when you want if she wants you to be healthyier. its your brain its not your fault. just drink lots of coffeeeee


amaay says:

Posted on 15 Jul 2009

i don't think sleeping pills would be a good idea if you stop breathing during the night. i would tell your mum, to let you sleep wherever and whenever you want, after all she wants you to be lively and healthy doesn't shee? (;


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