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Sammi Zerwonka




02 Oct 1993

My Names Sammi.
Im 15
Born Oct 2 1993.
I Live In Maryland
Im In Love With A Boy Named Trey.

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in_love_with_him asked:

04 Jul 2009

i agreed to smoke weed with my boyfriend..

which im so much of an idiot for doing tht but since i agreed to do it i have to now.. im tired of promising him stuff and then not doing it.. so this time i acually want to make him happy. but hes like planning on me smoking with him.. and all his friends im like wtf?.. i dont even want to smoke with just him.. let me smoke 2 by myself to see how im going to react.. like ugh.. this sucks!! any advise?? ha im scared im going to completely embarrass myself. by gauging on smoke.. ha its not tht he wants to. its im acually curious about it myself. my dad does it and he has anger probs. and weed seems to calm him down.. same for the bf. and i have alot of stress built up and just want to see if tht might help just for a few u kno.. bu ti rather do it myself lol u kno.



jessd says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

i don't think you should smoke weed because you want to make your boyfriend happy. Just find something esle to make him happy. Reason being in the furture you might not be with him and you smoked weed because of him. Anyway if your going to do it, just tell them its your first time, and turn you back. If you do mess up or something just laugh.


anca says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

" a friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with better":))...just a joke :">

well you should keep in mind that it is also illegal to have weed. Personally I wouldn't try it, even if someone was trying to push me, just to see how it feels.

My advice is if you are curious how it is...go ahead, just don't do it so your boyfriend would be satisfied ;)

If he can't understand that...that should be his problem!


kimmywheeler says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

It might calm some people down?? A friend of mine's dad did it and now he is in a home with schizorphrenia or however you spell it. If you want to try it you should because it is what you want to do but only for that reason. Have you said anything to him about just doing it by urself until you know what is happening?


3nir says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

Your just thinking about one advantage that is -- it's going to calm you down. Have you ever thought whether there's any side effects in this? Google it. Find out. Don't just jump onto something for your curiosity.


hanerp says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

dnt do it.

it can kill u.

bFriends shud not preessure u into somethong.

tell him u do not wan to.

if he cant accept that u dnt wana, thats his priblem&& he needs to deal wif it.


nicole30227 says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

ok well i would just tell him. if you really dont wanna do it then dont. all you need to do is tell him you dont wanna risk the chance of being addicted or not wanting to stop, and besides boyfriends shouldnt put that much pressure on you to do something. also you could go do something with your friends instead of coming and say you had to. but i wouldnt prefer that. hope that helps, if you need anything else let me know!!!:))


jessd says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

Well if you are curious to find out if it works, only do it for yourself and no one esle.

i do suggest that you should find another way to take away your stress first, i don't think you should just jump into it.


b_free says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

As a recovering addict, I really advise you to stay away from that. My disease almost killed me. I was doing harder drugs obviously, but weed can kind of start you on that road, as corny as it sounds.

Your boyfriend should definately understand if you don't want to smoke for the first time around all his friends. If you really do want to try it I'd just suggest to do it by yourself or just with him at first. Drugs can make you really vulnerable and thats a scary feeling.

Just give it good thought of all the sides before going for it!


jasm1na says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

dont try it, its illegal. even if you want to calm yourself down there's other methods like yoga, pilates etc..




and there's WAAAY more.

good luckk :thumbup:

say NO.


paigee says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

Agreed with 'jessd'


amaay says:

Posted on 04 Jul 2009

there are plenty of other ways to reduce and calm down stress, it doesn't have to be the illegal way. just tell your boyfriend that you don't want to do it, and if you do eventually do it, then you want to try it on your own first. but i personally don't advise it, 'cause it go go as far as killing you! :/



undeadxprincess says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2009

Seriously, don't do it. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Sorry :/ but I mean really, if he wants you to jump off a bridge with him, are you going to do it? Get real. To me, that's not a boyfriend, thats just a asshole. The next thing you know hes gunna want you to have sex in front of all his friends with you. And are you gonna do that too? To make him happy? I'm sorry but this question seriously just makes me mad. You could get addicted and then your life is going down the drain.

But hey whatever its your life, not mine. You can make your own decisions.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2009

first girl i used to sell the stuff lol

used to being the main word i grew out of that shite

and the first time i smoked was with a bf and i didn't know how to inhale properly

just like bill clinton said 'i never inhaled' it's possible to take a big drag but never actually inhale it all the way to your lungs some times it will just kinda float in your throat

and usually it will make you more relaxed if you let it, you have to not want to think about those stressful things and ignore them (hense it makes you lazy and not care about anything else because you're trying to not think about anything else)

truthfully you should be able to get the same results from doing yoga : P and you won't have impared thought processes

it's more of a socal drug and kind of peer pressure kinda thing.

and if you've never smoked cigs before yea you will have a scratchy feeling in your throat because you are inhaling smoke (that is unfiltered) and has all the harmeful growing chemicles straight into your lungs

it's not as harsh if you use a bong


pretty_fla_girl says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2009

weed hmmm weed every1 does it its not really even considered a drug any ways besides 4 tha ppl wit stuff shoved so far up thier bum thier 2 tight assed 2 know is a phase 4 many ppl but not all my grandparents smoked till tha day they passed away..tehe... but dont let it become tha "gateway" drug cuz it can.. it definately calms ppl thats why tha indians called it tha piece pipe lol but ne ways i would talk 2 him and tell him that yew want yer 1st time to be wit jus him so yew can be comfortable...jus explain yerself he should understand...dont be shocked if yer paranoid though... most ppl are exspecially wit their 1st time...i remember i was cookin stake-umms looking att tha pan thinking i really shouldnt be doing that lol everything was kinda spinning oh man tha 1st time is fun... lol but jus dont let it lead to other things...exspecially if yer parents have/had an addiction prob like alcohol or other street drugs becuz well idk how 2 put this but its in yer DNA so it would be really easy 4 yew to get hooked... so jus keep it at weed

but dont do it bcuz yew said yew wuld do it bcuz yew want to dont let yerself be forced hunny

ohkay i talk 2 much lol


pretty_fla_girl says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2009

ohkay i was rereading that post and wen i said tehe after my grandparents.. i dont want any1 to take that tha wrong way it was a giggle bcuz they were jus true potheads lol god bless thier soul i miss them much


hedleyfan933 says:

Posted on 05 Jul 2009

if you dont want to do it then dont, you shouldnt do it to make your boyfriend happy.

if you arent like happy and if you dont want to do it and you do, it wont be fun lol

but if you do decide to, no one should make fun of you or laugh cause you cant inhale properly cause its your first time lol, everyones been there :p

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