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Sammi Zerwonka




02 Oct 1993

My Names Sammi.
Im 15
Born Oct 2 1993.
I Live In Maryland
Im In Love With A Boy Named Trey.

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in_love_with_him asked:

29 Jun 2009

how can i gain my boyfriends trust.?

okay so heres the story! my boyfriends ex girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. and now shes with him. (getting married) but my boyfriend sorta still has feelings for her and hes just relal ymessed up about the whole thing. and i understand. but he tells me he can open up to trust anyone even me.. wihich bothers me alot.. he says he always worrys that when im not with him that im cheating on him.. what makes it worse is that we have the same friends. and im like best friends with his best friend.. and hes always bringing stuff up like "well i dont like you hanging out with john and all.. " and also john doesnt rlly like going home so my mom lets him spend the night on the couch.. my boyfriend doesnt like that. i told my mom to tell him no but she feels sorry for him or whatever.. anyways.. i gave my boyfriend all my email passwords to prove to him i have nothing to hide from him.. i use to lie to him telling him i was here. when i was somewhere else.. just so he wouldnt worry. and eh he cant trust me now.. cuz hes scared im going to hurt him.. are there some ways i can prove to him that im not im madly in love with this boy and i dont want to lose him..




brandi_dan says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

i don't think there is really anything you can do. he needs to know your being truthful. just don't be lying to him anymore. that always fucks you over in the end. it is just going to take time and you cant get mad at him for it.

hope that was the least bit helpful =]

just have patience =]


jessd says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

straight out tell him. Tell me that you love him and your not like his ex. your different and you would never what to hurt him in anyway..

maybe if he does not trust you, you shouldn't be with him.


ctl888 says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

Wow he is really insecure! He is not being fair because he is letting his past affect you. If you have not done anything to let him mistrust you then he shouldn't let his ex affect your relationship with him. He should not have gotten into a relationship if he can't trust. I have been cheated on.... I walked in on it too! But when I had a new bf i did not let the mistrusting emotions latch on. New relationship.

Truthfully, I would not let my boyfriend's best friend crash on my couch...all the time. Just out of respect towards him. Would you feel comfortable if your girlfriend spent the night at your BF's house everyday? Kinda wierd huh? ( I mean eventho nothing is going on.. but still)

Your Bf's insecurities are pretty bad.... it will only get worse...if you have already given him the passwords to your email and such. No matter how much you give him he will continue to be weary.... until you guys are joined at the hip. He is controlling too? Just becareful. You do not want him to get to that psycho stage.

I also would not be happy that if my BF still had feelings for his ex. He is not over her. Not a good sign.


amaay says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

wow! :]

'CTL888' is rightt. ;]



samigore says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

give him time it seems that he was really hurt by this girl and you just have to work with him my bf is the same way except he's more insucure im going to leave him because he thinks he's ugly and stuff but same concept you just have to work with him and give him time


barbipixi says:

Posted on 30 Jun 2009

first he's got issues and you're letting them become your issues

i don't ask my bf for his stuff and he doesn't ask me for mine

we trust each other and i know he's been cheated on and it's fine for him to be scared but he needs to work through that. you're not going to be able to do anything about that sorry.

it's something he's going to have to get over. your not his ex. you've done nothing to betray his trust. you've been more than accomidating. it's not your job to "MAKE" him feel better. you just won't be able to sorry

if he cares about you he'll give you this oppertunity to prove to him everyday you want to be with him.

and if he's still got feelings for his ex, i'm sorry, but then he's really still hung up on her and he wants to be with her too. that's what it means if your jelous, envious, stuck on someone you dated you still have feelings and you still want them.

he need's a reality check!






he just needs to know it's all in his head and if he keeps doing this really you will get tired of not being able to make him trust you and it will take a toll on you and push you further away


luckylady says:

Posted on 01 Jul 2009

Youve gotta decide if you really want this relationship. Sounds like hes got alot of issues that hes not willing to let go. He has to let it go or it will never work.

He has to be willing to trust in are not the other girl...he has to grow up and move on.

You can do whatever you want to try and prove to him he can trust you but its never going to be enough if hes not willing to move on. And you are going to end up exhausted from trying and thats really not a good relationship to be in.

You want to be with someone who trusts you and you trust them, WIthout trust, theres not much to lean back on.

Decide if this is what you really want to be in...your a pretty girl, if this is going to take the life out of you..its not worth it even if you think you love him...

He hasnt let go of her yet...


pretty_fla_girl says:

Posted on 02 Jul 2009

no trust will kill yer relationship.. TRUST ME!!!!!! it will get worse!!! if he cant see yew love him from all that he wont see... he will always be thinking tha worst! and his behavior will get worse.. he needs to heal from that tear in his heart b4 he should even be in this sorry i know thats not what you want to hear but its true.. yew need to let got to let go of this guy b4 it gets harder and yew cant he will not change i know that trust me im going through tha same thing but my guy is 10 times worse i let it go way 2 far


shinja says:

Posted on 14 Jul 2009

Tell him that if he don't start trusting you and believing your relationship it can never work and he WILL be hurt again. If that doesn't help I think you should breake up with him, because I don't know if you see it, but his fear is controlling you life completely. You can have your friend sleeping on your couch, you have to lie to him were you are and you have even told him your passwords. Honey, this got to change, his fear is taking completely control over everything, are you really going to let a guy who doesn't even trust you control your life? :(


shinja says:

Posted on 14 Jul 2009

* you can't have your friend sleeping on your couch* sorry, littel mistake :))


vinnie says:

Posted on 12 Sep 2009

WOW are the girls in here really this clueless?!?!?!?!

How can he trust anyone? Not only did his ex girlfriend cheated on him with his low life best friend, she is marrying him. Two people a person has their utmost trust in cheated obliterated his trust in humanity.

Then YOU still welcome these people that have caused your man so much pain and suffering into your life in your home!!! Your mom welcomes him because of YOU. You have to tell his so called bastard best friend never to step in your life and home.

Ok they might be your friends too but seriously your alliance purely shows that you care for these people more than you care for your boyfriend, if not you would have kicked and thrown these people that called themselves your boyfriends friend, out of your life.

Then you have also lied to your boyfriend. To me in a relationship a lie is a lie not big not small just a lie. By this you broke his trust, yet again he was hurt by someone he was bringing close to him and his heart.

I'm sorry but to understand your boyfriend you should be in his shoes. You say you love this man more than anything? What if he cheated on you with your best friend and they kick it off so well that they are talking about marriage about a future? What will you do?

I just don't see him trusting you since you welcome this other back stabber in your life.

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