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Sammi Zerwonka




02 Oct 1993

My Names Sammi.
Im 15
Born Oct 2 1993.
I Live In Maryland
Im In Love With A Boy Named Trey.

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in_love_with_him asked:

25 Jun 2009

eh i want to make my boyfriend more happy.

like eh me and my boyfriend are on the edge here like we argue everyday over stupid stuff. and we break up like every other day. he says i changed alot and he wants the same person i use to be back. but everything i do he finds something wrong with it. he wanted me to talk to him more. i did. now he hates that i complain alot. he wants me to hold it from him like i use to when we got together. i dont want to lose him. he says he still loves me and he wants to be with me but the way i am is just making him not want to be with me.. but he doesnt tell me what im doing wrong. and i try to tell him hes changed also he acts like he doesnt care anymore and he started blaming me for it. and we argue. break up then a day later get back together.. i want things to be better. how can i make him happy with me again



adazilla says:

Posted on 25 Jun 2009

if he can't be happy with who you are, then he's not the right guy for you. there's no reason you should go and change yourself because he doesn't like you like he used to.

tell him, you won't change unless he changes. a relationship calls for both of you to do your part. You guys have to meet halfway, he shouldn't make you do all the changing to satisfy himself. if he really loved you he would change for you.

if he doesn't agree to this, it's time to move on. there are plenty of guys in the world, i'm sure you'll find the one that's right for you. besides you'd save yourself some embarrassment if you left him before he left you.

in the end, it's all your call. you have to take control of this and handle it the way you think you should. best of luck to you! (:


hikaru_hyun says:

Posted on 25 Jun 2009

You should talk to him personally and ask him what you have done wrong . You 2 should be more open .

Do not be afraid to ask a question just be sure you are not offending him by the intonation of your question .

You should not change your self just for a boy. Us women should not be mistreated or looked down to cause we are girls .

If doesnt open up to you try to move on because it hurts you . Moving on hurts at first but you will know that you have moved on when you felt satisfied that you left him .

" you will notice that she is precious to you when she finally leaves your life "

He will know he lost someone so precious and will regret blaming you. Good luck =3


shazza says:

Posted on 25 Jun 2009

same thing happened to me & my boyfriend in feb after being together for 2 years... we went on a break for a month... doesnt mean we went out sleeping with other people or anything & we were still together & wanted to be together, just not seeing each other, it was just a break to get our heads straight and it did actually work as we are still together and really happy, it made us realise how much we mean to each other and that silly little arguments mean nothing, maybe you should give it a try? just don't cheat on each other!! it will make it 100 times worse!


fairy16 says:

Posted on 25 Jun 2009

shazza is right:thumbup:


amaay says:

Posted on 25 Jun 2009

i agree with 'adazilla' :]



barbipixi says:

Posted on 26 Jun 2009

sorry boo, but people grow up and change he has and you have

it's a part of life maybe things will change later but if you keep fighting over stupid stuff i'd say move on.

it will hurt but you'll get better and learn from it

my first fiance let me realize it wasn't ment to be by starting stuff like that about a year after we'd been together. and i knew it wasn't my fault he was just finding things to fuss about that had never mattered to him before becasue deep down he was bored or whatever

he still says he loves me but i've moved on soo much since then it was hard but it was harder being yelled at for doing nothing wrong


chloebabeess says:

Posted on 26 Jun 2009

Did you ever hear de saying ' Take me as i am or dont take me at all ' ? i think your bf is bein ridiculous , It seems like your trying your best to keep him happy, Youve grown up BIG DEAL. everyone grows up and it seems he hasnt :thumbdown:


ctl888 says:

Posted on 27 Jun 2009

People that complain about you changing...blah blah blah even if you do change for him.. he will never be satisfied. There will always be something else he does not like or will say that you had changed and make you feel guilty about it. it is up to you how much you want to put up with. I used to have an ex that I had to always please..... thats why he is my EX. hahaha


midsummer_dreams says:

Posted on 27 Jun 2009

okay. are you diffrent now that you were when u were a baby? ofc!

people change as time goes by. you cant remain the same person as you've always been.

& by the look of it, your trying to do everything you can to please him. DONT. its useless

he will always find SOME fault in you, + you cant keep on changing yourself for HIM. & think about it, if you change for him, mebe OTHER people (ur mates for example?) might not like you that much. seriously, if he starts on that just tell him its ur life & that you dont live to please him. if he has a problem wid how you are then he should deal with it.



pretty_fla_girl says:

Posted on 27 Jun 2009

every1 changes and in a relationship tha big question is... wen yer changing are yew guys growing and changing 2gether or apart... the answer seems clear 2 me... yer still young and trust me theres many more guys out there tha pain will fade away i promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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