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30 Aug 1995

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ilovesk8terboys asked:

20 Jan 2009

How can you tell if a guy likes you?

Pleeze help i dont know if this guy likes me but i want him to help how can i tell if he likes me:)



x_elena says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2009

HEY! omg, i missed you!, lmfao, i got a new hair cut n dyee:) oh yea, n alsoo, if you wanna no if a guy likes you, avoid talking to him or hanging out or anything like that like if he comes up to you just leave, and do this for like 2 weeks, or 1 thenn, at the endd of the week, or 2, if he comes up to you and askes why you've been acting so weird, and avoiding him, that means they care, and want to kno whats wrong, thats how you know if they like you:) hope i helpedd:))


xxuzedupbatteryxx says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2009

hard to get hawn :P yeah works real good .. although with me works with gurls XD


seraph says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2009


Sorry, but I think that advice about ignoring him and acting weird isn't very good - if you are going to do anything like that, you better already know that he likes you and then use the "playing hard to get" trick SPARINGLY, just to keep him interested. Guys don't like it when girls act all weird in ways they don't understand, and who can blame them?

If the same guy did that to you, what would you think? "He probably doesn't like me". Unless you are very brave or incredibly in love, you would probably give up. So don't do that to him.

Instead, look for subtle signs in his behaviour towards you! For example:

-does he seek your company in different ways, for example invite you to come along to something or come up to you by himself just to ask you something?

-does he look at you when he thinks you're not looking? Get a friend you trust to watch him for you while you are in the same room - if you try to see if he is watching you by yourself, it might not work. He could notice you looking and stop looking at you, or see your head move and turn to look at you just because you did.

-does he seem either louder and more boastful or much more silent than normal in your presence? Either he could be trying to impress you (everyone does that when they're in love in some way, even if for us girls that very often just means a fancy eyeshadow colour or a new dress ^^) or, if he is more quiet, he could be a shy guy and too nervous to talk much around you.

-does he tease you? This could be things you think are pretty mean even, but it's just his clumsy way of giving you his attention.

-does he run a hand through his hair or play with the zipper on his jacket while talking to you? Any kind of "nervous" movements, fumbling and fidgeting are pretty good signs.

-watch his body language! The more of his body is facing towards you when you are talking or just somehow close to each other, the better. When he talks, does he gesture towards you or "show you his palms"? That's also a good sign - means he wants a "connection" between you. Does he smile at you?

-does he laugh about funny things you say, even if they aren't that funny? When people are in love, they tend to find almost everything that person says funny, even if it's actually not that hilarious ;)

-does he touch you almost as if by coincidence, for example brushing your fingers when he hands you something or your arm while sitting next to you? Watch out for that, it's a pretty good indicator.

Obviously, these are the more subtle things. If he asks you to hang out, compliments you on your looks or something you said/did, stares at you openly or anything like that, the situation is maybe a bit clearer :)

Finally, the BEST way to find out if a guy likes you....ask him. Sounds crazy, I know, because it takes way too much courage. But if you can actually have the guts to walk up to him and say "Hey, you know, I kinda like you, and I was wondering if you like me back?" - then you're just about the most kick-ass girl on the planet. If he then makes fun of you or acts mean, just roll your eyes, shake your head and say "God, so childish." and walk away. He will feel like a complete idiot after that, at least, and you can be proud of yourself. Then he is the one who feels humiliated, even if he doesn't show it.

If that seems too drastic, though (hey, the adrenaline rush you get from doing something like that is almost as great as bungee jumping!), then take it back a notch - be a brave girl, go to him and ask him to hang out. It could be something laid-back sounding like "Hey, I was thinking I wanna go to xyz and grab a pizza/movie/anything. You wanna come?" If he says no, or if he invites other people along, then he probably isn't in love with you (but don't go by that alone - it could be he is too shy to be alone with you or really doesn't have any time!)

So yeah, I hope this helped. It's based on my own experiences with what guys (and people in general) do when they like someone - and I've had my share of liking and being liked!

Good luck, I hope you figure it out and that you are happy with the answer! :)


beaag says:

Posted on 12 Feb 2009

Dear God, Seraph is a genius! 8-|

I loooooooved this part " If he then makes fun of you or acts mean, just roll your eyes, shake your head and say "God, so childish." and walk away. He will feel like a complete idiot after that, at least, and you can be proud of yourself."

Girl, you really need to listen of what she said xd

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