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Don't expect things to last, because they won't. <3

01 May 1996
United States

"I don't mind if we take our time, 'cause I'm all yours, if you're all mine." -Defeater, "I don't mind."

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ilovebenbruce asked:

20 Aug 2011

weight problem. O_O

I have sort of a weird obsession with my weight.

I hate my body.

Every time I look in the mirror, I feel disgusting and ugly.

I have plenty of friends that tell me other wise.

But nothing anyone can tell me with make me change my mind.

I have it set in my mind that I'm fat & that is not going to change until my body does.

So, I need help on how to lose fat? o.O

The only activity I do is twirling batons for my school's marching band. Other than that, I'm really quite lazy. I never feel like doing anything. & I always tell myself that I'm going to start walking everyday & doing these dumb little work outs that might work, but I never follow through.

I eat alot of unhealthy stuff, and all I do is pretty much watch tv or stay on the computer.

Now, I wouldn't exactly say I'm huge, but I sure do feel like it sometimes.

& I don't want to feel like that anymore. :/

I want to feel pretty & be healthy!

All I need is motivation to get me up & outside, and eating healthy. Any ideas? preferably ones that will make me want to start doing something every day & to eat healthy? kthanks.(:



madison16 says:

Posted on 21 Aug 2011

You are REALLY pretty! And i know how you feel, I usally just eat alot of green things. Like salads mostly. I try to lay off the snacks in between meals, and if i do get really hungry, then i eat a hand full of peanuts, or almondes(: Then usally every night, when it starts cooling off i go for a run, or walk. and if i dont feel like doing it then i do about 30 or more sit ups. And to motivate myself, i think really good thoughts like " Soon im going to have a good body" ext. I hope i helped you! (: And dont feel ugly, cause you are one gorgouse girl! (:


mdtrend says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2011

hey there... its totally normal to feel self-conscious about your body...remember that you are always your biggest critic..and I PROMISE you that youre going to get through this one day at a time...
first of all, dont look at it like black and white - meaning youre either fat and ugly and pretty and healthy... bc 1. youre not fat and ugly and 2. what you THINK is SO powerful.. think positive thoughts.. this is what i do when i feel like i just dont wanna get up and going or like i cant do it *exercise etc... i remind myself of something really tough in my life that i kicked ass on when I thought i never could be a math test that u thought u failed and aced or just the way you handled a stupid boy, realizing that they are about 10 years behind us when it comes to maturity. maybe in the marching band..anything..hold onto that thought and try to remember the feeling you had of accomplishment. youre going to do that over and over and over again. i also do this thing where I realize how lucky i am to even have the ability to get up and run or exercise. there are so many people in life that are ill, or impaired, or just dont have the ability to do the things you can do. Like your best u know how many people would give anything to be as good ast it as you!? be proud of yourself. do this every morning, every afternoon, freaking every 10 minutes if u have to.... EVERYTHING starts in your mind. you CAN follow through with a silly walk... since u love the computer so much make an awesome mix-but only put lets say 20 minutes of songs on there. walk until the songs are done. JUST DO IT. and if youre feeling down and bla allot yourself lets say 10 minutes to feel that way...if u have to cry, eat , sulk, whatever. BUT as soon as that 10 minutes is over, so is your bs. and the most important thing ever is to think only in the present. i know i sound retarted, but ive been through sooo much and all these stupid little things actually work. when i say think in the now, I mean 4get about yesterday, or last week, or even this morning. so what u ate a lot, or wasted time on the computer. right now, at this very moment, there is NOTHING you can do to change that. just think about now. so now ur obviously messing around on the computer and reading this freakin novel- only think about now. action speeds mental acceptance. go get your sneakers, i dont care what ur excuse is, its not good enough, go get ur sneakers and put em on. one step at a time. dont make it a HUGE task to exercise just think of it like little steps. put ur kicks on, sweatpants, whatever.. and get ur little butt moving, bring ur cell phone if u wanna talk on the phone, or ur iphone. and when ur tired and think youve reached ur limit, stop, even if its only been 10 minutes. come back home and youll feel like a million bucks! i promise. and dont make an effort to tell everyone about what youre doing, just do it. all ur gfs dont have to know that u walked today. u know why? bc this is YOUR thing, AND YOU are the one whos gonna benefit in the end. if you can THINK in your mind how stupid and simple it is to just get up and walk and keep thinking it, youll eventually get up. I know u will. and dont tell urself youre going to walk EVERYDAY! thats unrealistic!! walk twice this week. thats all. even if u do it once thats awesome. next week try it twice. and so on. did u ever hear the phrase "21 days forms a habit" well its true! by next week ull be 1/2 through making a habit of walking, even if its once or twice a week. As for eating healthy, its def not something u can change overnight, nor is it something you ALWAYS have to do.DO NOT starve yourself. it doesnt work. you always end up so hungry u can eat a cow and then over-eat. DO NOT make urself throw up either. you know why? because they DONT work! and theyre soooo bad for your body. one little thing at a time. if u eat 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast, then tomorrow eat a bowl and 1/2. little things, 1 at a time. start with portions. usually when we're younger we tend to over eat. dont be drastic and cut off a meal or not eat when ur hungry. like if you wanna sit in front of the tv and eat chips, so be it. but dont bring the whole bag! take a ziplock and put a reasonable amount of chips in there and leave the big bag in the kitchen. next try something like pita chips water water water and water. take your vitamins. and be happy! we only live once, and from that beautiful picture i see next to yr message i can tell youre going to bring a lot of smiles to a lot of faces!! take care of your body, u need it for the rest of your life. and whenever u feel like crap and dont wanna do anything, read this. because you can do whatever the heck u want. its YOUR choice. take things one step at a time. someone else suggested u eat little snacks. if thats what works for her, thats great, but everyone is different. the only person who can tell u what to do and how to do it best is you. if snacks are cool, then snack. if not, dont. you arent in the army and dont have to be crazy about how many times a day u eat, what ur snack or meal is what time u eat it. and more importantly, if u dont do things the way u planned one day, DO NOT BEAT URSELF UP!! youre human, and remember u cant go back, only forward. f it. forget about it and move on. no matter what u do, the suns always gonna rise tomorrow. and every day is your day. make it a good one.


inside_out says:

Posted on 22 Aug 2011

it sounds to me like this is mostly a problem in your head... not with your body.
You are pretty!
You're just telling yourself that you're not. And at this point its subconscious.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made... for a reason. You're right - nothing nobody else is telling you is gonna help at this point. You have to start believing this yourself.
I think that you need a tangible goal... like that you want to be healthy.
I have a few friends who tried weight watchers and this worked for them.
Also exercise... find something fun that you enjoy (idk... maybe something exotic like martial arts or belly dancing)
You need to push yourself... tell yourself everyday why you want to be skinny/healthy/whatever.
And also tell yourself everyday that you are beautiful... cuz you need to start believing that.
God Bless :)

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