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Charity Bundy



Don't expect things to last, because they won't. <3

01 May 1996
United States

"I don't mind if we take our time, 'cause I'm all yours, if you're all mine." -Defeater, "I don't mind."

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ilovebenbruce asked:

01 Mar 2011

I'm not pretty! I?

okay so I have alot of self confidence issues. I think I'm ugly, & fat basically. my mom (of course) says thats ridiculous, because I'm pretty & "healthy" then I have a couple of friends who think I'm pretty & not fat. But one day in science this guy comes up to me & just straight up told me I was fat! I almost cried right there in class :( then another time, we went out to eat & it was just me and my stepdad at the table. he patted my stomach and asked how I "got like that" meaning how'd I get fat. because I don't that much. I went out side the restaurant and called my best friend crying!! I just dont think I'm pretty. But I wanna feel pretty, anyway I can make that happen??



elle says:

Posted on 03 Mar 2011

You are sooo pretty. Don't listen to anyone who says you're fat because you're not. That guy at school is just a jerk and what your step dad said to you was rude. You are absolutely beautiful.


davie2010 says:

Posted on 01 Mar 2011

First thing is.... you are very pretty! now.... feeling that way is another story. i can so totally relate with confidence issues as well and it really sucks i know. I think it just takes work... you have to keep on working on yourself as others have said convincing yourself what others are telling you....that you are pretty. it stinks that one stupid comment, whether accidental or on purpose, can un-do so much and set you so far back.... but you just have to keep fighting...thats how i think of a fight. so good luck!


megatron says:

Posted on 01 Mar 2011

I do believe I'm in the same boat as you, darling. But don't worry, it'll get better.
You just have to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're beautiful no matter what, do things that make you feel beautiful; both inside and out. That's what I did and, believe me, it helped.
Because, before, I struggled with anorexia. In fact, I'm still struggling with it now. And it's all because of one comment that some ignorant fool made about my weight. It got to the point where I wouldn't eat, I'd just drink water or juice. I'd then grown so used to not consuming food that it felt healthy to be unhealthy, catch my drift?
Now I'm 90 pounds whilst my weight dips every so often.
I just don't want to see anyone else go through what I and so many other people are going through. Because it really hurts.
So, no matter what, you are beautiful. And you will ALWAYS be beautiful. You're beautiful to me and so many other people that may or may not have met you yet.


zlika says:

Posted on 01 Mar 2011

Wait up! KK, First thing first.. you are very pretty.... i can so and totally relate to your self confidence issues... seeing you though, i wonder why your the one asking that question..haha..second thing next.. you are so NOT fat! I love the shape of your face and judging by the picture you seem like you just have a figure is all- a shape- you don't have to be ultra skinny to feel thin! BTW- don't listen to those who do tell you are fat- especially guys- they don't know the lady-figure-rama! (I know its not a word;)) also it took me forever to get this but its so true- beauty starts with attitude- what YOU think of you and not necessarily what others think. Remember there is a difference in confidence and being conceited, so don't be afraid to have it.Again I can totally relate- but I would't lie about a pretty girl when I see one;D Just a thought- hope it helps!;)


jaylacutie123 says:

Posted on 01 Mar 2011

yea i use 2 think like that 2, but trust me ur anything but ugly, i know u wont like believe me either but ur moms right, they usually are, ur pic is pretty.


xxgeenalivelyxx says:

Posted on 01 Mar 2011

Omg, if i was there right now i will slap the skittles out of you!
You are GORGEOUS! Eff that guy who told you that you where fat!
Don't listen to anyone, i remember when i hit a road of low-esteem, everyone kept calling me fat but then my real friends told me i wasn't and so did my bf and then i was like, "you know what, i am beautiful and whoever things otherwise can shove a foot up there you know what!
The only way you can feel pretty is if you believe in yourself and girl, you are beautiful. I think i have a big stomach and my bf calla it a little cute pooch (if that makes sense) lol and it actually helps me see that my pooch/tummy is little.
Also, since the remarks take you to the point of crying, you really should talk to your family about it, let the tears flow, there is no harm and you won't get punished for letting your feelings out.


maddiedes says:

Posted on 04 May 2011

i have self confidence issues too. im uncomfortable with my body and especially scince im going thru that 'AKWARD' STAGE and i would b lucky to look like you!!!!!!!! dont listen to anyone because they just want ur body!!!!!!


vampgirly says:

Posted on 27 Jul 2011

you are beautiful. anyone anywhere would be lucky to look like you. I also have self confedence issuse. i cried once because on facebook someone said i wasnt cute. but you are very beautiful, and you stepfather and classmates were, and are, wrong


bumble_bee_123 says:

Posted on 27 Jul 2011

U arnt fat belive me I no alot of fat people and you are not fat!!!! People who say otherwise are jst trying 2 wind u up cz dey know your concius of it ... and you are prettty but I dnt really think your hair colour suits you...... i think you would look better if you had choclate brown hair xxx


mylovestar says:

Posted on 01 Sep 2011

The people r prob just saying ur fat coz ur there so jealous of u x Dont worry wat other people think & if they do say that again just act like ur not bothered even if u r x I think ur really pretty & am very jealous of u x Hope this helps x


ilovebenbruce says:

Posted on 01 Mar 2011

Haha, thanks. I've talked to my mom, & I've told her what I thought. she told me to look in a mirror, and tell her what I saw, so I said what I ugly & fat girl. so she said that we need to work on changing that because its not true. & I honestly dont think that it will change until I change. I'm the type of person who cares what people think. I cant help it!! now, I've tried going on diets, but I dont really like salad, & I'm more of the "eat candy and watch tv all day" girl. I'd LOVE to change my habits and get healthier and more in shape, but hard when I have no one one there pushing me & helping me with it. Whats worse is that my older brothe ris a really big jerk, & walks around calling me a "fat ass" all the time! my mother tells him to stop sometimes, and then tells me that I shouldnt care what he says because he's just my stupid brother. but its hard!! :/

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