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Don't expect things to last, because they won't. <3

01 May 1996
United States

"I don't mind if we take our time, 'cause I'm all yours, if you're all mine." -Defeater, "I don't mind."

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ilovebenbruce asked:

25 Mar 2011

Help?!?! I'm ugly :(

Okay so, I think I'm fat and ugly. regardless of what people tell me. so I was wondering, if I start walking everyday, will I loose weight?! ALSO!! Is there any kind of diets that any of you have gone on & ACUTALLY got good results on?? that'd be awesome. thanks!! =) Also, I have been having family troubles. and just lost my best friend to her bf =( got into a big fight & it didnt end well.
anyways, everyday I see myself. and think of how ugly & fat I am. I wear alot of makeup, and do anything I can, to try to make myself look better. but nothing seems to work. so I decided to try something else. the past month, I've cut myself multiple times. but I dunno what to do! I can't talk to my family, because when I try to, all I do is get put down. my brother walks around calling me a "fat-ass" all the time. basically its hard for me right now. so anything you guys have that could actually help me, would really be great.



davie2010 says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2011

it really sucks that you have to be feeling this way because in NO WAY are you ugly.... you really are beautiful.... the key is makeing yourself realize it and believe it... which can be hard given the negative feedback you get from your family. What has always worked well for me is exercise...yes.. so walking or as angelface says running or doing stairs is really good. it doesnt have to be killer.....just every day until you sort of get addicted to it... it really does start making you feel good about yourself and even helps with giving up stuff like junk food.... you will really start not even wanting it any more. Recognizing your own beauty...the beauty that everyone else seems to be telling you that you have... can be really hard at times...but when you do, its a wonderful thing


neonsrt says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2011

Im going threw the same thing.You can talk to me if youd like. : )


angelface says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2011

UGLY?for a girl like you this word shouldn't exist in ur dictionary sweety!! :) If u look the way u r in the pic u r a pretty face, trust me :) I'm no philosopher nor a good psychologist but i could try helping you out :) about being fat and ugly it's just in your head.Just make yourself believe you are perfect the way u r.And yes walking and jogging helps lose weight.even better is Running up and down the stairs for fifteen mins daily.I'm sure you'll see results in a month or two.I TRIED AND FELT THE CHANGE :) And dieting doesn't help in any way.but yeah the only thing you can do is cut down on all that junk food and eat more fruits and salads.
Losing your best friend to her boy friend is no big deal. I'm sure you have more time now to do something useful than waste time gossiping :P just kidding.
just beleive in a positive attitude.IT'l make a huge differenece to your attitude. I know i sound like I have typed out a long essay but just thought i could help :)


musicqs says:

Posted on 25 Mar 2011

I dont think walking will do much...if you are in gym, really try your hardest, dont do anything half hearted. Do sit ups every night, strech. Once sit ups get easier for you bring your knees up almost to your chest and cross your feet at you ankles and do sit ups. Make sure your feet arnt touching your butt. that really works your stomach. Hmm eat lotss and lotss of veggies and fruit..doo noottt eaachhh schhoooll lunnchhhess. :] haha dramatic..anyways. those are really bad for you. your better off bringing a sack lunch from home with only three things in it. A sandwhich, veggies or fruit, and some other kind of snack. idk if you like dancing can do Zumba (if you even have that where you live) its a dancing class thats just there to exercise, you dont perform or anything. Get a group of friends to do it! its pretty fun. even more fun with friends. Your brother is looking for a way to get to you. He wants a reaction out of you. So the best thing to do is it ignore him and look at your goals and how your gunna look in the future. You'll show him that your not a "fat-ass" (which your nott!) when your loosing weight and feeling better about yourself. If you act all depressed now of course hes going to pick on you just b/c he prolly thinks its annoying. But if your confident and stuff he'll get over it. cut back on your make up :P haha. Foundation is excetable (as long as it doesnt look like your wearing a mask) mascara, light lip gloss, littleee bit of eyeshadow and good colors that arnt so dark, and eyeliner. dont put on the eyeliner thick are really prettyy and you dont look fat at all. Just think positive and set goals to loose weight, eat right, and work out. also drink lotssss of water :] it helps with your completion and lose weight :] sorry its so long..hope it helped


rawrygawrgrrr says:

Posted on 26 Mar 2011

a lot of girls think they're fat and ugly. hell, i think im ugly. but ur BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER what you think. nd i've cut myself multiple only works if you let ti work. all that stuff ur families been saying has just put your self-confidence down nd cant really realise that ur stunningly beautiful. try and see past the negative stuff. hope i helped:)


bubzbubblez says:

Posted on 26 Mar 2011

Instead of thinking about the things you hate about yourself think about things you like about yourself! Maybe you hate your image but take one piece at a time. you might hate your height and all but that's what makes YOU unique. you're not fat and dumb, don't think negative, think positive!Never say negative things!!!! Ps: I'm so sorry Ur brother calls u fat. not true. Ur beautiful just the way u r!:-)


bubzbubblez says:

Posted on 26 Mar 2011

Oh I left out something, Ur definitely not ugly. Don't think bout them haterz:-D


lovie_curious says:

Posted on 27 Mar 2011

OMG you are gorgeous!!!! Your brother is just being a dick!


aquasm926 says:

Posted on 28 Jan 2012

i agree with lovie_curious

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