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08 Apr 1996

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iheartmusic123 asked:

29 Jun 2009

What Should I say and do?

okay my school is very jugdmentle, and if i wear any colored skiny jeans they call me emo! im not preppy but im not like weird i guess. i wear hollister and crap just like everyone else, but if one day i wear skinny jeans and a hollister shirt im emo. its the same thing with colored hair extentions. its so fricken annoying! i know i shouldnt care what other ppl say but when i cant even walk down the hall without being called emo its pretty annoying. Why should ppl care what i wear when i dont even hang out with them?



undeadxprincess says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

Heheh, I go through the same exact thing, maybe even worse. I can't walk the halls without hearing people yell "Here comes the Vampire! She's going to suck your blood! AGGGHHH!" or "Here comes lil miss emo, watch out you might catch the disease and start cutting yourself." OR " Miss goth girl, incoming." It can truly be annoying, but I just stick up my nose and say "If you don't get out of my way, I WILL suck your blood." or "Watch out, I have rabies too." OR " Lard ass, in the way of incoming goth girl." lol. Just ferget about it. They're all losers, if you like a certain type of clothing, then wear it. F- all the haters and just be yourself. There is no right or wrong way to dress, so they can all just shove it where the sun don't shine. lolz. Sometimes it'll make you feel bad [[like now]] but just leave it alone and think to yourself "I am beautiful. I am smart. I am unique. And I am true to myself."


xxwolfiexx says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

Skinny jeans can be worn by anyone xD Don't listen to them most of the girls at my school wear them, it's just clothes. Labels are lame :] If you think you look good in them and you like your style then go for it.


vnessa001 says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

yeah thats true if u wanna dress a certain way then doo it who gives a crap about what they think its how u wanna express your self n i loveee wearing skinny jeans lol =]] you have you own style hun!!!


ctl888 says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

The reason they say crap to you is because they are insecure themselves. Them calling you emo maybe their form of trying to bully you without really coming into contact with you. All you have to do is ignore them, so eventually they will see that whatever they say to you when you walk by you will ignore them and not give them a rise....they will get bored. They are trying to get a reaction out of you.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

truthfully i would go with it. are they your friends really y would it matter what they say? will it change how you feel about yourself?

oh are you trying to be emo today

sorry if my individuality is upsetting you, but i like being me : P


nwtf says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

just dont listen to them. you are who you are... skinnys are worn by every one. even the preppy girls where em


nwtf says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

just dont listen to them. you are who you are... skinnys are worn by every one. even the preppy girls where em


adazilla says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

honey, honey, it doesn't matter what they say!

Be true to yourself and hold your head high.

Just because they care about what you wear, doesn't mean you have to care about what they think. you are yourself, and they are just trying to get you to be like them.

Don't give up!

Just ignore them, they're stuck up and ignorant if they have the nerve to treat you like that.

Don't sink to their level, and don't let them get to you. (:


jessd says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

just walk right past them and move on in your lifee.

some guys kept calling me a slut. i never met them or anything.. so one day they called me it .. and i said whatever asshole and the next and the following days he never said anything to me..

you got to stick up for yourself and dont change because they will see that your weak. Keep dressing the way your dressing and sooner or later they will stop.


jasm1na says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

act super confident, it can be hard but with practice it becomes easy.

walk by them and pretend it doesnt bother you.

ignore them basicly. they'll stop bugging you and they'll respect a tiny bit more:thumbup:


amaay says:

Posted on 29 Jun 2009

they're probably jealous that you suit them, and they don't! :]

be ubeer confident and just waalk directly paast them, as if they're not there and they're invisible or something. :]


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