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08 Apr 1996

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iheartmusic123 asked:

22 Oct 2009


Okay.. soo.. i like this guy thats 2 years older than me.. im 13 and hes 15. or 16..but hes in 10th and im in 8th. okay anyways, he likes me and i like him so i was all butterlies and crap..but my parents found out (we werent dateing) that he liked me and totally flipped out. is it that big of an age difference? and just a week ago i found out he got a gf.. and he feels really bad about it, he doesnt want to hurt me. I'm trying to get over him but its so hard! He just seams so perfect..and i know all guys say stuff to make girls happy but hes not realy like that.. all the guys in my grade are inmature (sp?) and it bugs me. so i dont know what to do..or how to get over him >: / ... But i guess its good that he got a Gf cause my parents dont let me do anything with my bf..i cant even go to the movies with my friends without a parent.. Gr..what should i do?



demolition_lover says:

Posted on 22 Oct 2009

immature* ;p


my Bfs only a year and a half older than me.

Im 15, hes 16, but my mum and stepdad still seem to flip. The way i see it, theyre never goint to be happy with who you choose, which is something you cant help.

I cant even be seen with him or they wont talk to me!

As for getting over him, who says you need to?

If he likes you (or so he says) you have the right to like him back.

So he might have a girlfriend...that doesnt mean you cant still like him.

If you really want to get over him though, look for someone else.

I know thats probably not something you want to do right now, but it might help, if only for a bit.

I hope this kinda helped :p



ctl888 says:

Posted on 22 Oct 2009

You said that he is not really 'like' that but he has a girlfriend and he is also kinda talking to you?....who else may he be also talking too. your parents just want to make sure you meet a good guy. thats all... you would be protective too if you had a little sister. yea, it will take some time to get over him because he sorta kinda lead you on.. i'm sorry to hear that. but guys will be immature for a while. . it does not end at highschool.....mature around 25 years old. that is what i have noticed. my boyfriend is 26....but they still have immature tendencys. So for you being 13 and him 15.... that is sorta a large gap. it does not seem as bad when you get older like if you were 19 and he was 21. but parents will always worry about their little girl.


barbipixi says:

Posted on 22 Oct 2009

it's not that big of age differance but you have to think 13 is a young age and that's where they're comming from he's old enough to drive and have a job and you're still a kid. i know it's just a couple of years but at this age there is ALOT of growing up you do in those teen years. so there can be more differance in the mind's age

also it could have to do with them trying to protect you from older guys. personally i like younger guys but think about it would you date a guy that was 10 or 11?

there's the same age differance but there is a HUGE differance in their mental age


fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 23 Oct 2009

its not the big age gap as much as its that he has a gf and he's still looking at other girls...that's not a good sign. if he's doing it with his gf now whats to say he wouldnt with you later. it sucks being a girl in that girls mature faster than boys so sometime find older ones more attractive bc they seem more at our level. but the age gap (or grade gap) is kind of big just bc of where yall are at your life right now-like a twenty year old wouldnt date a fifteen or sixteen year old but a twenty five year old might date a twenty nine thirty year old and no one would see a problem with it. youre parents probably think its too young for you to date at all as an eightth grader, i know it sucks right now, but it wont be forever. just think if him as a potential cheater..and it sometimes helps to try to start liking another boy-even if you cant date him


blondie_91 says:

Posted on 23 Oct 2009

your parents should flip out I mean your only 13 your their little girl and they don't want some 15 year old boy to come and take you away etc. my parents and older brothers are hell protective of me and I'm 18 and in Australia I'm an adult now. as for the boy it doesn't seem like he doesn't want to hurt you since he moved on pretty fast and got another gf? just try and forget him, you'll soon be old enough to go to the movies and have a bf..your only 13 why would you want a bf anyway? have fun and live your life!!


bethanyjl says:

Posted on 23 Oct 2009

I agree with Blondie_91. And ask yourself this: is having a bf really worth getting your parents mad at you? if your trust worthy then i bet they'll let you date alot sooner then the originally would!

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