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Kristen Shelton



I HATE MY FACE RIGHT NOW!!!! I look so terrible!!!!!!!!!

30 Jun 1988

My name is Kristen Shelton. I'm a young lady who is into skincare,haircare,makeup, and fashion! :) I am a bubbly,nice person to everyone and I love living around people.

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hunnysweet1 asked:

02 Oct 2010

Something positive about yourself?

It saddens me how many beautiful girls out there don't know how truly beautiful they are. I myself suffer from extremely low self esteem. The thing we don't realise is that we are so much more than looks. Being a woman is a beautiful thing. All women deserve to feel good about themselves. Can anyone tell me something positive about themselves? I'll start.

1. I am nice to everyone

2.I have great hair when I take care of it

3.I make sure I take good care of myself

4.I'm good with skin care,hair care, and makeup

5.I am good in school

6. I have my associate's degree and working on my bachelor's degree and master's degree in psychology

7.I keep my room neat and clean

8. Also I've been told that I have a great smile, 9. I'm sort (4'6") That is the most unique thing about me and it makes me stand out.



babyblue says:

Posted on 02 Oct 2010



babyblue says:

Posted on 02 Oct 2010

1. i love my crazy curls even when they're frizzy and tangly and my big eyes

2. im a good listener

3. im good at art and its definitely a passion of mine whether its drawing , painting , or makeup (LL)

4.i respect anyone

5. I love dance

6. im studying to b a social worker to help people like my brother(autistic)


barbipixi says:

Posted on 02 Oct 2010

i had a tough time with self esteem in most of school but since i've grown up and the world has become bigger than just the kids i knew in school i've realized how little what other people think really matters and the fact that being true to you can actually help you have a full happy life with yourself and others.

i think of off the wall ideas just for fun

i am always there when you need a hand

i'm a responsible mom and person

i know how to have fun and when to say no

i have an awesome butt : P lol

i have a beautiful smart daughter (who thinks she's 16 instead of 3)

i have a awesome boyfriend (that will help me even streak my hair haha)

i make more money than anyone i graduated with

i'm the perfect weight for me

i got big feet with tiny toes and i love them

i have a huge honker of a nose and i love that too

when i get a tan i look golden

i have alot of street and book smarts, and i realize there is stuff i still have to learn


fathima says:

Posted on 02 Oct 2010

01.i love my hair.

02. I always show respect to people and am always nice to people.

03. I dont judge people easily and give people a second chance.

04. i enjoy every work i do.

05. i am a good listener and friendly.

06. im intelligent.

07.i take everything possitive.

08. i am loyal.


sena95 says:

Posted on 02 Oct 2010

1- I am me

2- i like everything about me sometimes .

3- i love my smile

4- i dont give a damn about boys

5- i like to laugh like all the time :P


ninja_nikki says:

Posted on 03 Oct 2010

1. I am heelarious! :D

2. I think I have a really pretty eye shape and color. (I have big eyes, but they are almond shaped and my eye color is just a tad darker then the Cullens from Twilight)

3. I love my lips...idk why.

4. I'm the biggest animal activist

6. I'm a Harry Potter and scary movie fanatic

7. I'm very flexible and love exercising and stretching :p


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 04 Oct 2010

well personally I have an extremely low self esteem but I know I am an awesome person but the self esteem won't come up.. lol and I think it's important to think good of yourself...

1. I am nice to people and very creative..

2.I am really tall and now I actually like it.. (:

3.I take care of people very good and I know this is not so good but not so much about myself.. *__*

4. I am good with....hmm... getting someone's hair and makeup done and I am always full of ideas I don't have who to share with... lol

5.I am awesome in school.! lol hate to brag but that's a good thing since I realized I don't even have to study for most of the tests.. (:

6.I am practically obsessed with helping the earth, people and animals...

7.Dude I was gonna write the same as you about the room but my room's a REAL MESS!!! I actually know where I keep everything when it's a mess.. when it's tidied up I don't know where things are.. I mean my room's always clean but there's a lot of things EVERYWHERE... haha well I was supposed to write something good.. hmm I like my eyecolor because I realized it's sorta unique.. It's really brown but reddish so it looks like fire sometimes... (:

8.I always try to help people and am a good listener and actually worthy of trust...

9.I believe and have a proof that looks aren't everything.. I have an awesome looking friend but she's a real ouch..xD she is so stupid you get annoyed and wanna scream when you realize how stupid she is.. it can really irritate but sitting with her in school for two weeks learned me to be more patient... haha



mistress1209 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2010

well, i have my share of "ugly" and miserable days like everyone else. i often don't get all the sleep i need so that's bound to happen. anyway, yeah but i'm pretty happy with myself overall.

* i have nice eyebrows

* i've got talent in singing

* i'm petite and i like that

* i can look good enough even without too much makeup on

* i have a rounder figure now after having kids and loving it!

* i'm a great friend (i've been told a lot)

* i'm a real person--never pretentious

* my kids love me..hopefully, it's safe to say I'm the best mother I can be

*i can be stubborn at times but i always stand for what I believe in


cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 04 Oct 2010

wow I wrote a lot more than everyone else.. sorry about that


hunnysweet1 says:

Posted on 05 Oct 2010

*lol* that's okay, put as many things as you want!

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