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02 Apr 1991

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hello27x asked:

02 Sep 2009

My ex cheated on me, I need to get over him. PLZ read description. Help me :(

We were in a relationship for nearly 2 years before this girl came to town. She acted like my best friend saying she couldnt wait to meet me... than all of a sudden the school dance comes up and he goes with her. The next day i hear they hooked up, asked him he denied it til he finally screamed out the truth in my face and said he didnt love me anymore. We broke up. The next day my ex n this girl had gotten together, somehow they have turned all my old friends against me... All i get is grief about this... everyday... She looks so much like me people mistake me for her. I cant get over the situation i still have every present he gave me... I cant bare to get rid of them i loved him so much!!! I dont know how to deal with this anymore. Please help :( im so lost I feel so worthless and its been 5 months. Everyday this effects me i still cry over him.



fulltimepinklady says:

Posted on 02 Sep 2009

Wow that is a really terrible thing to be going through. I know theres not a lot of consolation in telling you taht you deserve better than this guy and it is actually good you arent dating anymore...its hard espcially after two years! this girl taht he cheated on you with will probably get her just reward eventually because he will probably screw her over in some wrong way as well. never hook up with someone that has a history of cheating! it will bite her back later. As for teh buy...only a lot of time and mybe a few rebounds and a lot of chocolate nd peanut butter will help you get over him. People will see the truth eventually and if they really know you they will strt treating you like ther frriend agian. But you do have my sympathy, my bf of two years cheated on me with an older chick in a hotel room from the hotel he was a valet at.


queenmimi1001 says:

Posted on 02 Sep 2009

well just like the other responses u should do wat u need to get your mind off him... girl there is a whole lotta guys out there, and you shouldnt waste any more time mourning da loss of that loser... but be careful dont put your everything in a relation ship until u have security... and i have a whole lot to say so i will send u a fr and i guess we can talk some more if u want... Stay Pretty!


isthereareas0nf0rmetol0vey0u says:

Posted on 02 Sep 2009

oh no... you must feel horrible! obviously that guy was a jerk and he never deserved you. but it'd be best to just move on. i bet you have some good friends that are still there for you and trust me, there's a lot of other boys out there too. while you're still blue indulge in your passion for example, whenever im down, ill draw a picture for my mom or write my feelings down in a journal or just tell my mom how i feel. it makes my mom happy which makes me happy. rely on your friends and family to help you, they're always there for you! that guy was just horrid so why would you want to remember him, such a foul creature? :)


auri says:

Posted on 02 Sep 2009

aww hun im sorry =[ The same thing happened to me when i was younger...and it was my best friend =(

Anyways, ik its hard but the reason you two didnt work out maybe have been because you could have got hurt worse =(

Hes a do it like that. im sorry but i would forget about him and all the people you think are your friends showed theyre true colours. You found out who your friends are...even if it only leaves one person standing you'll know who has your back. as for her, shes a waste of time...and ik its easier said than done but hes a waste of time. Even if he did come back to you, he still hurt you in one of the worse ways possible...and you deserve SO much better.

One thing that helped me get over a guy was talking to someone about it, not healthy but chocolate!, and spending time away from all of it.

I would burn the gifts he got you, because the last thing you need is something to remind you of him.

Hope i helped a little, if you wanna talk further dont hesitate to message me =]

and ill have your back :)



barbipixi says:

Posted on 02 Sep 2009

girl you don't need a guy to be whole.

and you'll never find a guy wourth your time if you don't move past it.

you need to focus on being a great person and living your life. the past is done. they just showed their true colors and you've learned that some people are just not good people and when you discover that you need to make that break from them and not feel like they are breaking from you


nana_0601 says:

Posted on 02 Sep 2009

i agree with lalalalalalallalalalallalala (sorry got carried away) except i'd so burn those gift =x (that's also the pyro in me talking ) I imagine it being , extremely therapeutic. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" type thing. Let it all start anew :)

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